Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

Cloud Odyssey Opportunity - Partners, what is your story?

By now, many have seen advertisements for the Cloud Odyssey Event  Just last week I was provided a “Sneak Preview” that compelled me to blog, similar to a movie critic.

I myself wondered what to expect, how it might be applicable to what I do but more importantly how it might also be applicable for Partners.  Well, as I watch the chapters of the story unfold in the movie, I soon found myself bonding with the crew of the Stratus remembering the days that I was a DBA working with other individual contributors to overcome obstacles and tasks that seem insurmountable at the time. And it seemed almost like the writers of the movie had heard about them and wrote the movie script around those experiences.

I soon found myself involved in the story, identifying with Cyrus , and ultimately being well entertained. After watching the movie, it had me wondering about the heroic journeys and efforts our Partners have had that they could further share. So it already seems that could be a sequel, new series, or spin-off….  So Partners what is your Cloud Odyssey Story?

  • Possibly the journey and obstacles you helped a customer overcome using Oracle Technology?
  • Maybe the combination of people, technology & skills to deliver a solution after Sales already sold it to a customer?  
  • Or it is a tale about a new plot or hero that you have that is just starting to unfold …

So if you are an Oracle Partner getting underway or served already on many Cloud Building missions, the Oracle PartnerNetwork Team would like to hear your story so we can share your success with others. If you don’t, how would you be discovered and possibly be offered a starring role in your own movie…

And as a critics rating, I give the movie 5 stars because I was entertained and the movie had me already wanting to know where the crew is going next.

Friday Jun 22, 2012

Partners - There's a Virtual Seat Awaiting You

That's right; no need to book travel, wait in airport lines or deal with expenses afterwards! Leave the luggage at home and just log on.

Attend the LIVE Oracle FY13 PartnerNetwork Kickoff June 26th/27th. from your own location. Why wait, it just takes a moment to register for your region:

  • NAS  - Tuesday, June 26 @ 8:30 am PT 
  • EMEA - Tuesday, June 26 @ 2:00 pm BST
  • LAD - Tuesday, June 26 @ 2:00pm EDT (Miami) / 3:00pm BRT (Sao Paulo)
  • Japan - Wednesday, June 27 @ 10:00 am JST
  • APAC - Wednesday, June 27 @ 8:30 am IST (Bangalore) / 11:00 am SGT (Singapore), 1:00 pm AEST (Sydney)

Your further invited to interact in the conversation and bring forth questions to the Oracle PartnerNetwork on Twitter

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Oracle E-Business Suite Partners Get Plugged In - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c


Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in, an integral part of Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite, is Generally Available. More information may be found in note 1434392.1 on MyOracle Support. Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in can be accessed a few ways:

Fresh install



Please refer to the Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide for further details.

If you are a partner and have not yet joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork Enterprise Manager KnowledgeZone, be sure and sign up today to learn more about Oracle Application Management and how it can aid your customers and business.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Partners - Steer Clear of the Unknown with Oracle Enterprise Manager12c and Plug-in Extensibility

Imagine if you just purchased a new car and as you entered the vehicle to drive it home and you found there was no steering wheel.

And upon asking the dealer you were told that it was an option and you had a choice now or later of a variety of aftermarket steering wheels that fit a wide variety of automobiles.

If you expected the car to already have a steering wheel designed to manage your transportation solution, you might wonder why someone would offer an application solution where its management is not offered as an option or come as part of the solution...

Using management designed to support the underlying technology and that can provide management and support  for your own Oracle technology based solution can benefit your business  a variety of ways: increased customer satisfaction, reduction of support calls, margin and revenue growth. Sometimes when something is not included or recommended , customers take their own path which may not be optimal when using your solution and has later impact on the customers satisfaction or worse a negative impact on their business.

As an Oracle Partner, you can reduce your research, certification, and time to market by selecting and offering management designed, developed, and supported for Oracle product technology by Oracle with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. For partners with solution specific management needs or seeking to differentiate themselves in the market, Enterprise Manager 12c is extensible and provides partners the opportunity to create their own plug-ins as well as a validation program for them.

