Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Collaborate 2016 - Thank you Partners!

Once again the Oracle PartnerNetwork team took the Oracle Partner Lounge on the road and recognized OPN Partners who were at Collaborate 2016 supporting the Oracle customer user community. Oracle Partners work hard throughout the year keeping current and taking new OPN Specializations. Here you can see some Partners showcasing their new OPN Cloud designation credentials to customers. Available online, customers can find a partner and view their credentials and more via the OPN Solutions Catalog.

Thank You Partners for all the hardwork and the OPN team looks forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 and the OPN Lounge.

Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Top Ten list for Partners to plan before arrival to Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Each year while at Oracle OpenWorld, I often meet a partner who tells me they wish they would have known so that they could have planned ahead and taken advantage of that while at Oracle OpenWorld. And after attending so many myself as a customer, user group leader, partner and as an employee, I've learned a number of resources that help me in my own planning. And so I am glad to share those with others to help so they can maximize their week while out at Oracle OpenWorld.

And so here is my Top Ten list for Oracle OpenWorld 2015

1. Before you meet with customers or with Oracle, ensure your company profile on Solutions.oracle.com is up to date including all of the OPN Specializations achieved. It one of the first places customers and the Oracle field visits to search for a partner, and if your profile appears old or is still the default profile, odds are those viewing are going to choose another partner to engage with.

2. Then for OPN Specializations and Oracle Technology skills your company has, it’s good to further confirm with your Sales, Presales, and Implementation staff they are aware and leveraging the applicable OPN Knowledge Zones.  Especially as there could be product technology activities happening at OpenWorld communicated within them. More importantly they are the "One Stop Shop" for Partners so staff doesn't spend endless hours searching the internet, emailing, or phoning people, trying to locate information.

3. Next be sure you and your team members are “badged” to your company with an appropriate company email address.  I can't tell you how many times I've had a partner ask me why they were not invited to an event, workshop, free training, etc.. to find out that they were using some generic email service and not associated to their company’s partnership.

4. Then especially for your staff that will be staffing the booth and engaging customers to getting and qualifying leads, have them take the free online training for partners in the OPN Competency Center to become familiar with new Oracle product and technology & solutions or for just a refresher course. Remember there are now 3 roles, not just one so be sure you share these with your peers who have that role in your organization. It’s surprising that when I speak especially with partners in their booths, how many of them were not aware of this free training that’s been available for them like:

Also within the OPN Competency Center is where partners may first find information published on products being announced or an opportunity to attend a session or reccomend one to customers like GEN9778 Oracle Management Cloud on Oct 27th

5. Save some budget, by having your technical staff take advantage of the free OPN exam testing to update their existing specializations to new versions and add new ones that help your company maintain their membership. With limited slots available, it’s suggested they sign up today here

6. Get plugged into the new Oracle Cloud Platform community just for Partners to get on the fast track to Cloud  Then while at OpenWorld engage with subject matter experts that can help your team ramp up

7. Which brings us to the OPN Lounge. Located in Moscone South in the exhibit hall area, it’s a resource for partners that shouldn't be overlooked. In addition to Information Stations, the Social Media Rally and a place to meet with Oracle and other partners, it now hosts OPN In Focus - featuring a schedule of mini-sessions partners can drop in and learn about some of the very latest programs, information, and offerings. Handy document here you can download or send to other team members. And in one of the sessions this year, OPN has invited user community leaders to share directly with Partners the secrets and benefits of Oracle's vast user community. Here is the link.

8. At least a week in advance, checkout the Content Catalog of sessions and pre-register your interest to attend a session by adding the ones your most interest in attending into your schedule. It not only help aids the event staff on room sizing, but helps you avoid extra waiting when others come to a session that haven't pre-registered for it.

9. The event continues to grow each year, so you can't count on something being the same place as last year, so familiarize yourself before you arrive by downloading to your mobile or printing off a copy of the exhibit hall and venue floor plans so you can review on the plane flight to the bay area. Once your onsite be sure to check out the OpenWorld daily updates for changes.

10. Planning the week - after arrival Saturday, head over to Moscone Center (at the corner Third and Howard Streets) and venture over to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and also checkout JavaOne. If attending OpenWorld get registered at Moscone West (starting Saturday 2-7pm) and become familiar with the area before 60,000 others join you there. If you arrive mid-day Sunday or after, you not only miss (starting 8am Sunday morning) top  Oracle User Community speakers sharing how customers are actually using Oracle technology , but miss the Sunday afternoon track just for partners (OPN Central @ OpenWorld Partner Keynote and sessions 1-4pm ) www.oracle.com/openworld/opn , followed by the 1st OpenWorld keynote Sunday night, and following it the Oracle PartnerNetwork AfterDark Reception.

