Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Oracle and Sun : heavy metal that rocks!

Oracle and Sun, deep inside:

I like it, good to listen

You will find more information related to our story here.

Thanks Humphrey!

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Ten years ago

It was  in February 1999, ten years ago:

And now, here we are!

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Sun Directory Master Event for our Partners

This is an invitation to attend the Sun Directory Masters Events.

The goal of the Directory Masters Events is to promote the sharing of knowledge and best practices, bring together a well known global technical community, enabling sales and deployments of the Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition and Sun OpenDS products. The Directory Master Event are organized by the Directory Engineering team with the help from marketing and Directory product leads, and offers a unique opportunity to meet with the experts that are building the product.

Send your questions or comments to

Target Audience

The Directory Masters event targets three specific audiences with one unified theme of designing, implementing and managing Directory Services solutions. All target audiences will be drawn from Sun and partner personnel (sales, service, and pro services):
. Systems engineers (sales engineers) and sales reps who finds themselves involved with large directory services projects.
. Knowledgeable pre-sales systems engineers (architects) who can benefit from an information update and who can also share their experiences with the attendees.
. Deployment personnel who can apply the knowledge and deliver Directory services solutions.

When / Where.

Event Date: April 1-2, 2009
Location: Grenoble, France


Address: Sun Microsystems
Grenoble Engineering Center
180 Avenue de l'europe, Inovallee
38334 Montbonnot cedex.

Wednesday Dec 24, 2008

2008: a year in review

As 2008 is nearly over, it's time to wrap up. As a synthesis and with some words, some interesting axes have emerged: communities, sharing knowledge, OpenSolaris, Europe.


The need, the necessity for people to regroup around themes, or initiatives that bring them together. As in January, Grenoble technical event regrouped different communities: partners, customers and developers around a single theme: software.

Sharing knowledge

It's important to know, it's even better to share what you know. And if possible with simple tools that are useful for the author and also for the readers. Wikis, SunSpace, blogs.


Clearly, a major initiative now to a point where you can use OpenSolaris on a day to day as your laptop operating system. With new capabilities that are different and superior to the concurrence (ZFS, Time slider).


Each of us has developed in his country best practices that proved to be efficient and profitable. Lead and show the direction for a change management in order to deploy a best practice from one country to an other: this is a challenge which needs to address correctly cultural differences.  

Tuesday Dec 02, 2008

Wordle and typealyzer applied to your blog

I ran typealyzer and wordle on my blog, just to get an outside view. Funny!


The analysis indicates that the author of is of the type: ESTJ - The Guardians [ESTJ].

The Guardian

The organizing and efficient type. They are especially attuned to setting goals and managing available resources to get the job done. Once they´ve made up their mind on something, it can be quite difficult to convince otherwise. They listen to hard facts and can have a hard time accepting new or innovative ways of doing things. The Guardians are often happy working in highly structured work environments where everyone knows the rules of the job. They respect authority and are loyal team players.

I also run wordle analysis on my blog, and guess what is the top subject:

wordle on

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Crucial conversations

During our last meeting, Alan indicates us that book: "Crucial conversations".

Crucial Conversations The Book

Quite interesting, the difficulty being to practice.

Here is a summary: (right click on the image and then view image to enlarge)

crucial conversations summary

Sunday Oct 12, 2008

Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy answering this question: "What do you think about when training?"

Answer: "The short term goal for that session and giving your best for that"



Monday Oct 06, 2008

Sharing files between OpenSolaris and MacOSx

Thanks to James Gosling tip described here, i am able now to share my Photos which are on my OpenSolaris laptop for the iMAC

From the laptop running Solaris, i simply share my photos directory via NFS. Go to  System->Administration ->SharedFolders and add the folder you want to share.

shared folder

Shared folder properties

Then you go to your Mac computer and do this two commands that James Gosling describes on his blog:

#ls /net/

#sudo ln -s /net/   /D

And now you can browse your photos from the MAC with the Finder application.

This way, the iMac which is on the ground level of our house can see the photos which are on my OpenSolaris laptop on the first floor. Photos are going through the ethernet cables which were inserted when we buid our house nearly 10 years ago. Last week, i just add RJ45 connectors at the end of the cables, bought a D-Link switch and put that switch behind my Freebox.

Thanks James!