Today a number of examples by partners are available and more on the way from such partners as NetApp for NetApp storage and Blue Medora for VMware vSphere. To review and consider further for applicability to your solution, visit  the Oracle PartnerNetwork KnowledgeZone for Enterprise Manager under the Develop Tab

Thursday Jun 07, 2012

Management & More: For You Virtually - Oracle VM

Seeking to further educate yourself as a Partner or been asked by a customer for greater detail in regards to Oracle VM and its value proposition?

Then I recommend and refer you to a posting on Wim Coekaerts Blog where additional details can be found on Oracle VM, pricing structure, and what's included when you use an Oracle VM solution.

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Virtual Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Whether you have already been working with Oracle VM or considering to use it, there are management capabilities available to you to use as a partner as part of your solution or services.

The integration of Oracle VM Server for x86 with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides you the platform to manage Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Servers, server pools, and the virtual machines through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center UI.

If you utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, the following are example management operations available to you for Oracle VM Server for x86 deployments:
  •     Discover deployed Oracle VM Managers
  •     Provision Oracle VM Servers
  •     Discover existing Oracle VM Servers
  •     Launch Oracle VM Manager UI
  •     Create virtual machines
  •     Provision OS on virtual machines
  •     Create server pools
  •     Connect to Oracle VM Manager console
  •     Manage storage repositories of Oracle VM Server for x86
  •     Perform management operations on Oracle VM Servers and virtual machines
Learn more about this capability from the reference guide here. For more information about Oracle Enterprise Manager and how it can be used by partners join the Oracle PartnerNetwork KnowledgeZone at

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

Oracle Cloud Presentations at Collaborate 2012

Attending the Collaborate 2012 event, April 22-26th in Las Vegas, and interested in learning more about Oracle and Cloud Computing technology and solutions? Be sure and checkout these sessions below presented by Partner and Oracle subject matter experts while your onsite.

If you are an Oracle Partner and seeking to learn more Oracle Cloud Computing and OPN Specialization, Contact me  to set up a meeting and meet me onsite or after the event.

Session ID


Presented By



Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: New Features and Best Practices

Dell, Oracle



Production Oracle EBS, Oracle BI Analytic Apps & Vertex Tax Deployed @ Amazon Cloud




Clouds on the Horizon: What's the Best Oracle Fusion Strategy for Those Still 11i or R12.0

IT Convergence



Oracle’s Cloud Computing Strategy




JD Edwards SaaS | Enterprise Cloud

iXtend, Inc.



Virtualization Boot Camp: Oracle VM Consolidation and Path to the Cloud on the Cisco Unified Computing System

Cisco, Oracle



Fusion DBA Boot Camp: Cloud Application Foundation: Unleashing WebLogic Server 12 and Coherence 12 for Fusion Middleware




How to Use The Core Cloud to Support Implementations and Upgrades

Core Services Corporation



How to Implement OBIEE for SaaS Based CRM Applications




Virtualization Boot Camp: Virtualizing Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM 3.0: Methods/Tips




Database Cloud Overview - Current capabilities and deployment methods




Leverage Oracle RAC to Get the Most from Your Private Database Cloud




Get Your Head in the Clouds!

The Weitz Company, WTS Inc / Velocity



Running OBI11g on Cloud

Apps Associates



JD Edwards Cloud Roundtable




Oracle Cloud Services for JD Edwards and PeopleSoft




Elastic Cloud: Is Your Data Management Solution Ready?




Oracle Applications in the Private Cloud




Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c




Setting Up of Enterprise Applications Using Cloud Based Model

Infosys Limited



Cloud computing Boot Camp: Cloud Computing Industry Directions: Part I



Cloud Computing for Dummies

WTS / Velocity



Cloud Computing Directions: Part II Understanding Oracle's Cloud Directions




Cloud Computing Boot Camp: Oracle Public Database Cloud Service




Database-as-a-Service: Enterprise Cloud in Three Simple Steps



Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About You - Don't Miss the May 15th Deadline

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) will be launching a special issue of Profit Magazine with a focus on Specialized partners. This issue – released in August 2012 - will be a collection of the most innovative Partner success Stories from our Specialized partners around the world. If you are an Oracle Specialized Partner, you don't want to miss the opportunity to showcase your success story.

