Thursday Oct 06, 2011

In Summary Partners – Oracle OpenWorld Provides You Even More

Well it was quite busy in the Hilton this week with hundreds of you Partners having staff take advantage of the “No Charge” Specialization TestFest. Thank you to all those who made the trip over as well as the team members who made it happen. If by chance you missed it, be sure your leveraging the OPN Portal and are subscribed to Knowledge Zones as that will help you keep current on when the next TestFest may be offered.

I remember a few years ago, that when the exhibition hall closed down early afternoon on Wednesday, I had staff members departing the event early headed straight to the airport and out of town. Having managed a 60x60 booth with 20+ staff in my past as an Oracle Partner, I understand how much work it takes to get them ready for the event and then broken down. Thank you to all the Partners who did exhibit this year.

Today with what is available in the later part of the week, you and other staff may benefit in attendance staying beyond the exhibition hall activities. In the latest Oracle OpenWorld format , Thursday is a day full of great session content and solution learning. 

So be sure when you are planning your own and staffs OracleWorld attendance, be sure and take full advantage of what the latter part of the week offers from a Partner perspective:

#1 Uninterrupted Time to Learn – With your booth duty, lead collection and customer meeting duties finished, Thursday offers you a full day of session to attend and learn without interruptions

#2 Direct Expert Access – While onsite, you may might some of the top subject matter experts also accessible now that their early week campground, meeting or user group duties have also wound down.

#3 Follow-up on What You Heard – With so many announcements during the week, a couple of items probably stood out that you were planning to look at further when you got back into the office. Why wait to later email someone when there is still a full day to tap into the subject matter and review with experts in person.

#4 Network at the "It’s a Wrap" Event – At the close of Thursday, wind down at this event onsite and cement new relationships and compare notes for the week.

Look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld next year as well as Partner events throughout the year.

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

Recap for Partners - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Launch

In addition to customers and Partners, I got invited by the Oracle Enterprise Manager team to check out their announcement first hand. So I took a break from all of the activity and Partner VideoBlogs in the OPN Lounge. Below are some of my highlights and how you can get more information yourself.

While it may have been a little chilly outside with a slight drizzle, there were plenty of Oracle Enterprise Team Members on hand with a warm personal welcome and helping usher folks in. They really stood out in those red hats.

Sure looks like they did a great job as I was unable to find an empty seat in the theater whether on the floor or the balcony.

Richard Sarwal appeared on stage demonstrating Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with a number of his team members. As “There is so much more than can be demonstrated in just this session”, be sure and checkout the campground, sessions, and

Directly following the event, the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c team had a reception recognizing the Partners and customers for all their input and help during the Beta.

If you are at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, be sure and drop into the campground in Moscone South or Moscone West and see it at one of the many Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c podiums and demonstrations. The Oracle team has also included handy QR scan codes on each station so you can get more information later.

And if you were too busy and did not happen to make over to one of these stations onsite, or you’re not attending Oracle OpenWorld this year, I took a picture of it for you. And though the wonders of technology if you scan it from my Blog it actually works.

Tuesday Oct 04, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 OPN Lounge – Monday Recap for Partners

Maybe you missed dropping in because of other meetings or you did not have enough clones of yourself to be everywhere at once? Or possibly you were not one of those able to physically attend the event? No problem, here is a report to keep you up to date.

Logistics - First, if your onsite and have not heard or seen this flyer yet, there is still time for yourself or team members to get Specialized at “No Charge”

And if you did not make it by the OPN Lounge, there is still time, here are the hours

When you finally make it over the OPN Lounge, you will see and be greeted by Oracle team members such as these.

And as the lounge has been busy, as you can see here you may not initial see some of the great resources onsite for you.

Stop over the right side of the lounge for questions and help on the OPN Program, membership and tools

As you shift over the left side there are some great folks that can show you the very latest on the Solutions Catalog

And feel free to “Push our Button” for your own interactive automated 3D demo

And then make your way to the back so you can setup/attend a meeting or provide additional feedback.

We look forward to your visit!

Monday Oct 03, 2011

Monday Look Forward to Your Visit - Oracle PartnerNetwork Lounge

I remember when I was a Partner, Sunday at Oracle OpenWorld was primarily a time to finish off your booth and start-I mean polish your session and booth presentations. Those days are certainly gone after what so I saw so many Partners experiencing first hand on OpenWorld Sunday.

With a record signup, the OPN PartnerNetwork Forum filled the entire day with content, breakouts, technology overviews, Partners and opportunity.

Thank you again to the Partners I had the opportunity to meet throughout Sunday and especially for you that wanted to keep sharing late into the evening after the Sunday opening keynote.

