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  • April 8, 2019

Oracle Management Cloud for Oracle Siebel

Guest Author: Uday Vallamsetty, Architect, Strategic Customer Programs, Oracle Management Cloud 


Oracle Management Cloud is an integrated suite of IT operations monitoring and management cloud services. The solution is a cloud-based service where customers can monitor their entire IT landscape without any infrastructure or maintenance costs at the same time taking advantage of the next generation of machine learning technology.

In this blog, I will discuss how Oracle Management Cloud integrates and provides support for managing Oracle Siebel CRM. Here are the key features:

Automatic Discovery

Single click discovery of the application including the following components

  • Application Tier

    • Siebel Servers, Tomcat and Web Tier

  • Database Tier

    • All Database Instances and Database Listeners

  • Siebel Enterprise Server Components

The discovery will work for different types of Siebel deployments including:

  • Without Oracle HTTP server in the web tier

  • With Oracle HTTP server

  • Tomcat based deployments

In addition to the application components, Oracle Management Cloud can also monitor load balancers, switches, firewalls, and storage arrays of the application (see a full list of supported entities). This simple on-boarding and discovery process allows users to start monitoring their entire application landscape with minimal setup or configuration.

Automatic Injection of Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Agents

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service (APM) monitors response time of all end users logging into the application. You can gain visibility into end-user latency by browser time, network latency and back-end latency. Server-side latency can also be broken down into web tier response time, application tier latency and finally database tier latency. If the specific request involves external entities outside of the application, the latency of those external components can also be measured.

Automatic Collection of Siebel KPIs

The infrastructure monitoring service will automatically collect a set of key performance and usage/availability metrics from various components within the Siebel application. The following are a sampling of key metrics collected out-of-the-box:

  • Object Manager Response Time

  • Object Manager Sessions

  • Number of Requests per Object Manager Session

  • Siebel Component CPU Time

As part of an ongoing collaboration, the Oracle Management Cloud team works hand-in-hand with the Siebel application development organization to come up with a select set of metrics. Users can create custom alerts for all these metrics to make sure that application administrators can respond quickly to any anomalies before problems occur.

Integrated Dashboards

Oracle Management Cloud provides a rich set of out-of-the-box dashboards for each Siebel application including:

  • Siebel Health Dashboard

    • Overall status of all the entities in the application

    • Any open tickets, broken down by critical and time sensitivity

    • Web server (SWSE Status); database server status, active sessions;

    • Siebel server Load –running tasks;

  • Siebel Infrastructure

    • Siebel server host IO trends

    • Siebel server host CPU and memory utilization and forecast

  • Siebel components - status of all the active Siebel components

    • Average running tasks

    • EAI object manager health

    • Siebel component load summary -broken down by running tasks in Siebel server

    • Siebel component task utilization

All the metrics above are collected by default allowing users to track and monitor each aspect of the performance and response characteristics of their Siebel application. Alerts can be setup for each of these metrics allowing for proactive monitoring to address any potential issues in order to prevent business disruption.

Siebel Health Dashboard

Siebel Error Trends Dashboard


Siebel Log Analysis

Oracle Management Cloud provides the ability to ingest all the logs produced by the application. The solution captures the log data from the hosts running your Siebel application, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Database and the Siebel Enterprise Server. This allows users to track any potential issues and to do drill-down root cause analysis across the application stack.



For example, if you start to see a large increase in end-user response time, then you can track the issue to the object manager latency using the log data for that component and eventually you can determine where the actual issue is occurring, whether it’s in the database or in the application's host.

On top of parsing the log data, Oracle Management Cloud also understand the different Siebel error codes. We are constantly adding more semantic and human readable labels for the Siebel error codes to minimize the need for deep Siebel expertise and to perform basic level 1 analysis of a problem faster.

Oracle Management Cloud already creates labels for Oracle Database and Middleware error codes. Hovering the mouse on the specific error code will show the error code message, the typical cause for the error and the potential remediation actions that can be taken to alleviate the problem. This can save critical time during an outage.

Oracle Management Cloud for Siebel Use Cases

Here is a brief outline of the various Oracle Management Cloud for Siebel use cases:

  • Discover problems faster – through real time monitoring and machine learning powered smart alerting

  • Rapid root cause analysis and remediation – topology aware monitoring with a single click access to the enriched log data

  • Drive continuous performance improvement – use the monitoring tools to reduce bottlenecks in the system and improve resource utilization

Proactive Monitoring of End User Experience

Oracle Management Cloud allows monitoring of the end user experience. The solution enables you to track application and system performance across a wide array of workflows using synthetic testing. Combined with single click access to enriched log data, IT operational teams can quickly discover and find the root cause of any performance degradation in the application.

Root Cause of Slow and Failed Jobs

Oracle Management Cloud tracks all the jobs in the system and shows long running jobs compared to an established baseline. Using Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service, users can quickly drill down to all of the log data pertaining to a particular concurrent request, including the concurrent request log.
Oracle Log Analytics enriches concurrent request logs with information about any failures. Users can search and classify all the concurrent logs and quickly identify common failures and identify the users, concurrent programs and the concurrent nodes associated with the failure.

End User Transaction Monitoring

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service tracks the activity for every user, sessions and then computes an APDEX measure of the user-experience. IT operational teams can drill down to any error observed by a single user or to a specific point in time.

Application administrators can also monitor activity based on geo-graphic location, specific IP address of the user to track broad problems that a specific class of users may be experiencing.

Root Cause of Slow Application Response

Oracle Management Cloud can help to identify a request from a specific user as part of a triage of potential issues that are occurring. The solution can show the breakdown of time spent by a user in each layer of the Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack including database, network, middle tier and applications.

Siebel Infrastructure Monitoring

Administrators can search, correlate, cluster and filter out the information, metrics and log data for specific functional users or applications and build a tailored dashboard for different use-cases.  For example, say you want to easily identify the amount of resources being consumed by each user within each application and you want to be able to correlate that to your resource availability (i.e. CPU, memory, network and storage). You can surface this information to your executives or others by creating a custom interactive dashboard using Oracle Management Cloud out-of-the-box widgets. To learn more about creating interactive dashboards, check out our blog series: Building Interactive Dashboards in Oracle Management Cloud.


Oracle Management Cloud provides a comprehensive, cloud-based monitoring solution for Oracle Siebel. Built in collaboration with the Siebel application team, this solution is easy to onboard where you’ll gain immediate business value. Oracle Management Cloud captures Siebel infrastructure and component telemetry metrics, log data and application user response time data from across the application tiers. Advanced machine learning techniques are applied to turn this vast amount of data into actionable insights, making it easier for you to keep track of your application’s performance. This will help you to reduce and avoid expensive downtime.

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