Learn about Oracle Machine Learning for Oracle Database and Big Data, on-premises and Oracle Cloud

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! (Oracle Machine Learning Links).

Charlie Berger
Sr. Dir. Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics

Random Forests on data and models in a blink
Fast ML Algorithms and Databases that think
Machine learning free for you with no strings
These are a few of my favorite (Oracle Machine Learning) thing

Oracle Machine Learning on Oracle.com
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/CharlieDataMine

OML Public Customer References

OML Blogs (including embedded Github and YouTube links)
•    Oracle Machine Learning blog main page
•    The Evolution from Oracle Data Professional to Oracle Data Scientist in 6 Weeks! blog series
•    A Two-Step Process for Detecting Fraud using Oracle Machine Learning
•    Picking a Good Inexpensive Wine for $30< using Oracle Machine Learning

On-Demand YouTube Videos: 
•    Oracle Machine Learning:  What’s New? 
•    The Evolution from Oracle Data Professional to Oracle Data Scientist in 6 Weeks!  
•    5 Min Getting Started with Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Database 
•    Oracle Data Miner / SQL Developer 3 minute demo
•    Fraud Detection Using Oracle Autonomous Database and Machine Learning
•    Predicting Employee Attrition using ADW, OML, APEX and OAC 
•    More OML YouTube videos

Presentation:  Oracle Machine Learning Overview What's New, Customers, Apps and Road Map

WorkShops & Oracle LiveLabs
•    OML + Wine + ADW + OAC + APEX + REST HOL Workshop
•    OML Oracle Data Miner HOL Workshop
•    Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks + ADW HOL Workshop
     - Targeting Customers That Complete All Payments_V4  
     - Targeting CUST_INSUR_LTV Customers Who Buy Insurance
     - Auto Insurance Claims Fraud - Unsupervised Learning
     - Auto Insurance Claims Fraud - Supervised Learning

     - LiveLabs for Oracle Machine Learning - Machine Learning on Autonomous Database Workshop (2 hours) presentation

Oracle Machine Learning Documentation

Oracle Machine Learning on GitHub
OML on Analytics and Data Oracle User Community GitHub

AskTom Office Hours Series for Oracle Machine Learning

Groundbreakers Developer Community for Oracle Machine Learning 

Analytics and Data Oracle User Community (TechCasts, TechCast Days, Summits, etc.)

AnDOUC TechCast On-Demand YouTube Library

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