Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

Hands on Cloud Experience: Cloud Attack @ Collaborate16

Members of the Independent Oracle Users Group Cloud SIG executed their first Cloud Attack hands on bootcamp workshop experience. Leveraging experience from highly successful RAC Attack workshops, the objective was to use the public Oracle Cloud so attendees could quickly get underway getting live hands on Cloud skills & experience. In fact, the workshop addressed top feedback from a survey in the Collaborate 16 general session and participants enabled with Cloud skills they could start using when they returned back to their offices after the event. By using the Oracle Cloud, attendees only needed to bring a device to participate. One attendee was amazed when he finished the workshop using an old Windows XP PC with 1GB of RAM and this gentleman below completed it all from his iPad. And with Cloud, attendees could virtually be anywhere, connect and go without the instructors having to procure and prep a room full of PC's or worry who's laptop had enough storage, RAM, or CPU to load a virtual image.

Prior to Collaborate 16, a lot of hard work and planning was done behind the scenes by volunteer customer and partner experts to execute this first workshop in Las Vegas. Erik Benner - Mythics, Charles Kim -Viscosity, IOUG Board members Troy Ligon - American Express and Seth Miller -Veritas, Kai Yu - Dell, Rene Antunez - Pythian, supported by Pat Shuff, Steven Lemme, Laura Ramsey of Oracle.

The IOUG conference committee and staff such as Alexis Bauer Kolak provided a perfect setting for attendees with a large space, power, and AV so attendees could drop in and get started.

Attendees arrived early in the morning but eager for a full day of hands on in the Oracle Cloud and objective of starting from an on-premise environment to going onto the Oracle Cloud and working with Oracle Database 12c, backing up to the Oracle Cloud and learning how to take advantage of Oracle Database 12c Multitenant and movement of a PDB from a Cloud environment back to on-premise. The workshop kicked off by an agenda, objective and goals review

followed then by Erik Benner getting everyone hands-on with a refresher on SSH connectivity from the conference center.

Erik Benner and Charles Kim tag teamed as instructors while the other Cloud SIG volunteers went around the room helping attendees with their workshop activities and questions. It was not just about completing the exercises, but the actual experience learned while doing them along with help from peers. Here we see attendees following along with Charles Kim on a live demonstration on the Oracle Cloud of what they are about to perform themselves.

And so attendees could maximize their training while away from the office, the Oracle Technical Network sponsored quite a tasty lunch onsite.

As the workshop progressed, Cloud Attack T-shirts sponsored by Mythics were unboxed as  further incentive for attendees to interact with questions.

When it came to the end of the scheduled workshop time, several attendees asked if they could stay longer to gain more hands on experience and so volunteer instructors stayed an extra hour until the last attendee departed.  Upon completion of the workshop several attendees commented on the great experience they had and later during the week Cloud SIG volunteers received many more positive comments. So the Cloud SIG is now looking into doing the next one at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco - so stay tuned

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Collaborate 2016 - Thank you Partners!

Once again the Oracle PartnerNetwork team took the Oracle Partner Lounge on the road and recognized OPN Partners who were at Collaborate 2016 supporting the Oracle customer user community. Oracle Partners work hard throughout the year keeping current and taking new OPN Specializations. Here you can see some Partners showcasing their new OPN Cloud designation credentials to customers. Available online, customers can find a partner and view their credentials and more via the OPN Solutions Catalog.

Thank You Partners for all the hardwork and the OPN team looks forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 and the OPN Lounge.

Friday Apr 01, 2016

DBAs DevOps & Cloud - Thinking Outside of the On-Premise Box session @ Collaborate 16

Join and participate in this session at Collaborate 2016

Countdown to Cloud Attack at Collaborate 16

Join the Cloud Attack at Collaborate 2016 on April 9th, 2016

Saturday Apr 25, 2015

Collaborate 15 - Thank You Partners

Once again the Oracle PartnerNetwork team took the Oracle Partner Lounge on the road and recognized OPN Partners who were at Collaborate 2015 supporting the Oracle user community. Oracle Partners work hard throughout the year keeping current and take new OPN Specializations and you could see Partners showcasing those credentials to customers in their booths, literature, business cards and more. Available online customers can find a partner and view their credentials and more in the OPN Solutions Catalog. Below you can see many of the Partners the OPN team was able to recognize when they were not engaged with customers. Thank You Partners! and we look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and the OPN Lounge.

Collaborate 15 Photo Summary 1

Collaborate is the largest annual gathering of the Oracle user community. If you haven't had the opportunity to go, its an experience Oracle professionals should considering doing at least once. And as is falls halfway between Oracle OpenWorlds, its also a great testbed on practicing content for it. For those this year onsite at Collaborate 15 it was quite a busy event, whether in a keynotes, sessions, or the exposition hall. No matter where you went there was lots of networking, interchange of best practices and discussions about Oracle product technologies by customers and partners.

