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  • March 22, 2018

Oracle Management Cloud Release 18.1.5

Release Highlights

We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Management Cloud Release 18.1.5. The following are the key updates to existing services in this release:

- Application Performance Monitoring (Details)
- Infrastructure Monitoring (Details)
- Log Analytics (Details)
- Orchestration (Details)
- Oracle Management Cloud Common Features (Details)

Application Performance Monitoring

Logical Server Requests

With the latest release of Oracle Management Cloud Application Performance Monitoring (APM), the solution now offers the ability to view server requests grouped by deployment, type, and name. This new group view is referred to as logical server request. In this new view, administrators can spot performance issues faster across a range of server groups. Administrators can apply an application classification to the servers that function as a group and define the application within this application classifier.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Enhancements to OMC's Infrastructure Monitoring capabilities includes several entity types. In this release, the following enhancements have been added:

Entity Types

  • Support for Amazon DynamoDB

  • Support for additional performance metrics for Kubernetes

    • Kubernetes Pod: CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network Usage, Resource Configuration

    • Kubernetes Node: CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network Usage, Resource Configuration

    • Kubernetes Cluster: CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Resource Configuration

UI-based Entity Addition

In addition to adding entities via the agent’s omcli add_entity function, support for adding entities is now enhanced within the user interface (UI). In this release, the following entity types are now supported in the ‘Add Entity’ feature:

- Oracle NoSQL Database
- Oracle Database Listener
- Oracle Database Cluster Listener
- Oracle Coherence Cluster
- Arbor CP
- Arbor TMS
- Arista Ethernet Switch
- Cisco Ethernet Switch
- Cisco Nexus Ethernet Switch

- Juniper Ethernet Switch
- Juniper MX
- Juniper Netscreen
- Juniper SRX
- NetApp FAS
- Oracle ES2 Ethernet Switch
- Oracle InfiniBand Switch
- Network Node

More Visibility into Cloud Services Discovery

Cloud Profiles are used to specify the cloud services and credentials for discovery and monitoring of cloud services and resources. When a Cloud Profile is created, several internal discovery jobs are, in turn, created and executed to discover the cloud services. In this release, more visibility into the status of these discovery jobs is provided, including errors for failed jobs. This increased visibility enables users to better assess the overall status of cloud services discovery as well as understand and resolve discovery-related issues.

UI Enhancements

The Infrastructure Monitoring pages now support the Global Time Selector’s “Latest” option. This is located under the "Custom" option of the time selector. When this option is selected, the most recent collected metric values are shown. This provides a straightforward way of seeing the most recent data values without having to think about the time period in which they were collected.

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Log Analytics

In the latest Oracle Management Cloud 18.1.5 release, the development team has included new capabilities for Log Analytics which include the following:

Add link to Dashboard

Range Facet


Bucket Command

Word Cloud Visualization

Problem Labels for Bluecoat Logs

Expanded OOTB problem labels for “Bluecoat Proxy Squid Logs” & “Bluecoat Proxy W3C Logs”

New Guidance/help for Parser Function

Resize "Data" and "Visualize" palette


Support for capturing TIMEDATE in one line


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In this Oracle Management Cloud release, adding details and information for Entities has been enhanced to improve the user experience. Orchestration Cloud Service now offers the following functionality:

Workflow Execution Details Page Enhancements

  • Improved Entity information with the addition of Entity details associated with the workflow steps.

    • Entity Card would pop-up as the user selects to view more details from the mouse over on an entity reference link in a workflow step

    • Users can now search for steps within a workflow execution based on entity name.

    • Steps with the unlicensed entity would be disabled from viewing execution details.




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Oracle Management Cloud Common Features

The development team has release new enhancements for the following common features within Oracle Management Cloud's product portfolio:

Entity Card Enhancements

  • Shows multiple metrics in the Entity Card and also allows you to navigate to the APM page if the entity is a member of that specific application.


  • Allows the right mouse click to expand a collapsed node such as a database.

  • Maintains the layout and location of the nodex fixed when you expand/collapse nodes.

HTML Snippet for Text Widget

  • Dashboard authors can now add HTML snippet directly in the Text Widget.

Data Explorer: Threshold for Scatter Plot

  • Data Explorer allows users to set thresholds for Scatter Plots .


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