Friday Jul 31, 2009

Recommended:Article on open source technologies, focus on Europe

While sorting through my Google alerts for, I came across this article written by Sandro Groganz that has some interesting numbers, and a discussion regarding open source adoption around the world. 

To nobody's surprise, Europe leads the world in open source adoption mainly to avoid vendor lock-in.  The article delves into this, looking at the different European societies and markets within Europe.

It is a good read for anyone following open source news (and software vendors in particular), but lays out a clear method to approach the market and cultural barriers in what appears to be the most profitable sector for open source technologies. 

Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

Opinion piece on open-source technologies a good read

Bill Vass has written an interesting opinion piece for Government Technology on the cost savings that can be realized through open-source technologies.

He discusses the cost savings beginning to be realized in the UK, and the potential $3.7 billion savings estimated for federal IT.  He also examines the added security of open-source technologies and the potential opening of more communication lines between citizens and government entities.

Go here to read the article.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Students Clamor for Sun

Today, Sun and the Ministry of Education of China announced the China Innovation Program for Students (CHIPS). CHIPS is a student development program that provides mentoring and training on some of the world's leading open source technologies.

The program will involve technology students from 10 universities throughout China that will be split into three teams per university.  Each team will be tasked to develop a project with open source technologies over the course of six months. The students will be building an online virtual collaboration site that other students can use as an online educational community.

 “In China and countries all over the world, Sun is finding that open source technologies and the knowledge to support them are more relevant and sought after than ever before,” said Lin Lee, vice president at Global Communities at Sun.

I couldn't agree more. Within the first two hours of Sun announcing this on their Facebook page, students from the following countries have already asked, 'when is Sun going to come here?'

- Indonesia

- Egypt

- Saudi Arabia

- Turkey

- Tunisia

- Morocco

- Sri Lanka

I thought it was amazing to see so many requests in only two hours from literally all across the world. It really shows that students are anxious to learn open source technologies, which clearly shows that open source is really the future of software.  To me, this is inspiring and really validates the hundreds of thousands of hours that have been poured into Sun's open-source programs.  

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Developing communities

This week, Sun is conducting a series of free lessons on open-source technology at the Hanoi University of Technology and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam.

There are 130 university and college students in attendance, and the courses are being run in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Education and Training.   

The training is part of the Java Education and Development Initiative, also known as JEDI, which is a project developed by Sun that was first introduced in 2005 in the Philippines.  In the past four years, JEDI has benefitted more than 190,000 students in countries such as Indonesia and Brazil, among others.

I applaud Sun's initiative behind the JEDI program, which provides free high-quality documents on IT and computer sciences to universities and colleges and offers students access to abundant materials and software.  

In the past six months, the government of Vietnam has been investing time and energy in adopting more open-source technology, and what better way to organically do so then by starting with the students who will soon be the backbone of the country. 


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