Friday Nov 13, 2009

Sun news this week

Check out the short podcast below to catch up on Sun news this week!  Topics discussed include the announced availability of new Sun Ray Software 5, and the European Commission's Statement of Objections to Oracle's acquisition of Sun.

Friday Nov 06, 2009

Catch up on Sun news this week!

Catch up on what happened at Sun this week in this short podcast! Topics include new updates to Sun's Java Store Beta, Sun's new alliance with PayPal, Sun solutions in use at Columbia University and the University of Zurich, and Sun's top honor in the American Society of Training and Development's BEST Awards competition. (Brought to you by hosts Chhandomay Mandal and Maijaliisa Burkert.)

Friday Oct 30, 2009

Catch a recap of Sun news this week in short podcast!

Listen to the short segment below (less than 5 minutes!) for a recap of Sun in the news this week as Chhandomay Mandal and I review Amazon's new cloud storage offering based on MySQL open-source software, the 100 million download milestone hit this week, the announced availability of Sun investor proxy materials, and the new 3.0.10 maintenance release of VirtualBox.

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

My interview with JFXStudio winner Mark Nankman

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing software architect Mark Nankman who was the winner of the September JFXStudio challenge. The challenge required developers to build an application with 30 or fewer lines of code in a single JavaFX file (30 lines as counted by actual lines, or 3,000 characters), with a 'time' theme, and Mark's Pacman clock application took first place! Mark has several years of experience in Java programming, and has recently turned his focus to Web 2.0 and RIA development, which is how he became interested in JavaFX.  He said he used to develop Adobe Flex front-ends to interact with Java back-ends, but didn't like the fact that it required 3 programming languages!  Turning to JavaFX Mark found that the programming language "makes developing maintainable rich web applications a lot easier."

When discussing Mark's winning Pacman clock application, he noted that it was relatively easy to build, and said he had a functioning product within 30 minutes of starting, stating that with JavaFX "you can do a lot with just a little code."  Mark said he needed to use just a few simple manipulations to keep the code within the 30-line limit, such as using compact SVGPaths, along with several other tricks he listed in his blog.  Overall, Mark noted that he as "amazed at just how powerful JavaFX is."  He reported only having to sacrifice one feature in his application -- the ability to dynamically resize the clock -- which he said simply couldn't be crammed into the 30-line application.

Read more of Mark's interview and listen to a podcast we recorded here in Reviews Interactive.

Also, for those interested in entering this month's JFXStudio challenge (theme: five), you have until midnight, Saturday October 31 to submit your entry, or actually, as Josh explains in this blog, a few extra bonus hours to turn your application in.

Friday Oct 23, 2009

Sun news this week

Have four minutes?  Then check out Sun news this week by listening to the short podcast below.  In this edition, Chhandomay and I discuss Sun's top spot in tape storage automation revenue for the first half of 2009, as well as an eWeek article discussing Sun's Solaris Operating System's optimization for Intel Nehalem processors.

Friday Sep 25, 2009

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Listen to the short segment below as Chhandomay and I discuss this week's announcement of key technology enhancements across Sun's Unified Storage systems portfolio.

Friday Sep 04, 2009

Danish hospital says ODF with OpenOffice is hassle-free

I came across an article this week that took a look at a Danish hospital that reported having "no problems at all" when exchanging ODF-based documents with other hospitals that use Microsoft Office 2003. 

The article struck me because it shows that it is possible for large entities to do business solely using OpenOffice. 

The key for the hospital was to ensure that the free Sun ODF plugin was installed.  After that, there have been no problems with exchanging documents including "large documents with indexes and footnotes," which are reportedly exchanged without problems.  The hospital also pointed out that "there is no data loss and there are no significant formatting issues."

However, the real issue at hand is the number of doctors and nurses they were able to gain when they quit paying the licensing fees for Microsoft Office more than five years ago! 

It's a good read and shows that OpenOffice, along with many other freely-available open-source products, can be successfully employed in a variety of operations -- including hospitals.

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Chhandomay and I give a quick rundown of happenings at Sun this week in the short segment below:

Friday Aug 28, 2009

Catch up on Sun in the news this week!

Listen to the short segment below to catch up on Sun news this week.  Chhandomay and I discuss the new Sun Cystorm Supercomputer at Iowa State University, the Rainbow Falls announcement at the Hot Chips conference, and Sun's top spot on the X-Force 2009 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report.

Thursday Jul 23, 2009

Catch up on this week's announcements at Sun!

Another week gone!  Where has the time gone?  Summer is certainly flying on by, which I don't mind because I am not a hot-weather fan, but it has been so nice here in Tennessee that I've been wasting my weekends having fun outside instead of doing homework! 

In any case, if you need to catch up on the announcements made at Sun this week, listen to the short podcast below, brought to you by myself and Chhandomay.


Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

Deadline looms for JavaFX blogging contest!

Don't miss out on the chance to win $500 for blogging about JavaFX 1.2! 

The deadline for entries is this Friday, July 3.

Check out all of the details on the JavaFX 1.2 contest here

I know there has been a lot of buzz in the JavaFX community since the new release and there are a lot of developers who have been busy creating new apps and really digging into the language and I hope all of you have entered!  If not, get on it!  After all, who couldn't use an extra $500?

Good luck to all!

Friday Jun 26, 2009

This week at Sun...

Listen to the short segment below as Chhandomay and I give a recap of the news at Sun this week! 


Wednesday Jun 24, 2009

Compelling podcast from SOCIAL + YOU workshop

Below is an excellent podcast that was recorded during today's SOCIAL + YOU Blogging Workshop put on by Sumaya Kazi. 

In the podcast Sumaya talks to Michael Sippey, VP of Products at Six Apart about blogging in the age of Twitter.  A warning -- it is long -- about an hour and a half, but hey, we're all multi-taskers these days right?  And really, the entire length is full of truly compelling content.  So have a listen either here or HERE.


Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

Opinion piece on open-source technologies a good read

Bill Vass has written an interesting opinion piece for Government Technology on the cost savings that can be realized through open-source technologies.

He discusses the cost savings beginning to be realized in the UK, and the potential $3.7 billion savings estimated for federal IT.  He also examines the added security of open-source technologies and the potential opening of more communication lines between citizens and government entities.

Go here to read the article.

Friday Jun 19, 2009

Sun news podcast

Listen to the short segment below as Chhandomay and I cover some of the successes achieved during Sun's WWVW as well as two new blogging contests!


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