Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

DS6 not protected by default to avoid connections increase overtime

This entry is an edited version of a case internal report for one of the interventions of our Premium Plus Software Support Team in Sun. On a DS6.3 6-master topology, we detected via netstat that the number of opened ESTABLISHED connections was over 12000 in each replica. Additional analysis showed that 98% of those connections were unused, some of them had been opened 5-6 months ago. Here is the analysis of such event and the explanations on why such an event can happen. The names of the machines have been changed to preserve the customer's identity.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

Improving DS performances on Sun CoolThreads servers (T1, T2, T2 Plus)

Directory Server installations on top of  Sun CoolThreads servers based on UltraSPARC T1, T2, or T2 Plus processors (Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server, Sun Fire T2000 Server and so on) will require a little bit of basic tuning in order to take complete advantage of the full spectrum of processor cores and compute threads provided by these platforms and allow for optimum scaling. This post addresses such tuning.

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

About re-index and re-import speed expectations

Before determining a particular issue around importing/indexing performances, it is key to make up a list of reasonable expectations that can help us moving forward with such analysis. For this, it will be extremely helpful to understand the re-import and re-index behaviors between the different existing DS versions -DS5.x, DS6.x - and also for the forthcoming DS future. This entry gives a small insight in the DS import internals to shed some light on a quite unknown topic. For those wanting to know more, feel free to contact your Sun Support Representative, as there is no room for more on this topic in a public blog like this one.

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Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

replcheck officially delivered inside Directory Services 6.1

The recently available Sun DS6.1 comes along with some great news from a troubleshooter's perspective: on one side, the release of replcheck, a user-friendly Java implementation of the old replck script; on the other side, the support of DS5.1 automatic migrations.

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Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation in DSEE6

Directory Services Enterprise Edition 6 (DSEE6) comes out of the box with the support for the LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation which allows individual users or dedicated administrators to reset (expired) userPassword attributes easily. ldappasswd is a tool which is bundled with the product and which takes advantage of this extended operation to execute password maintenance operations... Or, some configuration settings will be required before all this so long expected offering can be functionally working in your DS6/DPS6 based topology. This entry is aimed to help you identifying those settings...

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Thursday Jun 07, 2007

Migrating a DS5.x topology to DS6.x using dsmig and helper scripts

Migrating a complete 5.x tolopogy to a 6.x one is a task which requires to be implemented into several planned steps. The DS6.x product comes with a very useful utility (dsmig) which helps you achieve SOME of those steps, in particular, those which are instance-centric (migrating the schema, security certificates, configuration settings and even databases if the platform/OS have not changed). Or, other steps more service-centric like migration of the old replication agreements will require manual work by default. I have put in place a Migration CookBook and a set of migration helper scripts to automate the migration of a complete service-centric topology. This blog entry provides an outlook to the topic.

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Friday May 18, 2007

How to install DSCC on top of a Solaris ZIP delivery

DSEE6 is shipped in Solaris -sparc or x86- in two different favours: the package flavour (JES style) and the ZIP flavour (patchzip). Their contents are almost equivalent with one major difference, though: those installing the package version will not find inside the DSRK component, and those choosing to install the ZIP flavour will not find inside the Directory Server Control Center component (aka DSCC), which will allow to manage the DS deployment from any browser. This blog entry is about installing the DSCC later on on top of a ZIP install. This help is aimed to support or field engineers needing a fast way to workaround such missing component when dealing with ZIP install environments.

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