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10 provocative digital marketing quotes you must read

As digital marketing expands to include innovative technologies like iBeacons and new arenas like content marketing, it’s hard to keep track of what the latest, greatest strategies are. We sifted through the clutter to find must-read insights from digital marketing experts.

1. “Hearing from brands [rather than having a conversation], it kind of feels impersonal and robotic. Marketers have realized they have to fundamentally change their approach to marketing. The challenge is that marketers are still stuck with their own tools.” — David Brussin, Founder and CEO of Monetate, on evolving to a customer-centric strategy (via Fortune)

2. "What a good portion of today’s marketers have been slow to realize is that consumers now run the show—about when they shop, how they shop, and what messages or content they choose to engage with. They want to rub elbows with brands, but on their terms, not yours." — Ed Henrich, Chief Customer Officer at Oracle Responsys, on customers being the center of the conversation (via Forbes)

3. “Marketers are uncomfortable because they can’t see the finish line, which motivates some and scares most. But they all realize that the finish line is conceptual these days, and winning means crossing into the next tier of leadership, whether that means leading marketing into its next era, or leading the company to new success.” — David Cooperstein, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester, on always looking for the next big thing in marketing (via Forbes)

4. “The longer you avoid addressing your data, the more time you expose yourself to the risk that your competitors will get in front of your customers first.” — Cassie Hrushesky, Product Marketing Manager for Bluewolf, on understanding and making the most of customer data (via It’s All About Revenue)

5. “Content marketing should not be seen as a way to escape the mediocre reach seen recently on Facebook, but instead used to supercharge the effectiveness of your social media and SEO campaigns.” — Seb Atkinson, social media and SEO consultant at Square Social, on the combined power of social media and content marketing (via Social Media Explorer)

6. “Making your customer the hero of your brand’s narrative landscape empowers them. Brands that serve the needs of consumers naturally become part of their stories—and who better to tell your brand story than a hero?” — Gaston Legorburu, Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro, on putting customers at the heart of every decision (via Ad Week)

7. “Remember that marketing doesn’t always have to mean the core of what you’re doing is selling to customers — often the greatest marketing campaigns are ones that impact customers emotionally whether that is making them feel happy, feel excited or just crack up laughing.” — Neha Parikh, Vice President and General Manager of Hotels.com North America, on keeping the attention of customers (via Forbes)

8. “The more you know about your customers, the more you can provide to them information that is increasingly useful, relevant and persuasive.” — Jay Baer, author of Youtility, on mining customer data (via Convince & Convert)

9. “We are listeners now. There's no way to keep up with consumers. They can travel up and down channels so fast. We need to make sure we're a part of the conversations they're having.” — Chris Paradysz, co-CEO at Paradysz, on listening to customers (via Digital Marketing News)

10. “What happens in the social world, is that if you get that right, you get disproportionately rewarded. If you get it wrong, you get disproportionately punished or outed. There’s a real cost to getting it wrong.” — Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of digital and social media at Nestlé, on delivering high quality messages (via Forbes)

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