OPN Specialized Partner Panel of Experts - Day 4

Well day 4 arrived with much anticipation as I was moderating session 434 - Managing Oracle: Expert Panel on Techniques & Best Practices. I've moderated panels before at Collaborate, but you never know how many may attend because of the other opposing sessions. Of no surprise to me, there was another Oracle Enterprise Manager session at the same time as the panel session and it happened to be someone who volunteered for the panel but had to cancel to do their own session! That was in addition to locating another replacement for a partner who had planned travel from across the pond, but had to cancel attending Collaborate overall to attend to business. Luckily, there is a great pool of Specialized Partners and many already planning to attend the event that were gracious enough to volunteer so that we had a wonderful panel of experts for attendees as well as one from Oracle. Soon our room filled with people and after one initial question to the panel, attendees had the panelist on their toes drilling them with a variety of questions from Oracle Applications to Disk Management. There was even the opportunity for those in other sessions or offsite to ask a question of the panel via Twitter. To soon it seemed, that time ran out and a last question from the audience was brought to the panel with many hands still in the air hoping for more. Afterwords a number of attendees went over to meet the panelists 1 on 1 with even some following from the session room back to the partners booth. I was told the session was recorded, so when that becomes available I will update my Blog with the link.

Thank you again to the Partner Panelist for a job well done. Feedback from attendees was very positive. So who would like to volunteer for possibly one at Oracle Openworld 2012 or Collaborate next year?

With my own session over, there were more still to cover. Just before lunch I was able to fit into my schedule session 693 on the Oracle Public Cloud followed by Extreme Database Administration session 431.

After another quick lunch it was back to exposition hall as it was the last day to see more partners and help out team members in the campground. That is where I encountered this innovative partner booth display where they had a physical cloud that took up most of their their booth. Guess there wasn't an helium around or it was an extra.