So at this point your onsite, acclimated, have your badge, familiar with the venue and where things are, attended some sessions and ready for a lot more Oracle OpenWorld activities for the remainder of the week. But if you are like me, you can't attend them all, so you typically focus on an Oracle product technology or solution area. https://www.oracle.com/openworld/tracks.html

And there are the Focus on Documents (FOD) typically published by the Oracle product and event teams as a resource for attendees. As FODs become available I will update them here in the Blog here.

And if you are interested in subject areas such as Oracle Database, Engineered Systems and Management here are some quick Content Catalog search links

Oracle Database sessions

Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions

Oracle Engineered Systems

Bookmark the blog and check back as additional updates are posted to help partners maximize their time while at Oracle OpenWorld. Look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2015!

Saturday Apr 25, 2015

Collaborate 15 - Thank You Partners

Once again the Oracle PartnerNetwork team took the Oracle Partner Lounge on the road and recognized OPN Partners who were at Collaborate 2015 supporting the Oracle user community. Oracle Partners work hard throughout the year keeping current and take new OPN Specializations and you could see Partners showcasing those credentials to customers in their booths, literature, business cards and more. Available online customers can find a partner and view their credentials and more in the OPN Solutions Catalog. Below you can see many of the Partners the OPN team was able to recognize when they were not engaged with customers. Thank You Partners! and we look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and the OPN Lounge.

Friday Apr 10, 2015

Partners at Collaborate 15 - look forward to seeing and supporting you

Each year in between Oracle OpenWorlds, Partners support our customers at events such as this one. So we take the Oracle PartnerNetwork Lounge on the road and support our partners supporting our customers. And similar to prior years, you may be surprised when we drop by your booth and have some recognition for your companies latest OPN accomplishments. And this year in addition to display of your OPN credentials, we are seeking a few partners to highlight that have made the transformation in their business to Cloud.  So feel free to send us a shout-out over Twitter.  And remember we always bring a camera so smile .

Friday Oct 03, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 | In case you missed it - photo collage 2 of 2

For those who don't yet follow social media (#OOW14), or unable to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2014, thank you to all you social media photo journalists who took a moment to snap a photo and share. Below is a portion of what I was able to find that reveals another perspective (customer and partners) of the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 event.

Saturday Sep 27, 2014

The Hunt for Red October? No the OPN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld 2014...

Ok, you just finished up with meeting a customer at lunch or in your booth, and next you need to get to the OPN Lounge for one of the Partners sessions or a meeting you had been invited. So where is it??

While, some may say its in the same place it was last year and the year prior, but what if you haven't attending Oracle OpenWorld a while or its your first time? Well it's in Moscone South here highlighted in yellow and here is a PDF you can bookmark you can use to navigate the rest of Moscone South https://www.oracle.com/us/assets/ow-14-moscone-south-exhibits-2023243.pdf

And if you need the hours the hall is open, or other location maps then checkout this URL https://www.oracle.com/openworld/floor-plans/index.html

Friday Sep 26, 2014

Partners Charting Your Course This Week at OracleWorld 2014

If you just happened to miss all the OPN PartnerCast updates (recordings are posted) or just starting to sift through a couple of emails you may have gotten from an Oracle email address that you placed in your "Read Later" folder, you have a lot of catching up to do prior to the start of the conference on Sunday.

Sunday is a day full of information just for partners, and during the week there are several partner opportunities to join in between your booth obligations and meetings with customers. So here are some highlights I've been able to collect and consolidate for your reference. Bookmark this Blog as I will be updating it during OOW


May be the last opportunity you have to plan the OPN activities @ OOW for you and your team can take advantage of before you land

Free exams for OPN Partners at the Test Fest If registrations shows full, do drop by as there are typically no-shows

OPN Lounge Theatre drop in sessions during the week One I will be presenting with Chris Keegan on all the secrets of OPN Knowledge Zones on Wed Oct 1, 3pm

And here is a handy summary of all the OPN related for Partners in a single PDF

Now some resources To plan your week and be ready when you meet customers

Sunday -  Ramp Up Your Week

Building Clouds? helping Customer implement Database as a Service? you may wish to checkout the IOUG Cloud and Virtualization SIG Sunday and if your not familiar, here is an interview of their activities at Collaborate OTM covered early in the year

