OracleNext Podcast | November 26, 2018

Making Cloud Adoption Easier for Big, Critical Applications

By: Barb Darrow | Senior Director of Communications, Oracle


There's no doubt that most of corporate data and applications will end up in the cloud. But businesses have yet to send the bulk of either on their merry, messy journeys. It's a hard thing to measure, but reputable researchers have estimated that only 15% to 30% of today's enterprise workloads have made the migration from internal data centers to some sort of cloud. That leaves a whole lot of work to do.

Oracle's Gen 2 Cloud was built specifically to make it easier and safer to move those important, if tricky, workloads to a cloud that is well prepared to receive and run them.

This week, Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, returns to the OracleNext Iconoclasts podcast to talk with co-hosts Michael Hickins and Barb Darrow on a number of hot topics including:

  • Why companies need a public cloud built specifically for the hard, database-driven business applications that companies rely on to prosper. There's a reason these loads are called "mission critical."
  • The ramifications of the Internet becoming an integral—and a bit nerve-wracking—part of corporate infrastructure.
  • Data is an all-important corporate asset, which makes how you protect, store, and parse that data a key concern in any cloud migration plan. Early, "on-demand" clouds might not be the best option for handling this resource.
  • Nefarious actors no doubt cause many cybersecurity threats, but many snafus derive from system volatility on the Internet, sometimes caused by faulty infrastructure. Regardless of the source of threats, security must extend from core, centralized systems to the edges of the ever-growing network.

It's a fun chat although there is a sewage treatment analogy that may be tough to forget.

For more from York, check out his latest post on cloud-based high performance computing. If you want to hear from him further, you can find all of his blog posts here.

Senior Director of Communications, Oracle

Barbara Darrow is senior director of communications for Oracle. She spent 30 years as a reporter writing about technology and the business of technology most recently at Fortune Magazine and Gigaom. 

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