Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Technology Evolution

With Sun now officially being part of Oracle, one could once again recite that great technology often outlive the company boundaries. By working with startups, it is quite interesting to see how their technology evolve and some of the startups become part of larger organization. As a matter of fact..[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

Holiday Party 2.0

Holiday Party 2.0

From Web 2.0 to Holiday 2.0. Ready for a holiday bash? Sun Startup Essentials is co-sponsoring Holiday Party 2.0 - Show Me the Money! Don't miss the event which is coming up this Friday in San Francisco, see details  and RSVP if you're planning to attend. See you all there.

Thursday Oct 02, 2008


I'm at Startonomics in San Francisco, where you can see the live streaming of all sessions and live blog. The session content will also be available afterwords. Great event, I got a chance to meet old buddies from other SF events, meet new people like Scott Rafer, as well as meet local startups and talk to them about technologies. Don't know if it's just my opinion, but Ruby seem to be a very popular and enjoyable language to use, fast to learn, fast to deploy, and fun all around. The great foodies of SF are now in the startup business including TastyR - SF restaurants review, TCHO - a new delicious chocolate startup, try it out while at the event.. yammy and I'm not even a chocoholic. And of course we're here to educate startups on the Sun's Startup Essential program. A few offerings like VC Connect and discounted storage for those who're storing large media file are getting a lot of momentum.

Guess where the SF startups and bloggers are going next.. Amsterdam Blog 08 Rockstar of the Web

Monday Jul 28, 2008

Mashable LA, Cool and Elegant

LA event was different. First of all it was in the courtyard at Rubicon Project with the warm LA air (although I expected it to be even warmer) and welcoming atmosphere. Since it was my third Mashable events, by now I got used to the traditional Social Networking and Social Media ideas of the local startups, but LA had something new and different. A few startups were radical in their thinking and had their innovation not just around social networking but also in the form of physical gadgets that they were creating and distributing. OpenSolaris and Sun Startup Eseentials offering were the popular topic at the event. I think out of the three events I attended and participated in, the LA one was my favorite… even despite of the red eye flight I had to take that night to get back home.

At every Mashable event I had a chance to present to the audience, as Karen and Pete were kindly inviting the sponsors to the stage to welcome everyone. If you haven't yet had a chance to attend the Mashable event, the SummerMash Austin is coming up July 30th, don't miss it.

Energizing Mashable in San Francisco

This was by far the craziest Mashable event I’ve attended so far (of course NY may be even bigger and better). Not only with the unique SF atmosphere of Mighty night club that was overfilled with young guys and gals of Social Networking and Social Media startups, but just the entire event that was energizing, accelerating, and to some extend overwhelming. The new generation of the Bay Area LAMP developers were sizzling with hot ideas. Our discussions covered different ways to scale up and tips on how utilize OpenSolaris features such as ZFS and DTrace. Event sponsors were giving away drink tickets among other giveaways, so you can imagine how busy my table was the entire night. I had an OpenSolaris demo running and people were very interested in Sun Startup Essentials program, specifically the hosting offerings we have with Joyent and other partners. Everyone was Twittering the entire time, with messages displayed live by the EventVue site that was projected on a large screen for everyone to enjoy.


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