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Quick look back at Collaborate 2015

If you didn't have the chance to attend this year, here is a short summary from Tuesday April 14th,2015

Monday Apr 20, 2015

A Lot of Accomplishments with Oracle Technology Showcased by Customers & Partners at Collaborate 2015 – Focus on Cloud

Whew, by the time I can start to Blog, it seems another Collaborate has already come to an end and with so much condensed into one week, attendees attempted to miss as little as possible. It was quite a busy week from sessions, to the exhibit hall, to appearances by Oracle executives such as Mark Sunday and John Fowler.

First a BIG thank you to the three user groups ( IOUG, OAUG, Quest ) and all their volunteers that conduct this event. And especially this year, even more sessions were broadcast virtually to more whom could not attend onsite and then also for the conference app, which made this Collaborate 2105, better than any ever.

Arriving onsite to help our partners support customers, my initial objective was to help moderate the Cloud SIG, and it’s come a long way since its inception in 2009 and after one of the first Cloud related sessions by Tony Jedlinski , followed by IOUGs first Cloud Survey in 2010.  At Collaborate 2015 over 200 related sessions could be found in the session planner  and in addition a specific virtual Cloud Computing track offsite attendees could join in and ask questions. Cloud kicked off Monday with the Oracle Strategy for Cloud presented by Sandra Cheevers of Oracle where she overviewed Oracle technologies and choices available to customers no matter the Cloud type (Public or Private) or deployment model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS..)

And on Monday afternoon, a personal thank you to those that were able to attend the Database as a Service Panel Session 598 onsite and an extra thank you to panelists Rene Antunez, Seth Miller, Erik Benner, Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta, and co-moderator and Cloud SIG President Charles Kim. 

If you missed it, I understand IOUG will be making the replay available and you never know, the panel might be repeated and expanded at Oracle OpenWorld 2015… 

Friday Apr 10, 2015

Partners at Collaborate 15 - look forward to seeing and supporting you

Each year in between Oracle OpenWorlds, Partners support our customers at events such as this one. So we take the Oracle PartnerNetwork Lounge on the road and support our partners supporting our customers. And similar to prior years, you may be surprised when we drop by your booth and have some recognition for your companies latest OPN accomplishments. And this year in addition to display of your OPN credentials, we are seeking a few partners to highlight that have made the transformation in their business to Cloud.  So feel free to send us a shout-out over Twitter.  And remember we always bring a camera so smile .

Friday Apr 03, 2015

Collaborate 15 Get ready - 5 tips

About halfway in between Oracle OpenWorlds, is the Collaborate event where many thousands of Oracle customers and partners come together and give sessions on  Oracle software and hardware technology best practices.This year there are almost 1400 sessions including Special Interest Groups (SIG)s and Geographies (GEO)s this year. In addition to customer, some Oracle Partners are presenting sessions and many have a presence onsite in the exposition hall to further meet with customers. You can view them here  For those Partners attending, Oracle PartnerNetwork Members will have a virtual OPN Lounge onsite at booth 1261 and available for meetings.

And as Oracle liaison to the IOUG Cloud SIG, I've been asked to help with one of those sessions - Session 598 on Monday that is a panel of user community subject matter expert speakers discussing what Database as a Service (DBaaS) really means to them. I cover that in more detail on my next Blog post.

Over the past 20 years attend this event since it was known as IOUW (as a DBA, a Partner, Board Member) I have learned something new each year and I like to share those back with the community to aid others who may be going to the event their very first time. With so much going on during the week, its so easy to find something out after its already happened and then you have to wait until the next year. So whether you are an Oracle Partner, considering to be a new one for such areas as Cloud , or a customer, here are some things I have learned over those years so you are better prepared when you arrive onsite.

#1 - Don't wait till you on on your way to Collaborate, start the week before. Its understandable that you need to get your work done to go, but being there are several things to prepare for online, it can be extra hard when others have also waited and everyone is trying to do it at the same time.

#2 - Use your PC and the Collaborate Mobile App for the optimal experience. Typically folks bring a PC to keep connected to work, but having the mobile app provides a whole additional experience. And its so much more than just a place to view and bookmark sessions, its your gateway to a whole conference social experience. So after you've downloaded, set up your profile, and bookmarked sessions, start asking questions of presenters, sharing other related best practice links, invite & arrange with other to meet onsite.

#3 - Social Media is a key part of the event and when things happen as the last minute, like a session change, a new SIG forming, or an invite to drinks,  dinner, etc... social media such as Twitter is one way to keep up on the very latest. While I've seen a few others that are longer,  the primary tag this year is #C15LV  and I will be providing coverage from my account @Lemmes

#4- In addition to writing up a trip report, digital photos are another way to prove to management you were at sessions by taking a selfie of yourself in front of the session sign , taking a photo from in the room in which you are attending a session, or with the Oracle folks in the campground work sent you to see.

