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  • February 5, 2019

Return on Your Investment: Why You Should Care About Hybrid Cloud Management

Contributing Author: Moe Fardoost, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle

Over the last few years, we have asked our readers how many different tools they used to manage their databases and applications. The responses ranged from a dozen to hundreds! Now-a-days IT professionals must also monitor their cloud environments which could potentially call for even more tools. Some people take pride in learning new tools and finding new ways to manage their IT assets. That’s great if these tools don’t get in the way of taking care of business. Industry experts and Oracle’s own surveys indicate that complexity increases as you add more point tools to your toolset.

Therefore, it’s important to have a realistic expectation. To address this, Pique Solutions, an independent research firm interviewed several Oracle Management Cloud customers to determine how they were using the platform, the investment involved and, most importantly, the business value and cost-savings benefits they realized after using it over time.

The study found that customers using Oracle Management Cloud were able to:

  • Achieve up to a 4X ROI—390% over three years,

  • Eliminate or avoid costs of nearly $428K from legacy systems management platforms or multi-vendor solutions,

  • Save more than $1M over three years in productivity and efficiency gains from faster troubleshooting, issue resolution, capacity planning, and improved application delivery,

  • Scale and growth enablement savings of $334K from IT capacity optimization,

  • Increase developer productivity and improve availability service levels.

Download and read the full study to learn more.