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11 Tweetable Digital Marketing Notes from ad:tech

Ad:tech is billed as the event for digital marketing. Over three days marketers come together to discuss strategy, brand awareness, content, apps, search, video...I could go on.

Instead, I figured I would chop all the digital marketing goodness and present you with the most tweetable lines from ad:tech. Enjoy - and tweet away!

"Our fundamental belief is that businesses are better off in a connected world," David Fischer, VP of advertising, Facebook. < Tweet this! (Check out Fischer's three steps to building a brand on Facebook.)

"Investing in one social platform is the wrong goal. Investing in the buyer is the goal." @ChrisBrogan < Tweet this!

"The most important thing you can create isn't a product, it's a company." @WalterIsaacson on Steve Jobs advice

< Tweet this!

"Every marketing communication should answer this question: 'What's in it for me?'" @luke_tweets < Tweet this!

"Customers expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less." @jcolman < Tweet this!

"Social is a core human behavior, not a destination." @Christianism < Tweet this! (Don't miss the 5 marketing problems Christian Oestlien said Google+ for business can solve.)

“Social media and email are still being treated as silos in Europe.” @KathPay < Tweet this!

"A single email from Apple reaches more people than the Super Bowl." @BillMcCloskey < Tweet this!

"The main challenge of digital is to translate the amazing stuff we do offline into digital." @Lucasonofre < Tweet this!

"Paid search helps fill in the gaps for content that doesn’t rise to the top organically." @CoreySearch < Tweet this!

"No matter what the platform, what goes into the platform are stories." @wnd < Tweet this! (Here's an article about Wendy Clark's, Coca-Cola's VP of Integrated Marketing, presentation on why you need better content marketing, not more.)

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