#5 -  For those in your company that can travel to Collaborate, there is an option available for them to attend sessions virtually over the internet. This can be especially helpful when you need to attend one session and there are other sessions at the same time you can't be in. You can learn more about that here

More tips and updates on Collaborate coming. And if you are a partner attending, you might be surprised to find your picture posted here as in previous years. And if you have a Twitter account, be sure and share it so that we can notify you as well directly.

Monday Apr 14, 2014

COLLABORATE 14 - Thank you OPN Partners

Well it was quite a week for customers and partners who converged on Las Vegas April 7-11th for the annual Oracle user group conference. The Oracle Worldwide Alliances and Channels team members took the OPN Lounge on the road sponsoring the Oracle Validated Integration booth where partners could relax in-between their demos and meetings with customers.

At Collaborate you can also view Oracle Partners displaying their OPN Credentials in unique and innovative ways. So creative that the OPN team canvassed the exhibit hall floor and snapped photos this year for judging. Learn more about that in the OPN Blog

And last but not certainly not least, congratulations to all those partners who've achieved new OPN Specializations or taken the latest versions since Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Here are a few the OPN team was able to catch onsite and capture a quick photo while sessions were underway.

Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Get into Cloud at COLLABORATE 14

This year COLLABORATE 14 takes place April 7-11 in sunny Las Vegas and is again hosted by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest). These three independent user communities come together in-between Oracle OpenWorlds and offer customers and partners an opportunity to further learn more about how new product technology and releases are being put to work and how Oracle technology is being assembled as a solution to solve business problems.

With so much available, many first time participants go to the conference, attend some sessions and discover at the end, all of the other benefits they could have further taken advantage while onsite for the week. So here are some tips from a long time attendee.

1. You want to get plugged into the social media now and at the conference. By following the Twitter  #C14LV  you can learn about last minute changes before the conference and updates during the conference without having to search email or looking for a paper update onsite. It’s also a great mechanism to locate others with similar interests during the conference and having impromptu get together while everyone is still onsite. And if you have a mobile device, download the app before you arrive onsite.

So what might the C in #C14LV stand for: Casino? - no, Campgrounds? Oracle can be found there, Collaborate? - certainly, Cloud - YES!

2. Been asked about Cloud? instructed by management to work on a Cloud project? you won't want to miss the Cloud Odyssey  on Monday April 7th, 9am-3pm. (Remember to check your calendar when you arrive as Las Vegas may be a different time zone then when you first planned your schedule)

3. Oracle at Collaborate - be sure to take advantage and be up to date on the latest trends and strategy from Oracle; especially if you were not able to make it to the last OpenWorld. This year hear from Balaji Yelamanchili, SVP for Analytics and Performance Management Products, Oracle Corporation on Wednesday, April 9, 9:45am Level 5 of the Palazzo Ballroom. Visit the Oracle Campground in the back of the Exposition Hall and if you are an Oracle Partner, myself and other representatives from the Oracle PartnerNetwork will be onsite to specifically meet with Partners.

4. Yes there are a lot of sessions, and if you look closely they been put in to themes/tracks to help guide you. So if you need to justify your trip and report back to management about Cloud, there are some great session speakers you won't want to miss. In fact many are already having session pre-discussions using social media. The Cloud SIG has posted a summary of them here  and an interview about the Cloud track by Oracle ACE and partner Ron Batra.

5. Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions - for focus areas or high interest/activity, you will find a number of SIGs meetings to attend. Since they are typically sandwiched in-between sessions or at the end of a track as a summary, you need to be on extra alert for them. You'll find the Cloud SIG meeting this year Tues April 8th at 12:30PM  Level 3, Toscana 3701 followed by Best Practices and Skill Sets for Cloud on Thurs April 10th at 11:00am, Level 3 Lido 3101B . And a handy map here to help you navigate.

6. Partners - while onsite there will be hundreds of Oracle Partners in once place. So its another great opportunity to hear how they have been using Oracle technology to solve customers business problems and learn how they can help you. Contrary to popular belief, yourself or your team may not have all the skill sets or knowledge or you just may need some temporary help at some point. So you can checkout partners anytime at and when you’re at an event like Collaborate where they are present, be sure you set aside some time to meet 1 on 1 with them on the exposition floor, during a meal or at one of the many networking activities.  That way when you’re back at the office you already have a recommended short list of contacts for management and are a hero for thinking ahead.

And learn more about it in the Oracle Technology video interview by Bob Rhubart

As I probably left off a few, let me know ones you have that I can add, and be sure to return back for updates to this blog up to and during Collaborate.
I look forward to meeting you there!

