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  • November 14, 2018

Oracle Management Cloud for Oracle E-Business Suite

Guest Author: Uday Vallamsetty, Architect, Strategic Customer Programs, Oracle Management Cloud 


We recently announced the general availability of our fully integrated monitoring solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. In this blog, we will talk about some of the key features of the solution. Please review Oracle Management Cloud Solution For Oracle E-Business Suite for more details and a full list of use-cases.

Automatic Discovery of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

Oracle Management Cloud provides a simple, single click discovery of the entire application including the following components:

  • WebLogic Domain/Servers, Database System/Instances; Application and DB Hosts

  • Concurrent Manager Service, Forms application service, and the Workflow service

In addition to the application components, Oracle Management Cloud can also monitor a wide range of infrastructure like: load balancers, switches, firewalls, and storage arrays. The full list of supported entities is available online. This broad coverage provides a single pane of glass view of the entire landscape, from technology stack to the hosts to the network and storage.


Simplified End User Experience Monitoring

Oracle Management Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service (APM) works by leveraging a Java agent that is deployed into the JVM. This agent collects key performance metrics from every user accessing the application, including all the JVMs in the managed servers. Users can optionally enable injection of browser agents, to capture real end-user response time breakdown: Browser, Network, Middleware and Database. Oracle Management Cloud can help operational users proactively monitor interactive user experience and take corrective steps before there is any application degradation or business impact. Please review further documentation on how Oracle Management Cloud APM can help developers isolate and root cause performance issues in the application.

Machine Learning Powered KPI Monitoring

Oracle Management Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service will collect a set of Key Performance and Availability Metrics from various components in the Oracle E-Business Suite. These metrics were identified in conjunction with the Oracle E-Business Suite support team. A sampling of metrics are as follows:

  1. Long Running/Active Jobs

  2. Maximum/Average Runtime of Jobs

  3. Pending forms sessions per user

Using advanced machine learning, Oracle Management Cloud will baseline all the metrics collected. Alerts can be enabled when any of the metric values strays outside of the baseline band. These alerts can be pushed to various Notification Channels.

Integrated Dashboards

Oracle Management Cloud provides three out of the box dashboards for each Oracle E-Business Suite application environment discovered.

  1. Overall E-Business Suite Health: Status of all the technology components, DB Tier and Middle Tier errors, Transaction Failures, and Job Failures.

  2. Concurrent Manager Service: Long Running/Pending Jobs,  Active Jobs in the System, Active Users,  Failed Jobs

  3. Forms Activity: Forms Sessions,  Forms Server Resource Usage










Oracle E-Business Suite Health Dashboard

Oracle E-Business Suite Concurrent Processing Dashboard

Topology Aware Log Analysis

We made significant investment into Oracle Management Cloud's Log Analytics capabilities of our Oracle E-Business Suite solution. Oracle E-Business Suite produces a large amount of detailed log data which is very amenable to be machine processed. Oracle Management Cloud can parse and index almost all of the logs found in a typical E-Business Suite environment. Using machine learning, users can quickly identify patterns, to discover problem signatures and eliminate noise.

Oracle E-Business Suite Aware Log Enrichment

Oracle Management Cloud will also enrich the Oracle E-Business Suite log data with additional information while storing in Oracle Management Cloud database. Oracle Management Cloud will absorb the semantic information codified in the logs and tag with “Labels”. Labels allow users to identify common problems, like Connection Errors, Storage Errors, ORA errors and all of the systems suffering from these problems. Because of the tight integration between different services, precise logs can be accessed from other services and alerts. For example:

  • Application Performance to Log Analytics Integration

    • User complains of failures on the web application

    • Using the APM service, the administrator can drill down to the particular user session that experienced high number of failures

    • With a single click, the administrator can drill into the relevant logs for that particular session, for that time period and view the WebLogic, Database, Host, Network logs in a single view

  • Alert is raised that Concurrent Requests are running slow

    • Slow jobs can be correlated to the nodes on which they are running to check CPU, memory resources

    • Log enrichment will categorize jobs with broad failure signatures. These can be viewed to see problems in the related systems.

Maximize Database Performance

The database plays a central role in the performance and execution throughout of any Oracle E-Business Suite environment. Using Oracle Management Cloud IT Analytics Cloud Service, database administrators can get insights into SQL  performance degradation, databases with varying workload performance, database inefficiency, and Top SQL statements. Out of box widgets are available to view degrading SQLs, SQL execution across different databases etc. For further details, please review maximizing Oracle Database performance.


Oracle Management Cloud provides a comprehensive, light weight, cloud-based monitoring solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. Oracle Management Cloud can monitor applications deployed on-premises or in the cloud. We have several customers using Oracle Management Cloud to de-risk their cloud migration primarily because of this flexibility. Oracle Management Cloud leverages the power of machine learning to categorize telemetry data into simple, actionable insights that produce smart alerts as required. For further details of all the use-cases addressed by Oracle Management Cloud, please review the Oracle Management Cloud for E-Business Suite documentation.



Solution Brief: Oracle Management Cloud for Oracle E-Business Suite


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