The story must be completed (written and approved by the customer) before May 15, 2012 to be eligible for this issue. For more details and how to submit visit

Monday Apr 09, 2012

OPN Specialized Partner Activities at Collaborate 2012

If your a Partner planning to attend the Collaborate 2012 event, April 22-26th in Las Vegas, Oracle Partner Network (OPN) team members attending welcome meeting you onsite. Whether you are interested in being a new Partner, or you are a long standing Partner seeking an update on OPN programs or Partner Specialization, we welcome meeting with you 1 on 1. In fact, we might drop by your booth or session to further recognize you for your OPN Specialization accomplishments! If you are also  participating in Social Media while at the event, let us know that as well.

In addition, we are also seeking to meet Partners, while at Collaborate 2012, who may be interested in speaking at Oracle OpenWorld on their OPN Specialization program accomplishments and customer successes.

Understanding that Partners can be busy staffing their own booths, we welcome meeting you when the exhibit hall is closed. Or if you want a break away from your booth, we are glad to meet  on the exhibit hall floor Oracle Validated Integration Lounge - OAUG & Quest member Booth 1679. To learn more or to schedule a meeting on site contact us

Friday Apr 06, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Ops Center Jump-Start for Partners

Following the   announcement at Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo, Partners can check out these resources to further learn about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Op Center and then use it to optimize your solution/services or offer new ones:

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c is no extra charge and included in the support contract of Oracle Systems customers.To learn more see the Ops Center Everywhere Program

    And if you're not already a member, be sure and join the Oracle Enterprise Manager KnowledgeZone on the Oracle PartnerNetwork  Portal

    Friday Mar 30, 2012

    In Japan? Get the First Opportunity On The New Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Partner Specialization Exam

    The Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials Implementation Exam, is now available in Beta for Oracle Partners.

    If your a Partner in Japan or a Partner attending Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in Tokyo April 4th-6th, take advantage of the opportunity to take the exam, at no charge,  onsite as part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork TestFest  Just ask to take the exam having this number (1Z1-457)

    Don't happen to be in Japan next week?, no problem, Partners in other parts of the world can apply for one of the limited free beta exam vouchers by sending a request to this email address In your email be sure to include your name, business email address, company name and the name of the exam  - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials Implementation Exam (1Z1-457)

    Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

    Oracle Manageability Virtual Training for Partners

    Partners, the next opportunity to participate in Oracle Manageability Training right from your desk, is coming up March 26th, March 27th, April 2nd, and April 3rd 2012.

    This training is a virtual course, positioned especially for Partners in EMEA, prepared and presented by Oracle Product Managers and to Partners over a live webcast during business hours. Each day will consist of approximately 2-3 hours of lecture/demos on Oracle Application Management and Oracle Application Quality Management. Select here for more details and how to register.

    Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

    Warm Reception By Partners at EMEA Manageability Forum

    For the EMEA Partners that were able to attend the event in Istanbul Turkey, thank you for your attendance and feedback at the event. As you can see, the weather kept most of inside during the event and at times there was even some snow. 

    And while it may have been chilly outside, there was a warm reception from Partners who traveled from all over EMEA to hear from other Oracle Specialized Partners and subject matter experts about the opportunities and benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Exadata Specialization. Here you can see David Robo, Oracle Technology Director for Manageability kicking off the event followed later by Patrick Rood, Oracle Indirect Manageability Business. A special thank you to all the Partner speakers including Ron Tolido, VP and CTO of Application Services Continental Europe Capgemini, who delivered a very innovative keynote where many in attendance learned that Black Swans do exist.