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Welcome the New Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Product Management Team

Markus Michalewicz
Senior Director of Product Management

Enterprises use Information Technology (IT) to gain competitive advantages, reduce operating costs, enhance communication with customers, and increase management insights into their business. Thus, enterprises become increasingly dependent on their IT infrastructure and its continuous availability. 

In order to satisfy these ever-increasing high availability requirements, Oracle has invested in and provided the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), which consists of a set of best practices blueprints for the integrated use of Oracle’s High Availability (HA) and scalability technologies and which ensure the highest levels of availability for the Oracle Database on-premises, on Engineered Systems as well as in the Oracle Cloud.

My name is Markus Michalewicz and I lead Oracle's Database High Availability & Scalability product management team. A very important component of my team's responsibility is driving and articulating MAA best practices for our worldwide customers, so that they can maximize the value of their Oracle investment. To that end, I am excited to announce three new members of our dedicated Oracle MAA PM team:

  • Glen Hawkins, MAA Product Management Lead

    • With over 22 years of experience, Glen has handled a wide range of both technical and business responsibilities within the world of high tech focused around cloud (PaaS/SaaS), database & application system management, data integration (ETL/Data Replication), application server development, supply chain software development and APM including product management & development, sales, marketing, and consulting. Before joining the Database MAA PM team, Glen led a variety of different teams and products within the Oracle Enterprise Manager portfolio for over 10 years including OEM Infrastructure, Database Lifecycle Management, Middleware Management, RUEI and various services within Oracle Management Cloud.

  • Saurav Das, MAA Product Manager 

    • Having been with Oracle since 2012, Saurav has recently joined the MAA PM team from the Oracle Fusion Applications Product Strategy team. Prior to joining Oracle, Saurav spent 6 years working as a DBA for insurance and pharmaceutical customers at Cognizant and Infosys. During his time in Fusion Applications, Saurav helped resolve customer lifecycle management issues related to onboarding, provisioning and termination. Prior to this, Saurav was part of the PaaS Cloud Operations team supporting the infrastructure for Oracle Schema Cloud Service and various PaaS services hosted on it. He has also helped with deploying various Oracle Cloud services such as Integration, Process, App Builder, and the Oracle Management Cloud.

  • Pieter Van Puymbroeck, Oracle Data Guard Product Manager

    • Pieter, who as a former Senior Oracle DBA has gained a wealth of experience in managing highly-critical Oracle Databases, joined the Oracle Database High Availability & Scalability Product Management team as the Product Manager for Oracle Data Guard half a year ago. Data Guard is an integral part of Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture and so is Pieter now part of the MAA PM team. Pieter is well known in the Oracle Community and has blogged about and presented on different Oracle MAA topics in various occasions. He also had recently become an Oracle ACE Director, a status he unfortunately lost when joining Oracle. Pieter is based in Belgium and his focus is to help Oracle customers to find the best high availability & disaster recovery solution for their needs. 

Together with the rest of the High Availability & Scalability product management team, Glen and the MAA PM team is your point of contact for all questions related to making your Oracle Database run smoother. http://www.oracle.com/goto/MAA

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