Just after lunch, OPN Central at Oracle OpenWorld is kicked off by the Oracle PartnerNetwork Keynote by Oracle Executives. And next the Oracle OpenWorld opening keynote by Larry Ellison. Following it Sunday evening is the exclusive AfterDark reception for Partners where you have the opportunity to network with Oracle executives and Oracle Partner Network leaders and Subject Matter Experts

And as you may not have a chance to check email often enough, stay tuned to OPN Social Media and get the very latest via Twitter from @oraclepartners I wonder who will be the first partners to drop by the OPN Lounge in Moscone South and capture the first OPN "Selfie" contest http://t.co/Jv97FXYvcZ

Monday Sep 22, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - maximizing your week - Cloud, Enterprise Manager

As an Oracle OpenWorld attendee for over 15 years, I usually find myself busy wrapping up projects before I arrive to the event. Sound familiar? read on.

Then after I arrive, the week goes by so quickly and on the last day of the event, I find there were activities I could have taken advantage if I had known about them. It wasn't that they weren't published somewhere, but found later buried in an email communication, mentioned in a session, or saw how good they were via social media after they had happened. So this Blog is way to help me keep track for myself, but also share with Oracle Partners with similiar interests. I just hope you are not ready this Blog as you're returning back home after another OpenWorld.

To get the most out of your short time at Oracle OpenWorld Oracle Partners here are some tips to wrap up this week before you arrive onsite

1.  Your company profile on Solutions.oracle.com is up to date including all of the OPN SPecializations achieved. Myself and other WW A&C team members refer customers and others to it and find it suprising when a profile is brought up many that just have the default profile.

2.  You and team members are already subscribed to the Enterprise Manager Knowledge Zone  www.oracle.com/partners/goto/enterprisemanager  and or the Cloud Builder   Knowledge Zone www.oracle.com/partners/goto/cloudbuilder  And this year there is a short session on this in the OPN Lounge on Wed Oct 1 where all the secrets will be shared register for one of the limited seats http://t.co/cBMQAcdUTX

3. Are familiar with the associated online OPN Competency Center materials / encouraged your peers to take their roles whether Sales or Presales. And this year is a new look where if you review you may even be eligible to win a prize https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opn/cc/opncc_new_design_glp.html  Remember there are now 3 roles, not just one so be sure you share these with your peers who have that role in your organization. Its surprising that when I speak especially with partners in their booths, how many of them were not aware of this free training thats been available just for them like:

Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Sales Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=28521

Oracle Database and Tuning Presales Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=28522

Oracle Database and Tuning Implementation Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=28894

Oracle Enterprise Manager Sales Specialist  https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=21923

Oracle Enterprise Manager Presales Specialist  https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=21943

Oracle Enterprise Manager Implementation Specialist  https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=22743

Oracle Cloud Builder Sales Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=24923

Oracle Cloud Builder Presales Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=24943

Oracle Cloud Builder Implementation Specialist https://competencycenter.oracle.com/opncc/full_glp.cc?group_id=24743

3. And that you and your team members are “badged” to your company  http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/most-popular-resources/specialized-345178.pdf so that it appears in your reporting

And if yourself or another person at your company is attending OpenWorld and have any further questions about any of these OPN Specializations, just let me know and I would welcome meeting you onsite at the OPN Lounge.

Monday Apr 14, 2014

COLLABORATE 14 - Thank you OPN Partners

Well it was quite a week for customers and partners who converged on Las Vegas April 7-11th for the annual Oracle user group conference. The Oracle Worldwide Alliances and Channels team members took the OPN Lounge on the road sponsoring the Oracle Validated Integration booth where partners could relax in-between their demos and meetings with customers.

At Collaborate you can also view Oracle Partners displaying their OPN Credentials in unique and innovative ways. So creative that the OPN team canvassed the exhibit hall floor and snapped photos this year for judging. Learn more about that in the OPN Blog http://t.co/IbM7Na1cDf

And last but not certainly not least, congratulations to all those partners who've achieved new OPN Specializations or taken the latest versions since Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Here are a few the OPN team was able to catch onsite and capture a quick photo while sessions were underway.

Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Get into Cloud at COLLABORATE 14

This year COLLABORATE 14 takes place April 7-11 in sunny Las Vegas and is again hosted by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest). These three independent user communities come together in-between Oracle OpenWorlds and offer customers and partners an opportunity to further learn more about how new product technology and releases are being put to work and how Oracle technology is being assembled as a solution to solve business problems.

With so much available, many first time participants go to the conference, attend some sessions and discover at the end, all of the other benefits they could have further taken advantage while onsite for the week. So here are some tips from a long time attendee.

