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  • February 12, 2010

Oracle BIWA SIG Announces Survey Results

Mark Hornick
Senior Director, Data Science and Machine Learning
The Oracle Business Intelligence, Warehousing, and Analytics (BIWA) SIG announced their 2010 Annual Membership Survey results today. BIWA SIG focuses on providing members with the latest information about BIWA trends, and opportunities to network with the best of the industry professionals, other Oracle User Groups, and other like-minded Oracle users. See also the BIWA SIG Blog.

From the Oracle Data Mining perspective, survey respondents (73%) cited data mining and predictive analytics as a major technology interest. More broadly, respondents were asked to consider their interest in the three BIWA SIG areas: Business Intelligence, Warehousing, and Analytics--currently, and in three years. Consistent with the recent TDWI survey, respondents see an increasing primary interest in analytics, going from 22% to 26% and overtaking interest in warehousing, which went from 28% to 21%. Business Intelligence increased slightly, going from 53% to 55%.

Some highlights of the survey include (from today's email announcement):

The BIWA Board of Directors conducted this 2010 Annual BIWA Membership
Survey to understand better the needs and interests of our membership.
It was a huge success both in terms of number of responses and valuable
input from our membership. With nearly 200 respondents, we had roughly
a 10% response rate, which for surveys in general is excellent.

The top 6 ideas considered for the 3 "best idea" gift certificates
included (first three awarded):
  • TechCast Tracks
  • Periodic Newsletter to Increase Website Traffic
  • Personal Invitation for TechCasts

  • Members vote on which TechCasts to run, like Slideshare.com
  • Match members with similar interests/concerns, like Match.com
  • Run BIWA-specific Contests

Here are a few highlights from the survey. A more complete discussion
of results is located here.

What BIWA features do you use the most?
  • 60% use the OracleBIWA.org website repeatedly throughout the
  • 44% have viewed four or more live Techcasts
  • 34% having viewed recorded TechCasts

What types of TechCasts interest you the most?
  • 95% "Best Practices" and "Tips and Tricks"
  • 90% "Case Studies"

How much would you be willing to pay for BIWA membership?
  • 30% would pay $50 per year
  • 45% would pay $50 or more per year
  • 41% would not pay for membership

Some of the top interests for our respondents included:
Applications: Hyperion (55%), EBS (43%)
Products:       Business Intelligence (95%), EPM(43%)
Technology:  Business Intelligence (95%),
Warehousing (75%), Data Mining (73%), OLAP (65%)

The BIWA Board of Directors continues to review the results of the
survey and incorporate ideas and suggestions to improve BIWA SIG. The
BIWA Board of Directors will be actively seeking volunteers and
sub-committee members to help implement these. If you are interested,
contact Shyam Varan Nath (shyamvaran@gmail.com), BIWA SIG President.

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