• December 3, 2014

Why does my Weblogic Server takes a Long Time to Start?

Guest Author

Here are some possible causes:

1. If you are in Linux/Solaris Operating System, you can take a look to the document below:

   How to diagnose a Linux entropy issue on WebLogic Server instances? (Doc ID 1574979.1)

   Adding -Djava.security.egd=file:///dev/urandom or -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom to JAVA_OPTIONS should help you to solve the issue.

   Low entropy can affect WLS, install an other processes, references:
   Domain Creation Hung at 70% on Linux/Solaris Machines (Doc ID 1378733.1)

2. If you are in a Solaris SPARC platform, there is a hardware limitation on this architecture, you can review the document below:

   Slow startup of WebLogic Servers on SPARC Series: T1000, T2000, T5xx0 and T3-* (Doc ID 1456488.1)    

3. Huge/complex deployments might contribute to long start-up

4. If none of the above options help, you can try collecting thread dumps e.g:

   kill -3 <PID>
   wait 10 secs
   kill -3 <PID>
   wait 10 secs
   kill -3 <PID>

   This will help us to understand why start  up is slow.
   Additional information here:


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