1. You want to get plugged into the social media now and at the conference. By following the Twitter  #C14LV  you can learn about last minute changes before the conference and updates during the conference without having to search email or looking for a paper update onsite. It’s also a great mechanism to locate others with similar interests during the conference and having impromptu get together while everyone is still onsite. And if you have a mobile device, download the app before you arrive onsite.

So what might the C in #C14LV stand for: Casino? - no, Campgrounds? Oracle can be found there, Collaborate? - certainly, Cloud - YES!

2. Been asked about Cloud? instructed by management to work on a Cloud project? you won't want to miss the Cloud Odyssey  on Monday April 7th, 9am-3pm. (Remember to check your calendar when you arrive as Las Vegas may be a different time zone then when you first planned your schedule)

3. Oracle at Collaborate - be sure to take advantage and be up to date on the latest trends and strategy from Oracle; especially if you were not able to make it to the last OpenWorld. This year hear from Balaji Yelamanchili, SVP for Analytics and Performance Management Products, Oracle Corporation on Wednesday, April 9, 9:45am Level 5 of the Palazzo Ballroom. Visit the Oracle Campground in the back of the Exposition Hall and if you are an Oracle Partner, myself and other representatives from the Oracle PartnerNetwork will be onsite to specifically meet with Partners.

4. Yes there are a lot of sessions, and if you look closely they been put in to themes/tracks to help guide you. So if you need to justify your trip and report back to management about Cloud, there are some great session speakers you won't want to miss. In fact many are already having session pre-discussions using social media. The Cloud SIG has posted a summary of them here  and an interview about the Cloud track by Oracle ACE and partner Ron Batra.

5. Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions - for focus areas or high interest/activity, you will find a number of SIGs meetings to attend. Since they are typically sandwiched in-between sessions or at the end of a track as a summary, you need to be on extra alert for them. You'll find the Cloud SIG meeting this year Tues April 8th at 12:30PM  Level 3, Toscana 3701 followed by Best Practices and Skill Sets for Cloud on Thurs April 10th at 11:00am, Level 3 Lido 3101B . And a handy map here to help you navigate.

6. Partners - while onsite there will be hundreds of Oracle Partners in once place. So its another great opportunity to hear how they have been using Oracle technology to solve customers business problems and learn how they can help you. Contrary to popular belief, yourself or your team may not have all the skill sets or knowledge or you just may need some temporary help at some point. So you can checkout partners anytime at solutions.oracle.com and when you’re at an event like Collaborate where they are present, be sure you set aside some time to meet 1 on 1 with them on the exposition floor, during a meal or at one of the many networking activities.  That way when you’re back at the office you already have a recommended short list of contacts for management and are a hero for thinking ahead.

And learn more about it in the Oracle Technology video interview by Bob Rhubart

As I probably left off a few, let me know ones you have that I can add, and be sure to return back for updates to this blog up to and during Collaborate.
I look forward to meeting you there!

Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

Cloud Odyssey Opportunity - Partners, what is your story?

By now, many have seen advertisements for the Cloud Odyssey Event  Just last week I was provided a “Sneak Preview” that compelled me to blog, similar to a movie critic.

I myself wondered what to expect, how it might be applicable to what I do but more importantly how it might also be applicable for Partners.  Well, as I watch the chapters of the story unfold in the movie, I soon found myself bonding with the crew of the Stratus remembering the days that I was a DBA working with other individual contributors to overcome obstacles and tasks that seem insurmountable at the time. And it seemed almost like the writers of the movie had heard about them and wrote the movie script around those experiences.

I soon found myself involved in the story, identifying with Cyrus , and ultimately being well entertained. After watching the movie, it had me wondering about the heroic journeys and efforts our Partners have had that they could further share. So it already seems that could be a sequel, new series, or spin-off….  So Partners what is your Cloud Odyssey Story?

  • Possibly the journey and obstacles you helped a customer overcome using Oracle Technology?
  • Maybe the combination of people, technology & skills to deliver a solution after Sales already sold it to a customer?  
  • Or it is a tale about a new plot or hero that you have that is just starting to unfold …

So if you are an Oracle Partner getting underway or served already on many Cloud Building missions, the Oracle PartnerNetwork Team would like to hear your story so we can share your success with others. If you don’t, how would you be discovered and possibly be offered a starring role in your own movie…

And as a critics rating, I give the movie 5 stars because I was entertained and the movie had me already wanting to know where the crew is going next.

Monday Feb 17, 2014

Partners Learn to Earn – Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Essentials 2015

Are you an Oracle Partner that has been utilizing the Oracle Database for some time as part of your own solution or services offering? If you are, then there is an updated Oracle PartnerNetwork specialization exam version you probably want to have your staff take a look at. Why? because it might just help you expand deals, increase margin, and/or grow your customers satisfaction on what you are already doing today and with really little investment or effort.

