Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

On Leadership

When I meet startups, I often see great leaders with innovative ideas. But what are the key characteristics of a leader? Sun has recently posted a great video “On Leadership” by Ivan Sutherland. A few take away's from his leadership wisdom.[Read More]

Monday Nov 03, 2008

Bebo DevNite is coming up

Bebo DevNite is coming up at AOL campus with exciting talks, demos, and social extravaganza accompanied by pizza and Wii. I'll be presenting on how to develop a reliable and scalable Bebo application using Sun's open source technology. Just in case you're new to the Bebo world, Bebo is a social networking site that has been quite popular in Europe and now gaining momentum in the US. Now you know what Bebo is all about, you can take a look at Bebo APIs, which are supported in Java, PHP, and Ruby, so you can use to develop a Bebo application. Using those APIs and Sun's technologies including MySQL, OpenSolaris, Glassfish among others you can build a social networking  application that appeals to your Bebo friends and the web audience in general.

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

Why Sun

While I'm evangelizing Sun's technology and our Sun Startup Essential program across the Bay Area communities, there is often a question on "Why as a developer or a technology startup I should pick Sun". So, put aside all the great offers from the SSE program like free technical assistance, VC connect, and discounted infrastrucutre, here are a few reasons to consider:

- Every startup's ultimate goal is to grow and sustain the volume. Sun has a proven record of enabling companies to scale. With applications like BumperSticker, which is deployed on Sun Joyent Accelerator and scales up to 1 bln page hits a month, we're helping startups to grow and scale at their pace.

Sun's technology stack includes a couple key components like MySQL and OpenSolaris that are essential to the business:

- MySQL is a de factor database in the Web 2.0 space. Sun allows you to leverage our in house expertise to architect your back end solution with reliability, fail over, and other critical systemic qualities in mind. Today nearly every startup has a question on how to effectively deploy and optimize MySQL, the best company to answer those questions is Sun.

- Why deploy on Sun? OpenSolaris offers unique value add characteristics such as
-- DTrace (dynamic tracing) that allows startups monitor their applications run time and determine the bottleneck to prevent the application performance issues, also with DTrace companies can optimize the application. This is a unique feature of OpenSolaris.
-- ZFS is a file system that can store large volume of data. With growing number of the social media applications, it's important to pick the right file system that enables to store large files, and ZFS provides you exactly that.
-- Containers. Out of the box, zero cost, negligible overhead virtualizaiton that comes with OpenSolaris allows companies to deploy their application in a more effective way. Whether companies utilize Containers for Dev/QA/Staging environment or if they utilizing servers with Containers for Web/App/DB tiers, Containers provide a key value add to the businesses that deploy applications on a dedicated set of servers.

And of course you can learn more about the program by visiting Sun Startup Essentials. We've just launched an infrastructure clearance program that you may take advantage of.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

Cybera Summit '08 in Banff

Any innovator got inspired after attending Cybera event that took place at the picturesque Fall setting in Banff, Canada. The summit gathered Alberta's researchers across national institutions, startups, and entrepreneurs to discuss innovation, trends, challenges, and the future of the Cloud Computing. Among topics we've covered were Grid, Cloud, Open Social and Social Networking, scientific computing and its evolution, how today's technology help us to be more productive, be more social, and nevertheless be aware of the privacy and other risks that are still being addressed as we speak. We had an interesting panel, that I was part of, discussing trends of Cloud Computing, whether it's relevant to us and how startups, end users, corporations and researches view and participate in the trend. A few times, the discussion turned into an open forum with the audience expressing their opinion and impact of modern technology on society as well as the role of the government, particularly in Canada. Interestingly, in Canada, unlike in the US, government plays a significant role in connecting with startups, helping with funding, and jointly working on innovation. I think it is a great way to boost the technology advancement in the local community.

Monday Jul 28, 2008

Mashable Summer Tour 2008 Reaches Seattle

With new cities added to the Mashable Summer Tour this year, the Seattle entrepreneurs and startups were excited to leverage the opportunity to meet each other and have a place to socialize and exchange ideas. Seattle for sure is a new area of growing startup community with technology ranging from .NET (Redmond is nearby) to Ruby and PHP, from SQL Server to MySQL, and last but not least from Windows to Linux and of course OpenSolaris. Some of the successful startups I talked to were attracting thousands of registered users in their pre-beta release. Web 2.0 community members were quite pleased to see Sun participating in the event and learn about the Sun Startup Essentials program that helps startups to monetize their ideas.

Don't miss the Mashable Summer Tour 2008 in your local area.


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