Thursday Sep 17, 2015

Don't Miss Out, Start Your Planning for Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Today

As a longtime Oracle OpenWorld attendee and presenter (as a customer, user group leader, partner, Oracle employee), since its inception as IOUW (who recognizes that acronym?)  I typically find myself extra busy the week’s prior working hard to wrapping up projects before I arrive onsite to the event. Sound familiar?

After I arrive, the week goes by in a flash and the last day, I learn of activities I could have taken advantage if I had only known about them in advance. Some published, an obscure URL, others buried in an email communication, mentioned in a session, a blog summary, or saw how great they were via social media. So this Blog is way to help me keep track for myself, but also share with Oracle Partners and customers with similar interests. And if you just found this Blog as you're returning back home after another OpenWorld, look on the bright side - you can use it to prepare for the next one.

While not an exhausted list of everything, here are my Top Tips before arriving onsite.
At least a week in advance, review the Content Catalog of sessions  and pre-register your interest to attend by adding the ones your most interest in attending into your schedule. It not only help aids the event staff on room sizing, but helps you avoid extra waiting when others come to a session that haven't pre-registered for it .

I highly reccomend this session CON3637 Database as a Service: What Is It and How Do You Use It? A Q&A with an Expert Panel  not only because I am biased, but as its a session where there will be few PowerPoint slides and subject matter expert panelists from the IOUG Oracle User Community Cloud SIG back for an encore after Collaborate15. Here's a recap of that by OTN

Or one of the new topic sessions where there is mention of an attendee gift

Never been to Moscone Center? You can check out their high level Virtual Tour to gain an understanding of it prior to your arrival

Download to your mobile or print a copy of the exhibit hall and venue floor plans so you can review on the plane flight to the bay area. Once your onsite be sure to check out the OpenWorld daily updates and online for changes.

After arrival Saturday, head over to Moscone Center (at the corner Third and Howard Streets)  and venture over to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square for JavaOne. If attending OpenWorld get registered at Moscone West (starting Saturday 2-7pm) and become familiar with the area before 60,000 others join you there. If you arrive after Saturday, you miss the 1st Keynote and the top Oracle User Community speakers that kick off the week sharing on what they have learned and how customers are actually using Oracle technology starting 8:00am Sunday morning

Sunday, get a good early breakfast and get over to Moscone Center before 8am for the Oracle Users Group Forum   There is a full day of sessions, SIG meetings GEOs, receptions you can join, network and get further connected with the Oracle User Group community which runs all day up until the 1st keynote Sunday night then followed by the Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Reception. You can further connect here to an Oracle User Community

Below are links published by user communities on their activities during Oracle OpenWorld 2015

So at this point your onsite, acclimated, have your badge, familiar with the venue and where things are, attended some sessions and ready for a lot more Oracle OpenWorld activities for the remainder of the week. But if you are like me, you can't attend them all, so you typically focus on an Oracle product technology or solution areas.  And there are the Focus on Documents (FOD) typically published by the Oracle product and event teams as a resource for attendees. As FODs become available I will update them here in the Blog here.

To start your preperation, if you are interested in subject areas such as Oracle Database, Engineered Systems, Management, and Cloud here are some Content Catalog search links and subject matter suggestion links

And if you are specifically interested in Oracle Database In-Memory at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, further checkout Maria Colgan's Blog

More to come....
Look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2015!

Monday Sep 22, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - maximizing your week - Cloud, Enterprise Manager

As an Oracle OpenWorld attendee for over 15 years, I usually find myself busy wrapping up projects before I arrive to the event. Sound familiar? read on.

Then after I arrive, the week goes by so quickly and on the last day of the event, I find there were activities I could have taken advantage if I had known about them. It wasn't that they weren't published somewhere, but found later buried in an email communication, mentioned in a session, or saw how good they were via social media after they had happened. So this Blog is way to help me keep track for myself, but also share with Oracle Partners with similiar interests. I just hope you are not ready this Blog as you're returning back home after another OpenWorld.

To get the most out of your short time at Oracle OpenWorld Oracle Partners here are some tips to wrap up this week before you arrive onsite

1.  Your company profile on is up to date including all of the OPN SPecializations achieved. Myself and other WW A&C team members refer customers and others to it and find it suprising when a profile is brought up many that just have the default profile.

2.  You and team members are already subscribed to the Enterprise Manager Knowledge Zone  and or the Cloud Builder   Knowledge Zone  And this year there is a short session on this in the OPN Lounge on Wed Oct 1 where all the secrets will be shared register for one of the limited seats

3. Are familiar with the associated online OPN Competency Center materials / encouraged your peers to take their roles whether Sales or Presales. And this year is a new look where if you review you may even be eligible to win a prize  Remember there are now 3 roles, not just one so be sure you share these with your peers who have that role in your organization. Its surprising that when I speak especially with partners in their booths, how many of them were not aware of this free training thats been available just for them like:

Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Sales Specialist

Oracle Database and Tuning Presales Specialist

Oracle Database and Tuning Implementation Specialist

Oracle Enterprise Manager Sales Specialist

Oracle Enterprise Manager Presales Specialist

Oracle Enterprise Manager Implementation Specialist

Oracle Cloud Builder Sales Specialist

Oracle Cloud Builder Presales Specialist

Oracle Cloud Builder Implementation Specialist

3. And that you and your team members are “badged” to your company so that it appears in your reporting

And if yourself or another person at your company is attending OpenWorld and have any further questions about any of these OPN Specializations, just let me know and I would welcome meeting you onsite at the OPN Lounge.

