Thursday Apr 09, 2009

OTRS Jumpbox as an appliance

Do you know Jumpbox?

Jumpbox provides appliances that can be run on the Amazon Cloud. I just tested one appliance, the OTRS one. This appliance is provided to you for one hour (gratis) of test on Amazon.

Once you run in the trial, you are then able to administrate your appliance:

You can then play with OTRS (running in the cloud):

It's cool, because the setup took me less than 3 minutes. The tested configuration was:

Application Version: OTRS 2.3.4
JumpBox Version: 1.1.7 (Release Notes)
OS Version: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Download Size: 191 MB

You can also download the appliance and run it in VirtualBox 2.2.

Monday Sep 01, 2008

First steps with OpenSource Ticket Request System @ Sun

We are using Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS) to manage our pre-sales information requests with our partners. Our German colleagues are using it for two years right now, and we are spreading its usage throughout Europe.

I had today a demonstration from my colleagues, Quentin and Bernard, and i saw how easy it is to use this tool. For sure, i know Bernard, had this tool be cumbersome and not well performing, it would have not been selected.

In fact, we saw the demonstration by connecting to a computer running OpenSolaris in Strasbourg. All the users, Claude in Aix-En-Provence, Sébastien in Rennes, Quentin @ Paris and myself in Lyon were following the demonstration using vnc to connect on the OpenSolaris machine.

But, come back to OTRS.

First simply connect to the interface, the interface being localized:

View a queue:

Log a ticket if you get a phone call, handy if you have an incoming call you want to track:

The "ticket" number is unique, and when ticket is locked, it means that ticket has been taken in charge by an "agent". Two tickets can be merged if related. When a ticket is registered within OTRS, the submitter receives an acknowledgement of receipt.

Answer with a template, when you want to educate or communicate on a targeted theme:

Move the request to an other queue, for example if you need the help from an other group of persons:

More screenshots from the official OTRS website here.

Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

wikis: sandbox, links, mediacast, diagrams

You may have had a look at my previous post for creating your own wikis. Three more tricks in this post...

Preamble : Pingouins

Morale : once you are in the swimming pool, the only way to survive is to swim...


But now, you want to go further. May be the best for you is to use a sandbox. In, you have the opportunity to use the sandbox space:  I suggest that you create your own sharespace in sandbox, this way you are sure you can play without causing any collateral damages. 


Link to images or already existing files 

A very simple howto explaining how to prevent you from loading several times the same attachement in different shared space.

You have two possibilities to add a link to a previously loaded attachment or document (Thanks to Igor, original description here):

a) either put a link to an already existing space :

  • Go in edit mode of your share space and click the hyperlink iconhyperlink icon
  • In the hyperlink window, select or search the wikis space, or put the link to your attachmentLinkWindow

b) or put a link to your media files that you previously stored in

So let's say that in a summary, either you put all your attachments in a wikis share space or in, like a big depot, and then you make an hyperlink to it.
(To be honest, i was not aware of



Diagrams: with Confluence, you can also add diagrams. In Edit mode, just point your mouse to the upper right corner:diagrams

You can then create nice diagram. And we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words!



Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

How to create your own wikis

Here is a simple step by step instructions on how to create your own wikis space on

If you are a Sun employee, or a partner, you can can exchange information with this collaborative space.

A) First connection 

Just go to

  • If you are a Sun employee, login with your email adress and your Ldap password. (Login is on the top right corner)
  • If you are a partner, login with your partner login.

The first time you login, you should provide a screenname. You can use your first name. This screename will follow you on the top right.

B) Create your space

Go to the bottom of the page and click on the icon: 

Create your Space 

Choose a meanningful name for the space name. You also have to enter a space key which must be unique.

You then finish by choosing a presentation theme.

So, it's finished, but by default your page is public!

C) Give access rights.

Go to the tab "Edit" of your new space. 

You then go to the bottom of the page. There is a button marked 'Restrictions' click this then you can add groups or individuals with read/write access:

 wikis restrictions

.... and add the group sun-partners:

 Choose groups

You then click save and you are all set!

Now, you can start to add information in Edit mode, and add attachments. 

D- An example 

Below is the french wikis we have created for our partners (click to enlarge) 




Wednesday Feb 06, 2008 is a collaborative site from Sun very handy when you want to share information in a public or private way with communities.

A wiki is different from a blog. With a blog you publish in a one to many way. With a wiki site, everyone, if allowed,  can add information on a selected topic or space.

I was not using it, shame on me, before yesterday.

You create topics and you share your topic to everybody or a community of users. You can control the access rights.

A topic is a "space":


You can subscribe to a space with a RSS feed:


You can browse people's directory:


I started to share information with partners, just look at and search for French-Partner-Technical-Wiki. If you are a Sun partner, you can get it.

Our Sun wiki is software Confluence from Atlassian.




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