Monday Sep 22, 2008

Adding memory in the laptop Toshiba Tecra M3

As i am very satisfied with my OpenSolaris on this Toshiba, i decided to upgrade with 1GB of memory. This is the reference i just

order: CORSAIR 1GB DDR2 (SO DIMM) 533Mhz PC2-4200 - VS1GSDS533D2

Kingston ValueRAM SO-DIMM DDR2-SDRAM 512 Mo - KTT533D2/512  is for laptop. (The above in blue was for desktop computer)

You can see if you have room for memory (DIMM) in the laptop with the following command:

#prtdiag -v |more
System Configuration: TOSHIBA TECRA M3
BIOS Configuration: TOSHIBA Version 1.40 11/15/2005

==== Processor Sockets ====================================

Version                          Location Tag
-------------------------------- --------------------------
                                 uFC-PGA Socket

==== Memory Device Sockets ================================

Type        Status Set Device Locator      Bank Locator
----------- ------ --- ------------------- ----------------
SDRAM       empty  -   DIMM 0              CSA 0 & 1
SDRAM       in use -   DIMM 1              CSA 2 & 3

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Understanding cultural differences

From the book "Understanding cultural differences", Edward T. Hall.

A table comparing "Intercultural relations in European business"

 Culture Dominant features     

 France  United Kingdom
 Ideology History, nation and meritocracy
Class and privacy
Order organization and discretion
  • Time
  • Space
  • Logic
  • Organisation
  • Information
  • Management style

  • Polychronic
  • Panopticon
  • Demonstration
  • Centralized
  • Network
  • Multi-competent

  • Monochronic
  • Home
  • Humor
  • Home rule
  • Power
  • Civilized

  • Monochronic
  • Compartiments
  • Procedure
  • Multi-nucleus
  • Power
  • Civilized
  • Money
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Rational

  • No money, bad luck
  • Speed/wit/eloquence
  • Speaking
  • Thesis

  • No money, no comment
  • No nonsense
  • Symbols
  • Common sense

  • No money, a washout
  • Thouroughness/Examples
  • Writing
  • The boss
 Psychology Hedonistic/Individualistic
Class conscious
 Obedient / Power conscious
 Reference area
 Western-German industrial expansion sectors
 Untranslatable Grande Ecole
 Symbols On se téléphone et on se fait une bouffe
The Continent is isolated (The Times)

Friday Aug 22, 2008

Europe optimal fragmentation

In his book "Guns, Germs ans Steel" afterword, Jared Diamond compares China unity and Europe fragmentation. Two excerpts:

"Europe's barriers were sufficient to prevent political unification, but insufficient to halt the spread of technologies and ideas. There has never been one despot who could turn off the tap for all of Europe, as of China.

"Optimal fragmentation  principle: innovation proceeds more rapidly in a society with some optimal intermediate degree of fragmentation: a too unified society is at a disavantage, and so is a too fragmented society"

Just have a look at an Eurasian map and compare it to China:

Europe map

So keep our differences, share our best practices and use a friendly version of Germs, the internet, as a viral mean for diffusion of our ideas :=) 

Wednesday May 14, 2008

14 years of T-Shirts @ SUN

48 Tshirts of souvenirs! Pele-mele or mixed, all of these T-shirts  tells a piece of my story @ Sun.

The acquisitions, the partners, the tools, the fun. As Winston Churchill said, the further backward you look, the further forward you can see. It goes all the way up to 1994!

 T Shirt

T-Shirt 2 

T Shirt 3 

T Shirt 4 

T shirt 5 

T Shirt 6 

Thursday Mar 13, 2008

Google search within StarOffice Product Update 9 and minimizer

Did you notice that Google search is present in the latest StarOffice 8 product update 9.

Google within SO 

You can search of course on the web but also within your document.

One of my colleague, Terry  Jones (thanks Terry), points me to the StarOffice minimizer:

SO minimizer 

It's very handy when you have large presentations that you want to upload. Or when you have hidden slides you do not want to show. You can download the extension here.

I just made a try on a presentation that was 1.5MB. The minimizer transformed it to a 0.9MB!

The release of StarOffice is :

SO release 

I am using it on Solaris 11:

Solaris 11 

Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

A big beast: M9000

My friend Jérome mastering the beast below (M9000). The scene is taking place in a large datacenter in France. I desperatly try to convince Jérome to forget the "beast technology" and move on to software, but that's a dead end! 


There are two system controller boards. You access them through a "classical" console with a pre-defined set of commands. Or you can access the beast with a web browser interface à la Lockart. Suffice to generate a certificate and you get through https. Up to the console commands, you can dynamically move one cpu from one board to an other board without halting the domain.  Each CMU board is a equipped with 4 cpus, each cpu @2,1Ghz being 4 cores. The system controllers are on the image below:


 Same for the I/O, you can change an I/O board without interrupting the domain:


Friday Jan 18, 2008

Software technical event @ Grenoble France, day 4, the last day

Ouf! That's finished. Really, the feeling that the effort is now at end. Stress is going away and week-end is here. We are really happy when it's finished.

