Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Bebo Develoepr Challenge, JavaFX, and OpenSolaris

Bebo's Developer Challenge is open for another few weeks, so developers can submit their applications till January 6th. While Web 2.0 developers with PHP and Ruby already looking into the contest, this is a great opportunity for Java developers to move towards Social Networking realm and submit their applications based on Bebo's Java APIs. What I like about Bebo development is that they have a pretty neat API Browser that allows you to validate the  API call before incorporating it into your program.

With Sun Startup Essentials, you get a year free Joyent accelerator for the Bebo application hosting.

There are also a couple exciting technology announcement from Sun around JavaFX and OpenSolaris 2008.11 release that generate a good bit of momentum in the community. Check out the summary of the latest features in the OS and as for JavaFX you happened to be on Facebook, don't forget to play the puzzle, it's pretty cool.

Sunday Nov 30, 2008

Silicon Valley Code Camp: Scaling Platform with Bebo, Sun, and Yahoo

Code Camp '08

This year's Code Camp attracted somewhere between 700-900 developers, much bigger compared to the last year one. I had a chance to present on both days of the event. The Sun, Yahoo, and Bebo panel focused around discussion on Scaling Platform with Bebo, Sun, and Yahoo on Saturday Nov 8 that has been recorded and posted. The idea behind this panel is to outline some of the key criteria for building scalable and reliable Web 2.0 applications. Steve Cohen, a head of engineering for the Bebo platform, outlined MVC based Java framework enabling the Bebo site. It was pretty exciting to see Java as a key technology powering up one of the top Social Networking site, that has around 40Mln users across the globe. As you can see in the podcast, Steve outlined their core architecture, benefits, and challenges that they're facing with increasing the scalability requirements. On the Sun side, I had a chance to to present some of the key aspects of building, deploying, and scaling a Web 2.0 application. Sun's tools and technologies including NetBeans, Glassfish, AMP Stack on OpenSolaris, MySQL, xVM, OpenSolaris, DTrace, and ZFS are essential componets of the Web 2.0 application development and deployment environment. Tom Huphes-Croucher, a tech evangelist from Yahoo, outlining open developer APIs and providing some insights on Yahoo scalability story. We had great questions from the audience on how to optimally manage, test, and prepare for the large scale.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Bebo Developers Get Free Hosting on OpenSolaris

Bebo DevNite

Bebo hosted a developer event last night with presenters covering topics on building Bebo apps, monetizing the apps, porting Facebook apps to Bebo. The good news for FB developers is that Bebo platform is the F8 compatible, so if you have FB apps you can easily port them to Bebo and with Bebo user demographics primarily being in Europe you can expand your userbase across to the European community. Blake Commagere, the creator of Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves games on Facebook gave an interesting talk on migrating to Bebo platform. It took him only 9 hours to migrate 4 FB apps to Bebo.

During the event Sun announced free Bebo application hosting with Joyent, so if you're building Bebo app, don't forget to take advantage of this one year free hosting offer. Bebo announced a developer context for the most engaging app, check it out.

 Here is a complete recap of the event posted by Sudha Jamthe

Monday Nov 03, 2008

Bebo DevNite is coming up

Bebo DevNite is coming up at AOL campus with exciting talks, demos, and social extravaganza accompanied by pizza and Wii. I'll be presenting on how to develop a reliable and scalable Bebo application using Sun's open source technology. Just in case you're new to the Bebo world, Bebo is a social networking site that has been quite popular in Europe and now gaining momentum in the US. Now you know what Bebo is all about, you can take a look at Bebo APIs, which are supported in Java, PHP, and Ruby, so you can use to develop a Bebo application. Using those APIs and Sun's technologies including MySQL, OpenSolaris, Glassfish among others you can build a social networking  application that appeals to your Bebo friends and the web audience in general.

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