Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

I18n 360' testing approach at Step-IN 2008 Conference

Recently I had been to one of the most beautiful hotel aka. palace in Bangalore.  No marks for guessing its Leela Palace.
I had been there before but this time reason was not for pubbing (athena)  as it used to be.I was there to give talk at Step-in 2008 Conference (ASIA's biggest testing conference - as organizers claims).

My talk was on Internationalization(I18n) 360' testing approach , the concept which close to my heart and job. Its fresh , unique and quick at results. Implemented in Portal Server 7.2 aka.OpenPortal development.

My topic was selected for Pre-conference tutorial , A long 210 minutes( 3 hours and 30 minutes). It was indeed long time to stand , deliver and interact but my passion toward the subject was a big help. Curiosity of delegates in terms of their questions regarding I18n , their day to day use cases , their business case has never made me felt that it was long. In fact I had to rush a bit in last stage of Presentation.


Let move to what I shared there.

It was started with Introduction of I18n world (I18n , L10n , G11n) which also covered all the basic terminologies like Character , Charset , Unicode , UTF-x , Glyph , Font , Locale. My audience was enjoying every bit of information as most of them were aware about I18n but this details made them realize what the hack it is. This session was resulted in lots of questions and interesting discussion. They allowed to move ahead with the promise that I will spend quality time after talk  to share more of my understanding about I18n world.

Next session was regarding I18n 360' testing approach , which in simple teams means involving I18n in every stage of product development , starting as early as product planning. How I18n play role in Requirement phase , Design phase , Implementation phase and most importantly QA phase. Even in documentation also I18n has role to play. Usage of real time example and case study has made this session most entertain one. If it got you curious enough here is the Presentation for you

After that I had shown them live demo of how to do i18n testing in stand alone application and web application. This followed by demo of  I18n testing automation using Open Source automation tool Canoo. At last as a common practice Question and Answers.

 It was a wonderful and memorable experience for me. It was first time I had been to such reputed conference to represent Sun. I had been to Universities for talk earlier but this was unique and challenging as audience was mix of managers , consultants  and testing engineers.

Friday Aug 03, 2007

OpenPortal at University Day in Bangalore!!

    I have been involved with Sun's University relations initiative for a few months now. The present project involves evangelizing Sun's technologies in colleges so as to capture the mindshare of students.

    Acharya Institutes is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore and we needed to get there by 8AM, so I had to pull myself out of the bed very early (I rarely see early mornings , it was beautiful :))

    As we reached the institute, all of us were amazed by this huge campus of 100 acres with around 20 buildings under construction and mind blowing architecture (award winning apparently) . Mr Vishwanathan, who is the HoD and other college authorities welcomed us and took us to the auditorium.

    Audience was final year students from various colleges of Bangalore and adding to our surprise, there were International students (from Africa) with basic knowledge of Java. My goal was to get them interested in OpenPortal and Portlets. I started with some visuals of OpenPortal samples and iGoogle to give them an idea of Portal Server. I introduced the concepts of Portlet development and explained why this is interesting since they are eager to figure out why this is important to them. I then presented the main topic of the day “OpenPortal Portlet Container” and “NetBeans Portal Pack plugins” by showing several screenshots and a demo.

     Demo got everyone's absolute attention as they were amazed to see with just few clicks on NetBeans (pre-installed with Portal Pack and configured with OpenPortal Portlet Container), a Portlet got developed, deployed and most importantly running in our OpenPortal Portlet Container. It was pretty cool to show this demo to these students (customers!) I was thrilled to see the curiosity and excitement in their eyes! Kudos to NetBeans Portal Pack and OpenPortal Portlet Container team for such a wonderful gift to industry.

    This demo resulted in healthy Q&A session as students showed a lot of interest and asked great questions about Portlet Development and NetBeans. One of common question worth to mention was “Can they really contribute with limited knowledge they have”, my answer was “Yes” with reasoning, and they can learn a lot from experts in an Open Source project and develop themselves. There is lot of scope for contributions in any Open Source project, not just 'Write Code' as they seem to think.

    As a final remark I have informed them Portlets are here to stay and conquer the web development world so be a part of it … Pointed them to Open Portal, OpenPortal Portlet Repository.

    Next in turn was “Application development using NetBeans” by Amol Desai then much deserved lunch. At the end we have received Memento and “In Office Golf Kit” which was best part according to my team mates when I reached office after long journey in peek hour traffic of Bangalore. An End of Wonderful Experience but Beginning of OpenPortal at University programs in Bangalore.

(from left) Prof . Vishwanathan , Amol , Myself , Srinith , Students @ Acharya




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