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  • October 16, 2020

Oracle Management Cloud Upgraded to Version 1.51

Daniela Hansell
Senior Manager, Enterprise and Cloud Manageability

Release Highlights

Last week Oracle Management Cloud was upgraded to Release 1.51!  As always, these OMC updates were applied automatically to your environment, with no action required on your part.

While the update added a number of bug fixes, key enhancements included the following:

Log Analytics: Join multiple Groups in a Link analysis

Use the map command to join a view with the groups identified by the link command to create new properties.

Log Analytics: Create sub-groups in Link analysis

Use the createview command to define a subquery to create a subset of groups identified by the link command. This virtual set of groups will in turn be used in other commands for further computations.

Log Analytics: Search and highlight the Groups in Link analysis

Use the highlightgroups command to match strings or search criteria on the properties of the groups identified by the link command, and highlight them in the link visualization.

Figure 1: Use the highlightgroups Command


Log Analytics: Perform instant analysis of multiple fields using the Link Analyzer chart

Use the new filter options of the Link Analyzer chart to slice and dice data using multiple filters.

Figure 2: Link Analyzer Filter Options


Log Analytics: Customize the alert messages for Critical, Warning and Clear alerts

You can now customize the alert messages generated from Oracle Log Analytics. The feature is available when you create a new alert rule, while saving a search, and while editing an existing alert rule.

For more details on Log Analytics enhancements, see What's New in Oracle Log Analytics.


REST APIs: New REST APIs Usage Information

The following Oracle Management Cloud APIs usage information has now been externalized:

For more information on APIs, see Oracle Management Cloud Common REST API.

Enjoy the new features in OMC 1.51!


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