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Oracle E-Business Suite Partners Get Plugged In - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c


Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in, an integral part of Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite, is Generally Available. More information may be found in note 1434392.1 on MyOracle Support. Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in can be accessed a few ways:

Fresh install



Please refer to the Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide for further details.

If you are a partner and have not yet joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork Enterprise Manager KnowledgeZone, be sure and sign up today to learn more about Oracle Application Management and how it can aid your customers and business.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Partners - Steer Clear of the Unknown with Oracle Enterprise Manager12c and Plug-in Extensibility

Imagine if you just purchased a new car and as you entered the vehicle to drive it home and you found there was no steering wheel.

And upon asking the dealer you were told that it was an option and you had a choice now or later of a variety of aftermarket steering wheels that fit a wide variety of automobiles.

If you expected the car to already have a steering wheel designed to manage your transportation solution, you might wonder why someone would offer an application solution where its management is not offered as an option or come as part of the solution...

Using management designed to support the underlying technology and that can provide management and support  for your own Oracle technology based solution can benefit your business  a variety of ways: increased customer satisfaction, reduction of support calls, margin and revenue growth. Sometimes when something is not included or recommended , customers take their own path which may not be optimal when using your solution and has later impact on the customers satisfaction or worse a negative impact on their business.

As an Oracle Partner, you can reduce your research, certification, and time to market by selecting and offering management designed, developed, and supported for Oracle product technology by Oracle with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. For partners with solution specific management needs or seeking to differentiate themselves in the market, Enterprise Manager 12c is extensible and provides partners the opportunity to create their own plug-ins as well as a validation program for them.

Today a number of examples by partners are available and more on the way from such partners as NetApp for NetApp storage and Blue Medora for VMware vSphere. To review and consider further for applicability to your solution, visit  the Oracle PartnerNetwork KnowledgeZone for Enterprise Manager under the Develop Tab

Thursday Jun 07, 2012

Management & More: For You Virtually - Oracle VM

Seeking to further educate yourself as a Partner or been asked by a customer for greater detail in regards to Oracle VM and its value proposition?

Then I recommend and refer you to a posting on Wim Coekaerts Blog where additional details can be found on Oracle VM, pricing structure, and what's included when you use an Oracle VM solution.

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Virtual Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Whether you have already been working with Oracle VM or considering to use it, there are management capabilities available to you to use as a partner as part of your solution or services.

The integration of Oracle VM Server for x86 with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides you the platform to manage Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Servers, server pools, and the virtual machines through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center UI.

If you utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, the following are example management operations available to you for Oracle VM Server for x86 deployments:
  •     Discover deployed Oracle VM Managers
  •     Provision Oracle VM Servers
  •     Discover existing Oracle VM Servers
  •     Launch Oracle VM Manager UI
  •     Create virtual machines
  •     Provision OS on virtual machines
  •     Create server pools
  •     Connect to Oracle VM Manager console
  •     Manage storage repositories of Oracle VM Server for x86
  •     Perform management operations on Oracle VM Servers and virtual machines
Learn more about this capability from the reference guide here. For more information about Oracle Enterprise Manager and how it can be used by partners join the Oracle PartnerNetwork KnowledgeZone at

Wednesday May 09, 2012

Some of the Best Saved For Last - Day 5

While some may have stayed out late the night before, the final day of the conference was in full swing and sessions starting at 8:30am. While I heard some presenters question thinking they drew the short straw to be on the last day, savvy conference committee volunteers slot speakers with specific content to draw attendees out of bed even after a big event night. After grabbing a cup of coffee to start my day, I snapped a quick picture of the exposition hall where all the partner booths were now gone; looking similar to the build-out at the first of the week.

Arriving at one of those first of the morning slots a few minutes before start time, I found session 489 by a Partner on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Whats Changed, Whats New - almost full and grabbed a remaining seat. Sitting in the room you could feel the energy from the speaker as well as the audiences hunger for the content with many questions being interactively asked by the audience.

After checking out a couple of additional sessions, It was off to one remaining lunch meeting  to discuss the Oracle Database Appliance with a partner who provided remote database administration services. Lunched wrapped up just in time to get my bags and make it to the airport to catch the flight home to my family. Thank you to all the partners who contributed their time, shared feedback and presented a lot of great content on Oracle technology to customers. Hope to see you next at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco!

OPN Specialized Partner Panel of Experts - Day 4

Well day 4 arrived with much anticipation as I was moderating session 434 - Managing Oracle: Expert Panel on Techniques & Best Practices. I've moderated panels before at Collaborate, but you never know how many may attend because of the other opposing sessions. Of no surprise to me, there was another Oracle Enterprise Manager session at the same time as the panel session and it happened to be someone who volunteered for the panel but had to cancel to do their own session! That was in addition to locating another replacement for a partner who had planned travel from across the pond, but had to cancel attending Collaborate overall to attend to business. Luckily, there is a great pool of Specialized Partners and many already planning to attend the event that were gracious enough to volunteer so that we had a wonderful panel of experts for attendees as well as one from Oracle. Soon our room filled with people and after one initial question to the panel, attendees had the panelist on their toes drilling them with a variety of questions from Oracle Applications to Disk Management. There was even the opportunity for those in other sessions or offsite to ask a question of the panel via Twitter. To soon it seemed, that time ran out and a last question from the audience was brought to the panel with many hands still in the air hoping for more. Afterwords a number of attendees went over to meet the panelists 1 on 1 with even some following from the session room back to the partners booth. I was told the session was recorded, so when that becomes available I will update my Blog with the link.