00010000 Years and Counting

I joined Sun 00010000 years ago today (16 for my friends who aren't conversant in binary). It seems like just yesterday. January 17, 1994. I can't help but to reminiscent a bit.

  • I lived in LA then and still do today. I somehow managed to spend more than 730 nights not in LA, at least according to my Starwood frequent guest statement, and that only dates to 1999. More on those two years later.
  • January 17, 1994 was Martin Luther King Day, a Sun holiday, so my first official day at work I took the day off. Little did I know how many times I would pay back that first day.
  • January 17, 2010 is a Sunday, and I'm working, starting off yet another round the world business trip
  • The Internet did exist in 1994, just not many people used it, there were about 15,000 registered host names in January 1994
  • If you wanted to browse the web in January 1994, you couldn't use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or even Netscape. Netscape wouldn't be started until April of that year. The majority of the people using the Web were using the early Mosaic browser.
  • One of the things that brought me to Sun was a demonstration of an early version of a project code-named WebRunner which was a new web browser based on a new language which would become the Java language. The Java technology was not announced until some 16 months later, in May 1995.
  • Eric Schmidt worked at Sun. Yahoo wouldn't be started for another month. It would be more than four years before Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a $100,000 check to an entity that wouldn't exist for another month, Google.
  • I remember saying hi to Eric at a few Sun events. I've been lucky enough to spend countless hours with Andy since he returned to Sun in February of 2004 and spent much of his time focusing on HPC.
  • InfiniBand networking wouldn't be invented for another six years, meanwhile, most Ethernet networks ran at 10Mbit/sec speeds, or 1000 times slower than today's 10Gbit/sec networks.
  • Sun was the exclusive computer supplier to the 1994 Soccer World Cup held at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. The Sun powered world cup web site became the most viewed web site in the world. I was a systems engineering manager at Sun in Los Angeles at the time and my team helped ensure the world cup web site operated smoothly through the event.
  • Sun Canada is the Official Computer Network Server Supplier to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I was Vice President of North America Systems Sales when we signed the deal, so I'll take a bit of credit, although it really goes to the Sun Canada team.
  • Have I really spent more than two years in hotel rooms? What countries where those in? Ones I easily remember include Canada, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, China, Japan, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Israel, and Belgium. That doesn't include vacations or a few that for various reasons will go unnamed.
  • Solaris 2.3 had just been released (November 1993) and was helping to propel the SPARCcenter 2000, with up to 20 SuperSPARC CPUs, as one of the most powerful Oracle database servers of the day.
  • Countless Sun tee-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, coffee cups, backpacks, boxer shorts (don't sell storage short), jackets (my multiple leather Java jackets all quickly found their way to customers but I am keeping a 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics jacket), and the one give-away my wife does use, the 2001 SunRise NambĂ© platter.
  • The one Sun event my wife will always remember, SunRise Paris, costume ball at Versailles
  • The sigh of relief when Joe Roebuck didn't join Elton John in a piano duet at SunRise in Hawaii
  • My daughter had not yet turned 3. My son wouldn't be born for several months. My wife, what can I say about someone who has put up with me being gone one eighth of the last sixteen years.
  • Change is good but I'll never do this again
  • I will do more of these, Red Sky, although this one is perhaps one of a kind.

    What can I say. Its been an awesome ride. I did some fun things before Sun. I'm looking forward to some even more amazing things the next 16 years. Another 16 years from now, I still will be a few years shy of full retirement age. So check back on January 17, 2026 and see what I've been up to.

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