It hours away to when the OPN Lounge will officially open and I will report there where I will have the opportunity to meet with even more of you. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, with the OPN Lounge such a great resource for Partners, try and make it a top priority in your schedule to get by and check it out Monday so you can leverage it the rest of the week.

I’ve heard that towards the end of the day Monday, you may wish to additionally drop by for a sponsored happy hour mixer in the OPN Partner Lounge. The benefits just keep getting better each year...

Sunday Oct 02, 2011

Getting to Know You - OPN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Well its early Sunday and soon the Partner Forum will be underway. Another team member and myself had the opportunity to see the OPN Lounge build out first hand and thank you Kelly for the tour. When you in the exhibition hall, just look up and you will see this large banner identifying the entrance in Moscone South room 100.

Here you can see one of the reception desks to check in

Here is my coworker Liviu pointing out one of the private meeting rooms I mentioned in my early blog posting

And last but certainly not least is one of the places I will be meeting a number of Partners this week and learning more about your successes. I plan to blog more on those Partner interactions and experiences throughout the week.

Saturday Oct 01, 2011

#3 Tip for Oracle Partners - OPN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld

If you’re a Partner and attending Oracle OpenWorld 2011, after attending the Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum on Sunday, then Monday the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Lounge is your next stop, hub, and connection point for the rest of the week. It’s more than a place to visit with someone from Oracle, so be sure and take full advantage of it while you’re at OpenWorld. Also a thank you to our lounge sponsor Tech Data Corporation.

Open Monday through Wednesday in the Moscone South hall room 100,

the OPN Lounge is an oasis from exhibition hall activity and offers a number of resources just for partners. During regular business come to the OPN Lounge:

  • To take advantage of semiprivate meeting rooms for the exclusive use of OPN partners. Hold meetings, meet with peers, and engage in relevant conversations with the Oracle Alliances & Channels team, other partners, customers and other industry professionals.

  • To get questions answered at the information stations, staffed by Partner Business Center consultants

  • Report for your prearranged appointment or sign up for the OPN Video Blogging room to share some of your Specialization accomplishments or ideas.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

#2 Tip for Oracle Partners - Oracle OpenWorld

If you’re a Partner and have never attended an OpenWorld, put in for it now so you can be considered and plan for it next year. If you have already planned to be at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Welcome! from an a 12+ year Partner OOW alumni.

Whether you are attending sessions, presenting, exhibiting or doing all three as I once did, the week is what you make of it and I hope you came with some extra “no doze” as you don’t want to miss anything. With too many great things for me to cover in my Blog, I’ll provide you some of my favorite highlights:

  • Arrive on Friday or Saturday and get all your preparations and planning accomplished. That includes getting acquainted with the city, event locations, as well as where you plan to dine. Get your PC connected to the conference network, social media and download the conference mobile app as well. Being able to connect to OPN and other sources of information on my iPhone is so much better than the heavy conference proceedings I remember hauling around in my backpack all week. One year I broke my foot just before the event and was unsure how I was going to get around on crutches. Luckily for me someone told me about folks who you can rent a scooter for the week and they even deliver it to your hotel.

  • Sunday is the OPN Partner Forum. Start the week off hearing about the latest and greatest in offerings and opportunities for Partners, hear real success stories and experience the recognition and reward the Oracle Partner program provides. As the day winds down, the evening kicks in with the first keynote and a Partner reception that is an excellent networking opportunity to start off your week.
  • Monday – grab a big breakfast, attend the keynote and make it to Moscone south and acquaint yourself on the location of the Oracle Partner Network Lounge even if you don’t have time to stop in yet. While on the exhibit hall floor, you can use the opportunity to meet and see what other Partners are doing. I’m always amazed at the booth themes and promotions folks come up with. Sit in on some sessions and announcements and don’t miss fueling back up at lunch as there are so many activities in the evening you don’t want to miss as well.

I’ll stop here for now and provide you some additional insights over the week. I also want to meet as many of you Partners interested in Specialization and Oracle’s technology and solutions for manageability. If that interests you, I’ll be around the OPN Lounge a majority of the week, so just ask for me. If I happen to be away when you drop by, please leave a business card to my attention with your mobile phone and email and we can set a time to meet back there.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

Don't miss "No Charge" exams for Partners during Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Are you an Oracle Partner?  are you or others at your company going to be at or around Oracle OpenWorld 2011 in San Francisco CA, Oct 3rd - 5th ? If YES, there is an onsite TestFest with Partner Specialization exams like Oracle Enterprise Manager and others being offered at “No Charge” for Partners who qualify. For more details check it out here and with limited seating, early signup is encouraged PRE-REGISTER here.


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