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Content Marketing

Hit Gold with Paid Advertising, Understand the Landscape, Solve Problems, and Create Staying Power

It’s already the last Thursday of the month, can you believe it? In the past four weeks we have heard from Katrina Munsell, Group Manager, Content Marketing at...

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Testing & Optimization

How You Test Your Marketing Is Just As Important As What You Test

A Methodology to the Madness Optimization testing is key to successful digital marketing. What makes it so invaluable is the fact it enables companies to build...

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

For B2B Brands and Their Agencies, It's Time To Get Down To Business

So many things in the world are changing, literally as we speak. So why wouldn't the relationship between brands and their agencies change, too?  According to a...

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

History Shows That Incentives Drive Technological Innovation

One of the constant themes I hear marketers share with me is that of innovation. "Imran, we’d like our digital marketing to be more innovative!" My response,...

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CMO Corner

How the Personality of a CMO Compares To Others In the C Suite

Last December, executive search firm Russell Reynolds released the findings of a report they conducted which they called Inside the Mind of the CMO. For...

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Data Management

Data In. Data Out. The Secret to Data Driven Marketing

You've likely heard the old one-two punch from the digital marketer: "It's as easy as data in and data out.” Well that might be the process, granted but there...

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Cross Channel Marketing

Why a Single View of Your Customer is Vital for Success

More than ever before, we have an opportunity to see and interact with our customers and prospects across the largest number of channels and platforms. That...

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