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Mobile Marketing

Using Mobile Experiences to Grow Your List

Let’s just get this out of the way: email is a mobile channel. Across virtually every industry, the majority of email activity (opens & clicks) happens on the...

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CMO Corner

How Global CMOs Reap the Benefits of Technology

Global organizations have realized that technology can provide many marketing and branding benefits that they can leverage to further achieve their specific...

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Cross Channel Marketing

3 Ways to Connect Video Advertising to the Customer Journey

There’s more opportunity than ever to create engaging journeys that provide value to your customers. And while video advertising is the fastest-growing component...

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Data-Driven Marketing

Save the Data: How to Marry Your Figures With Your Customer Profile

The data revolution is both a blessing and a challenge for the Modern Marketer. On the one hand, we now have access to more information about our prospects and...

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Customer Experience

4 Ways to Optimize Customer Experience Via Email

The pressure to create and maintain a stellar customer experience is a daunting challenge faced by brands, and the onus is increasingly falling on marketers to...

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Content Marketing

Pause Your Holiday Playlist. It’s Time for Content Pros!

The holiday season is in full swing. For those of you in the States, we hope you’re pleasantly stuffed, rested, and back to work in preparation for some...

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Email Marketing

With Email Deliverability Comes A Huge Responsibility

I am privileged to manage global deliverability, across all Oracle Marketing Cloud properties. As you might imagine, I have the chance to speak to all kinds of...

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