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  • April 6, 2018

Let me tell you a heartwarming customer engagement story

This is a guest post by our UK Oracle Management Cloud specialist Lee Bonfield. You can follow Lee on Twitter at @lee_oraclecloud

As a specialist who helps customers modernize their Systems Management , it’s really motivating when a customer goes live and see them getting immediate value. Together we can help grow their overall business.

Willis Towers Watson

My engagement with Willis Towers Watson is right up there in terms of best engagements though as it culminated in a UK Customer Excellence Award and a donation by Oracle, on the customer’s behalf to Macmillan Cancer Support – a cause that’s close to my heart. More on that later.

They were spending a lot of time fire-fighting service requests, on the phone to vendor support call-centers and holding war-rooms, so we started by looking at the customer’s application performance. The insights they got from the deployment of machine learning powered Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Log Analytics helped them reduce the amount of effort spent on those reactive activities and meant they had more time to spend on more pro-active stuff. As a result, service requests reduced and stress on the team calmed. The team generally felt more in control and when a Sev1 did appear, they had the tools to find the needle in the haystack – and there were several, pretty large haystacks!

Next, they also deployed Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring (IM), so as well as understanding how the Application tier was performing, WTW could also ‘join the dots’ with the underlying Infrastructure and build a bird’s-eye-view of the application typology.  If APM told them the app was under-performing, IM could tell them (in-context) where to look. Further, Log Analytics could also then tell them WHY there was a problem by applying machine learning in correlating and analyzing the associated log files – again in full context of the entire application and the timeframe of the issue. Having a toolset that was integrated by its very nature, made trouble-shooting a breeze.

Oracle and WTW are now going to the next level and deploying Oracle IT Analytics. This is the part of Oracle Management Cloud that capacity plans for the future, making the customer even more proactive when it comes to solving those application and infrastructure issues. 

Customer Excellence Award

Modernizing WTW’s IT Operations with a single, holistic systems management platform, led them to winning the "Simplify IT" award of the aforementioned UK Oracle Customer Excellence Award on March 22nd. They were handed a cheque for £10.000 for the Macmillan Cancer Support organization on their behalf. 

A truly motivating, heartwarming and inspirational night, hearing from several customers on how Oracle technology is helping them and from their associated charities on the work they do in the community. If you would like to get involved in helping Macmillan, make sure to visit their site and get involved.They fill a much needed gap in supporting families and patients through a difficult time.


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