Friday Apr 12, 2013

COLLABORATE 13 - Congratulation OPN Partners

Well it was quite a week in Denver Colorado, braving below zero temperatures and snow, for the thousands attending this years COLLABORATE Oracle User Group conference. It was great to meet so many Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specialized partners and hear what they have been doing with their OPN specializations as part of sessions, SIGs, and in their booths. The OPN team saw lots of partners displaying their OPN Specialization achievements on the booths, business cards, and attire. We look forward next to meeting you and hearing more about your OPN & customer solution and services successes at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld 2013 event.

And congratulations to all those OPN Partners who've achieved additional OPN Specializations since Oracle OpenWorld 2012, that we were able to meet onsite and capture a photo with.

Friday Apr 05, 2013

A Top Ten List for OPN Partners

Get the Most Out of COLLABORATE 13!

Having attended this event since it earliest days as IOUW and as a Partner, here are some of my tips for Oracle Partners planning to exhibit or attend this year.

1. Take Advantage of the OPN TestFest - Its Free and Onsite

Just for Partners on Monday and Tuesday, and at times the exhibit hall is closed, at the Hyatt Regency adjacent to Colorado convention center. It’s a rare opportunity to get staff that’s normally on the road certified which aids you on your Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specialization achievements.

2. Hear a Great Keynote

Oracle President Mark Hurd will be onstage discussing Oracle's strategy, innovation and the company’s relationship with its customers

3. Meet Oracle Partner Network Team (OPN) Members Onsite

We understand that meeting with customers is a top priority. So whether onsite on the exhibition floor at Booth #880, in the morning, lunch or in the evening, OPN team members welcome meeting with you while your onsite. The information desk at the Oracle campground can also help direct you.

4. Prep for Oracle OpenWorld

But don't wait till the fall, use this event as a half-way point to Oracle OpenWorld and engage OPN team members onsite to get the latest news about the OPN Program, ask questions and provide feedback on specific OPN Specializations, share your ideas and get feedback on sessions you are considering to submit for Oracle OpenWorld.

5. OPN Specializations on Display! We Hope So - Get Recognized!

If you are displaying your OPN Specializations in a creative fashion in your booth or elsewhere at the event, let OPN team members’ onsite know or over Social Media. OPN Team members will be seeking out the best and most unique examples while at the event and capturing them on film.

6. Engage, Join the Conversation, Be Active in the Social Media

While there may be many attendees physically onsite, don’t forget that there will be many including your co-workers following the event virtually. In addition to the COLLABORATE 13 twitter hastag #C13DEN , be sure to monitor, direct or copy the Oracle Partner Network team #oraclepartners #OPN during the event.

7. Visit the Oracle Campground

Its onsite in the exposition hall and provides you an opportunity to learn more about some of the latest Oracle product technology and releases and engage Oracle product experts.

8. Attend and Get Involved in Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Within the user community you will be finding customers flocking together with interest in specific topic areas such as Cloud, Oracle Manageability, and many others. Don't miss the opportunity to attend a SIG meeting, get further involved, and share your knowledge and OPN expertise.

9. Network

Sure, it may seem like another trade show where you have been asked to staff a booth and collect leads, but don't miss the opportunity to further network. Instead of catching up on emails, be sure to engage attendees at each opportunity; meal time especially. You may learn more about a customer and they may learn more about you.

10. Enjoy

And while you’re in town, you can find some great restaurants. So resist that temptation to go back to your room to do email and room service; instead enjoy a wonderful meal and invite some folk to join you.

Look forward to meeting you in Denver next week


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Wednesday May 09, 2012

Some of the Best Saved For Last - Day 5

While some may have stayed out late the night before, the final day of the conference was in full swing and sessions starting at 8:30am. While I heard some presenters question thinking they drew the short straw to be on the last day, savvy conference committee volunteers slot speakers with specific content to draw attendees out of bed even after a big event night. After grabbing a cup of coffee to start my day, I snapped a quick picture of the exposition hall where all the partner booths were now gone; looking similar to the build-out at the first of the week.

Arriving at one of those first of the morning slots a few minutes before start time, I found session 489 by a Partner on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Whats Changed, Whats New - almost full and grabbed a remaining seat. Sitting in the room you could feel the energy from the speaker as well as the audiences hunger for the content with many questions being interactively asked by the audience.

After checking out a couple of additional sessions, It was off to one remaining lunch meeting  to discuss the Oracle Database Appliance with a partner who provided remote database administration services. Lunched wrapped up just in time to get my bags and make it to the airport to catch the flight home to my family. Thank you to all the partners who contributed their time, shared feedback and presented a lot of great content on Oracle technology to customers. Hope to see you next at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco!


Oracle Partnering Specialization opportunity, observations, and activities. A perspective by an employee who was once a partner, served on the Board of Directors and active volunteer in the Oracle user group community. at @lemmes


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