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  • April 8, 2019

Oracle Management Cloud for Oracle PeopleSoft

Guest Author: Uday Vallamsetty, Architect, Strategic Customer Programs, Oracle Management Cloud 


Oracle Management Cloud is an integrated suite of IT operations monitoring and management cloud services. This is a cloud-based service where customers can monitor their entire IT landscape without any infrastructure or maintenance costs.

With our Oracle Management Cloud Release 1.40, we are announcing fully integrated support for monitoring Oracle PeopleSoft. Here are the key features for this release:

Automatic Discovery

Single click discovery of the application including the following components:

  • PeopleSoft Application

    • PeopleSoft Application Server Domain(s)

    • PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Domain(s)

  • PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (PIA)

    • Oracle WebLogic Domain(s)

    • Oracle WebLogic Server(s)

  • Process Monitor (if chosen to be added at PeopleSoft discovery time)

  • Oracle Database Instances (If chosen to be discovered with the current discovery configuration)

In addition to the application components, Oracle Management Cloud will also monitor load balancers, switches, firewalls, and storage arrays. You can review a list of fully supported entities here.

The solution enables you to natively monitor your applications and their underlying infrastructure components as well as troubleshoot issues quickly, in order to find the root cause of problems across your entire IT estate. All of this is done through Oracle Management Cloud's easy-to-use dashboard.

PeopleSoft Application Performance Monitoring

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service (APM) works by leveraging a Java agent that collects key performance metrics from every user accessing the application. The APM agent collects the key performance metrics from the webserver and tracks the requests through to the Application Server and the Database. Once the APM agent is installed, end-user response time is captured by Oracle Management Cloud. IT operations users can drill into individual user requests to breakdown response time into Application Server time, Database Time, Network delay and Page Load time. This gives operational teams a simple way to identify where latency is introduced in the end-end transaction. Activity can also be tracked by specific user-name, access location and/or IP address of the client.

PeopleSoft Server Process Monitoring

Oracle Management Cloud provides native support for monitoring all the PeopleSoft Server processes that run in the domain. This includes required processes such as, PSAPPSRV, PSSAMSRV and PSWATCHSR. In addition, other optional server processes that are user-configurable can also be monitored by default if they are active in the domain.


Integrated Dashboards

Oracle Management Cloud will provide five out of the box dashboards for each PeopleSoft application environment discovered. These dashboards include:

  • Application Health Dashboard

    • Overall Status; Application/Middleware Errors; Processes Run Status Rate; Processes Distribution Status Rate etc.

  • Process Monitor Dashboard

    • Completed Process Trend by Run Status; Completed Process Trend by Distribution Status; Ongoing Process Trend by Run State; Ongoing Process Trend by Distribution State; Problematic and Ongoing Processes list.

  • PIA Health Dashboard

    • Top 4 by Open HTTP Sessions; Top 4 Web Request Processing Time; Top 4 by Web Request Rate; Log Trend; Servlet Errors etc.

  • Application Server Health Dashboard

    • Top 4 by Queued Processes for Application Server; Top 4 by Request Throughput; Application Server Log Trend; Tuxedo Log Trend: Tuxedo Client Activity, Server Processes list etc.

  • Process Scheduler Health Dashboard

    • Top 4 Queued Processes for Process Scheduler; Top 4 Queued Processes for Distribution Server; Process Scheduler Log Trend, Server Processes list etc.

PeopleSoft Health Dashboard

PeopleSoft Process Health Dashboard

PeopleSoft Log Analysis for Rapid Root Cause

Oracle Management Cloud for PeopleSoft provides the ability to consume around 40 distinct log formats found in a typical PeopleSoft environment. Along with parsing, aggregating and indexing the log files, Oracle Management Cloud will enrich the log data with additional information. Oracle Management Cloud will categorize the logs into various buckets of common problems such as; Connection Errors, Storage Errors, ORA errors found in logs and categorize them into broader database error buckets. The following is a sampling of the logs that are absorbed by Oracle Management Cloud automatically:

PeopleSoft Application Server Domain


  • PeopleSoft Application Tuxedo Access Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application Tuxedo User Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application server domain Application Server (APPSRV) Process Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application server domain Application Server (APPSRV) Process Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application server domain Monitor Server (MONITORSRV) Process Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application server domain Watch Server (WATCHSRV) Process Logs

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture

  • PeopleSoft Integration Gateway Error Logs

  • PeopleSoft Integration Gateway Message Logs

  • PeopleSoft WLS Server Access Logs

  • PeopleSoft WLS Server Logs

  • PeopleSoft WLS Server STDOUT Logs

  • PeopleSoft WLS Servlet Logs

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Domain

  • PeopleSoft Analytics Engine Server Logs

  • PeopleSoft Application Analytics Engine Server Logs

  • PeopleSoft Master Scheduler Server Logs

  • PeopleSoft Process Scheduler App Engine Server Logs

  • PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Distribution Agent Logs

  • PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Master Scheduler Logs


Oracle Management Cloud for PeopleSoft Use Cases

The following is a sample of Oracle Management Cloud for PeopleSoft use cases:

  • Discover Problems Immediately – through real time monitoring and machine learning powered smart alerting

  • Rapid root cause and remediation – topology aware monitoring with a single click access to the enriched log data

  • Drive Continuous Performance Improvement – use the monitoring tools to reduce bottlenecks in the system and improve resource utilization

Proactive Monitoring of End User Experience

Oracle Management Cloud allows monitoring of end user experience and provides a mechanism to track the performance of typical workflows using synthetic testing. Combined with single click access to enriched log data, IT operational teams can quickly discover and find the root cause of any degradation in the application’s performance.

Root Cause of Slow and Failed Jobs

Oracle Management Cloud tracks all the jobs in the system and shows any long running jobs compared to an established baseline. Using the integrated log analytics, users can quickly drill down to all of the log data pertaining to the particular concurrent request, including the concurrent request log. Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service enriches concurrent request logs with information about any failures. Users can search and classify all the concurrent logs and quickly identify common failures and identify the users, concurrent programs and the concurrent nodes associated with any failure.

End User Transaction Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring tracks the Execution Context ID (ECID) for each transaction issued by a user. The ECID links the applications transactions with middle tier and database tier processes.  Using Log Analytics, users can easily correlate all errors related to a single ECID.


Oracle Management Cloud provides a comprehensive, cloud-based monitoring solution for Oracle PeopleSoft. The solution is built in collaboration with the PeopleSoft application development team. Oracle Management Cloud understands all of the component of the PeopleSoft application, such as; the process schedule, process monitor and the PIA. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, Oracle Management Cloud enables customers to do root cause analysis quickly to identify and prevent problems that could impact the business. With its native integration and log enrichment, Oracle Management Cloud removes the need for deep PeopleSoft expertise in order to perform first level root cause analysis. The solution can automatically take corrective action where necessary.

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