  • Beta just started on the latest OPN Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Specialization update, so if you register soon you might be eligible to take the exam FREE of charge or at a significantly reduced rate. And after a Beta exam goes into production and achievement of a passing score, your staff could be one of the first OPN Partners recognized as having the latest credentials.

Are you thinking that’s nice information, but you’re not quite ready or it’s not something actionable for your own role?

  • For those that don’t think they are ready to take the exam this week, we’ve posted a Study Guide
  • And for those thinking the subject matter is just for their technical team members, we’ve posted in the OPN Competency Center a Sales GLP or Presales GLP you can review online for no cost and achieve Sales or Presales credentials.

And as an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Solution is an available and superior solution, why not get started now instead of letting someone else harvest and benefit from the relationships and opportunities you’ve been working so hard to build for so many years….

Saturday Sep 29, 2012

Where Was That Session Again??? - PartnerNetwork Exchange Room Maps

So as I was preparing my session schedule I was trying to visually picture where the Partner Exchange sessions at at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 were. So I've placed them in my blog as a handy resource once I was onsite. Possibly a few partners will also find them handy.

Sunday the PartnerExchange keynote is in Moscone North  Hall D

Afterwards you will find PartnerExchange tracks in Moscone South Hall.

And then on Monday through Thursday there are PartnerExchange session tracks at the Marriott Marquis.

Monday Sep 24, 2012

10 Tips for Partners - Oracle 2012 PartnerNetwork Exchange Planning


With the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ Oracle OpenWorld 2013 just around the corner, here are 10 tips to aid partners in planning and preparation.

  1. Before you arrive, select the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange Sessions you and your team will attend
  2. Signup for the Test Fest and the exams you and your team can take while attending
  3. Review the Subject Area Focus on Documents to help you zero in on the Oracle OpenWorld sessions to attend
  4. Use the handy floor plans to get familiar with what is where in the exposition hall this year before you arrive
  5. Sunday just after lunch at 1pm, attend the PartnerNetwork Exchange keynote , Moscone North, Hall D, followed by the session track kickoffs
  6. Sunday night , 7:30pm – 10:30 pm , checkout the OPN AfterDark Reception where you can meet and network with contacts from around the world
  7. On Sunday and Monday, be sure check in with the Social Media Rally Coordinator for maximum social media expertise and exposure
  8. On Monday through Wednesday, meet with Oracle Partner representatives at the Oracle PartnerNetwork Lounge Moscone South, Exhibit Hall, Room 100
  9. Take and share your PartnerNetwork pictures during the week with OPN on Instagram
  10. Be prepared to share with roving OPN team member reporters, how you are leveraging your OPN Specializations to provide innovative solutions and services for the Cloud. You never know – it could aid in getting you exposure as a possible speaker for next year’s event.

Monday Aug 27, 2012

OPN Exchange @ OpenWorld - Don't Overlook TestFest!

As part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld conference a “Test Fest” will be taking place from Monday, October 1st - Thursday, October 4th 2012 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

  • Were you requested by management to get the most out of your OOW experience and expense? 
  • Looking for something that will help you or a team member get approved by your management to attend this year?
  • Seeking a way to justify having your technical expert out to OOW to help you close a deal? 

Then take advantage of training available onsite for your staff or yourself during Oracle OpenWorld; no matter if you are primarily coming to staff a booth, present a session, meet with customers, or attend the OPN PartnerNetwork Exchange.

With limited seating available, its adviseable to pre-register today to:

  • Get recognized for your skills, with an OPN Specialist accreditation
  • Take exams that are free of charge for Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange attendees
  • Help your company get Specialized in a higher level of the OPN Program

Get a list of exams , study materials and pre-register using the Schedule Builder tool to reserve a seat in one of the 10 sessions offered on a first come, first serve basis. Remember upon arrival to the testing room, you will need to show proof of valid OPN Membership and have your valid Pearson Vue account ID. For any questions, email the OPN Communications team.

Test Fest Schedule


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Monday - October 1

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Tuesday - October 2

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Wednesday - October 3

10:30 AM - 12:30PM

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

3:30 PM - 5:30PM

Thursday - October 4

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1:30 PM- 3:30 PM

Look forward to meeting you at the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange


Oracle Partnering Specialization opportunity, observations, and activities. A perspective by an employee who was once a partner, served on the Board of Directors and active volunteer in the Oracle user group community. at @lemmes


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