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  • December 5, 2018

Oracle Management Cloud Release 18.4.3

Release Highlights

We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Management Cloud Release 18.4.3. The following are key updates to existing services in this release:

- Orchestration (Details)
- Log Analytics (Details)
- Oracle Management Cloud Common Features (Details)
- Additional Resources (Details)


In this latest release of we added several updates to Oracle Orchestration Cloud Service's existing capabilities including:

Create, publish & manage workflows using Workflow Library:

  • You can now efficiently manage the lifecycle of a workflow with support for CRUD operations to create, read, update and delete a workflow.

  • Activate/Deactivate workflows to manage their availability to Run.

  • Search & filter enables quicker access to workflows.


Simplified Workflow Authoring using JSON Editor:

  • Define a workflow using simplified easy to use JSON Editor.

  • Save and iterate on workflow as a draft till its completion.

  • Publish a ready to use workflow to the Workflow Library.



Intuitive Workflow Submission UI to submit and schedule workflows with user inputs:

  • Submit a workflow to run with user specific inputs.

  • Add Workers to run multiple parallel instances of the workflow.

  • Override/Modify Input values at each worker level.

  • Flexible scheduling allows user to submit workflows to run On-demand, One Time or Recurring.

  • Cron Expression allows user to carry over any pre-defined schedules and supports complex schedule definition.



Enhanced Workflow V2 syntax with support for Multi-steps:

  • This feature enables defining complex automation tasks with multi-steps supported by parameterization and variable passing across steps.

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Log Analytics

As part of our continuous enhancements to Oracle Management Cloud, this latest release (18.4.3), includes new capabilities for Log Analytics that include:

Extra filters on EFDs & Labels:

Separated Cluster/Link in visualization selection:

Expand troubleshooting & root-cause analysis capabilities:

Clearly visualize drop-off for coming in data:

Ability to test pre-processing functions:

Visualize data and link it by SQL statements:

DB SQL events trend analysis:

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Oracle Management Cloud Common Features

For additional enhancements to the solution's more commonly used features, we  added new capabilities to improve the user experience including:

Users can easily favorite a dashboard by clicking on the favorite button.

If a dashboard is added to favorites, then it is showed up as a sub-menu option under Dashboards.

The add widget button is available for the Dashboard authors.

The Text widget is now available as a part of the Add Widget option. Dashboard authors can add a text widget in order to add a header, a company logo or a generic HTML /email links.

Common functions such as Print and Save are now available at the top of the Dashboard.

Auto-refresh option and the refresh button are available on the top right of the dashboard. All other functions of dashboard are now available as part of settings menu.

Entity Card Support for Oracle Database Logs.

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Additional Resources:

  • Watch the full Oracle Management Cloud keynote and customer panel from Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

Watch it Now!

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