Of course, everything was not perfect but  the essence was there : high quality speakers, and a big, diverse, attentive attendance.

So a very big thanks to all of you who contributed to this event. If i start to name the persons who helped me, i am afraid i can loose some names. But just know that i won't forget those who helped me in this difficult task.

But reward is here, if i believe the feedback forms, they are pretty good!

Some photos of our last day below.

Dan was the first speaker and we all heartly thanks him for coming directly from San Francisco. Dan had an hectic travel as Heathrow Airport was closed due to a BA crash. He finally made it but he had to take a train from London to Paris, then airplane from Paris to Lyon and the car from Lyon to Grenoble. Dan had a short night and the presentation was extremely well received by the audience:


 I thank Dan :






 Roman :


 Stéphanie with the campus ambassadors:


 Nicolas from the French Solaris Users Group:



Thursday Jan 17, 2008

Software technical event @ Grenoble France, day 3 : photos

(click to enlarge the photos)

Morning during the first plenary session:


Alban : 


Gilles : 








ZFS session:






 Evgeny from Mainsoft:


Stéphanie : 


Dominique Use also set up a webcam to give a glimpse of the event for GEC, Velizy and Lyon offices.

The feedback forms are coming. Indeed as an attendee, you get a goodie if you give the feedback form :=). And yes, all of you are saying it was worth coming to the event. So thanks to all the speakers today who made this event a success.

Tomorow morning please be on time at 8h30 a.m. as Dan will be there. Dan goes through an hectic travel due to Heathrow airport incident.

He had to take the train instead of the plane. Thanks Dan for going through such travel difficulties to be at Grenoble with us.

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Software technical event @ Grenoble France : day 1


(click to enlarge the photos) 


Lastly after nearly 4 months we get there: the GEC event started this morning!

The boat is full : 190 attendees coming from 20 countries for a 4 days event.

This morning the room Agora was crowded: we had to add more seats: instead of 110 registrations for the first day, 122 people came in!

Four months ago, when we started we worried so much about noshow of persons. Instead, more people came in this morning.

Stress gears up when projector gave up in the afternoon. It's was time then for the break. After the break, projector was fine for two more hours. 

The audience is very attentive and there is lot of motivation from the partners. Even after the end of the day, people are still chatting and exchanging their ideas.

So great start, and this this thanks to our speakers.

Caroline, Ghislaine 3D

and Dominique (no photo because he is the photographer), thanks for your support today...and take vitamins for the three remaining days.

But what are saying the boss?


Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Mixing communities

Next week will be our Software technical event at Grenoble Engineering Center (France)

We are waiting for 174 people from 19 countries :


Four (4) communities will be present : SUN, partners, customers and campus ambassadors :


I had the idea of this event beginning of october 2007. So four months later and with the help of many colleagues, it's G - 5. Stress is here and i hope everything will go smoothly.

In fact in 2004, we had a similar event @ Grenoble which was named Product Master Event summit. At this time, it was SUN only: no partners, no customers. I remember quite well that on the last day, during the wrap up, the question was asked if we should invite partners. Less than 5 people out of 100 answered yes. I was one of them. I have always thought that SUN should be more open to partners. Four years later, same kind of event, more than half of the attendees are external to SUN.


Wednesday Jan 09, 2008

What SUN will look like in 2008?

In 2008, will the Sun rise again?

Sun is rising 

In one year from now, my bets are here :

  •  Economic bet:
    • SUN Revenue will grow thanks to new emerging market as CIS and EMMA.
    • No comment on SUNW I had prepared a comment, but i won't make it public. I do not want to have an influence on the stock :=)
  • Technology bet:
    • Based on my own contacts with SUN 's partner ecosystem, SUN will shine with Indiana: that means that Solaris will appear progressively as the defacto linux.
    • LDOM, xVM will be key elements in the virtualization landscape. Gap with VmWare will diminish as Sun xVM matures.
  • Ecology bet :
    • As an individual, i plan to be this year an electricity producer reselling my own electricity (solar) production to the state producer of electricity. This is a natural direction where everybody participates to the network, even in the resources production. This has two sides effects : first, everybody, including corporations, tend to reduce their electricity consumption and second this lead to the optimization of resources. And of course this apply to computing resources. We will see the trend of RFP (Request For Proposals) where reduced machines electricity consumption is a requirement increasing.
    • SUN will ramp up as an innovator in that ecology space synergizing its virtualization technology.
  • The win of open over proprietary : Today, Apple and Microsoft are vibrant economic success stories. Both stories are built on proprietary technologies. SUN will continue to be different and act as a disruptive actor proposing open products supported by a community of people who share code.
  • The value of SUN brand : new partners are coming to SUN and the reason why they are coming back to SUN is that they want the SUN logo.








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