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13 Free Marketing Tools: Optimize Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank

Modern Marketers’ roles are constantly changing, as buyer behavioral trends and digital channels, such as social and mobile, are dictating the research, discovery, and buying processes. While the need for engagement is at an all time high, budgets, unfortunately never seem to be. Check out these 13 marketing tools that will help you and your teams manage your content, engagement, and measurement efforts — without breaking the bank.

  1. StumbleUpon- Particularly for marketers engaging with prospects across a wide variety of verticals, this tool helps you stay in the know about topics you choose to hear about, and enables you to discover other relevant content, such as web sites, videos, and photos.

  2. Zamzar- Helping coordinate the chaos of your file system, Zamzar is a solution for file conversion needs. Use it to convert files from URLs, as well as videos, which are then sent to you via email.

  3. Google Alerts- You may use Alerts personally to keep up with your favorite sports teams or celebrities, but it’s also a great tool for gaining visibility into your competitors’ moves, such as a new product launch. Tell Google which keywords and phrases to look out for and web links are delivered daily, weekly, or in real-time.

  4. Survey Monkey- The polling platform offers a 15 question types including rating scales and multiple choice, that can be used to garner feedback from your customers or to establish benchmarks for use cases within your prospects’ target industries.

  5. Google Keyword- Given the critical role of content, keywords and smart SEO are central to campaign success. Keyword Tool allows marketers to input a word or phrase and then suggests a list of similar keywords with search metrics, as well as a competition column, to determine high value suggestions.

  6. Broken Link Checker- You take time to craft creative, compelling landing pages, so make sure that everything renders as it should. Input your page link and the tool automatically lists any broken links.

  7. Followeronk- The hard ROI of social media is still to be determined, but this tool provides analytics for Twitter so marketers can understand the key attributes of followers, including their location and timing of tweets, as well as topical preferences.

  8. Bit.ly- The link shortener tool helps you keep things to the point (great for tweeting and limited character space). It also enables you to customize links to optimize SEO, as well as track clicks and activity.

  9. EventBrite- To help supplement your event marketing efforts, the platform allows marketers to create an event web page, promote your event, and manage registration.

  10. PlaceIt- We can’t all be great designers, but this drag-and-drop tool helps generate realistic product screenshots, and can help jazz up your mobile marketing presentations.

  11. YouTube- By creating a YouTube video page, you can centralize the great video content you spend time and money on to engage with prospects and customers (and you can check out the latest viral must-see, while you’re at it.)

  12. SlideShare- It’s a parade of PowerPoints, and a place to consolidate your slide decks from speaking engagements, or even internal collateral shared with teams across the organization. Support your thought leadership positioning by posting content to SlideShare.

  13. Tumblr- A fun tool for blogging, Tumblr has grown to host just fewer than 95 million pages, and is a creative platform that can be used to support SEO by sharing graphs, charts and infographics with your prospects and customers.

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