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  • March 24, 2021

NEW: Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21c

Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) 21c is available for download! ZDM is Oracle’s premier solution for moving your on-premises Oracle Database workloads to Oracle Cloud, supporting a variety of Oracle Database versions as the source and most Oracle Cloud Database Services as targets. Zero Downtime Migration 21c enhances the existing functionality by adding the long-requested Logical Migration workflow, which provides even more zero downtime migration choices!


What's New in Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21c?

Logical Migration

In addition to the Physical Migration workflow which has been supported since the first version of ZDM (see for example: https://blogs.oracle.com/maa/announcing-oracle-zero-downtime-migration-release-197), ZDM 21c offers a Logical Migration to the Oracle Cloud in eight simple steps, which can be scheduled and monitored as needed. The Logical Migration workflow allows you to migrate to Oracle Autonomous Database leveraging ZDM automation.

You can leverage two logical migration workflows with different methodologies:

  • Logical Offline Migration
    • Data Pump and Database Links based methodology
    • Data Pump and Backup Location based methodology
  • Logical Online Migration 
    • GoldenGate, Data Pump and Database Links based methodology
    • GoldenGate, Data Pump and Backup Location based methodology

Exadata On-Premises Support

Oracle ZDM 21c includes Exadata Database Machine as a new target. You can now migrate your current database deployments to an on-premises Exadata Database Machine, leveraging the full automation and power of ZDM. Migration to Exadata On-Premises is only supported via ZDM’s physical migration workflow.

Autonomous Database Support

Oracle ZDM 21c can now migrate databases directly to Autonomous Database using any of the logical migration workflows. Supported targets are: 

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing (Shared & Dedicated)
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse (Shared & Dedicated)

Non-CDB to CDB Migration Support

Non-CDB to CDB Migration is now supported in both Oracle ZDM’s physical and logical migration workflows, providing you with more migration flexibility via a simplified migration process that includes the Non-CDB to PDB conversion and hence, a wider choice of cloud targets.

Pre-Migration Advisor

A pre-migration advisor that evaluates the source database for feature compatibility and other limits is now included in the logical migration workflow only. You should leverage this advisor in order to better prepare for your database migration journey.

Support for Database Links

Logical Database Migration offers the possibility to establish direct Database Links between the source and the target, thus avoiding the need for a backup location as part of the migration workflow. Support for Database Links is optional, as you can also leverage a backup location such as Object Storage, NFS or the Recovery Appliance for your migration. Database Links based migration is not supported for Autonomous Database Dedicated.

Lighter ZDM Home

The Oracle ZDM software home is now lighter and more compact. Users will notice the difference already when downloading the binaries. ZDM installation and deployment has also been optimized and trimmed, allowing for an even faster instantiation of your first migration.

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