Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

[JavaOne 2009] Cloud/JUG leaders/JavaFx/Solaris party

Monday. San Francisco. United States

After the busy long CommunityOne day there was an official "OpenSolaris and Sun Cloud" party in the Moscone. I didn't attend as there was a sitdown dinner "Pre-JavaOne JUG Social Event" with JUG leaders at Henry's Hunan Restaurant. Wow, we had so delicious food that Doris ordered for us. Full table of different dishes. And the restaurant was full of JUG leaders, NetBeans Dream team members etc.

We stopped in the Thirsty Bear to say hello to our friends from Java FX. It seems that there is a party in this small brewery every night. Even if there isn't party they have their own set of beers. As this party ended at 10 PM and somebody told us that there is another one in ROE bar next door we wanted to move there. There was OpenSolaris party in ROE but they didn't let us in because we were not on the list. RSVP next time :).

All the JUG leaders, NetBeans dream team continued to the well-know Irish pub Chieftain on 5th and Howard. Aaron Houston was buying pitchers for the folks. The NetBeans' DreamTeam guys agreed to come to the NetBeans Platform HOL and proctor it. Thanks guys.

That was a long nite. I've met some of the guys from NB DreamTeam that I knew from emails. But now I know even the faces! Wade Chandler, Sven Reimers, Toni Epple. And bunch of other folks that were hidden somewhere for a while - as Tim Boudreau ;) And Brazilians and Dutchs are here ;)

Monday Jun 01, 2009

[Javaone 2009] Glassfish party after Unconference

Sunday. San Francisco. United States

I decided that I won't blog about the sessions that I attended as everybody does. I'll blog about the parties. Let me explain why. The sessions, BOFs, HOLs are full of the technical information and news about bleeding edge technologies however you as the attendee are usually in passive role. You just listen to somebody talking. (And sometimes it's really boring). But at parties you are meeting the people. The people that are behind and around the technologies, people that develop it and use it. And you met them at a party when they are more relaxed. You can discuss whatever you want with them - either work topic or a generic one as weather. That's why I like these parties. And, of course, free beer, free food :)

After the GlassFish 2009 unconference there was a party in Thirst Bear. At the beginning it looked as gathering of old friends. So many well-known faces. And it happens often at JavaOne parties that you are meeting the people that you knew from previous J1s. Me and Tomas finally met Craig McClanahan who is one of the author of the REST API for Sun Cloud.
I really enjoyed the party with Glassfish folks. I wanted to ask Koshuke about his talk about Hudson and Cloud. However he was faster and asked me about the our session "Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson". He was really interested in it. And then he convinced us that it would be worth to opensource it even if it's useful for testing of NetBeans IDE for now.

Are there any pictures from this party? I don't have a camera :(
Do you know where to go for "after party"? - Chieftain Irish Pub at Howard and 5th.

Saturday Mar 15, 2008

EclipseCon :NetBeans Party - free beer, free IDE, free ride

If you will be at EclipseCon on Tuesday (March 18) you shouldn't miss the NetBeans party. There will be free beer, free refreshment. You can watch the NetBeans evangelists showing some demos when you'll drink a beer (maybe the Pilsener Urquell?)- I really regret that I'll miss it. Tipsy Roumen and company on the stage...

Look at Roumen's blog for direction to the party or follow the map

So cheers to everybody who will join the party! Lukas.

Friday Dec 15, 2006

ZZ TOP at Sun's Xmas party

There is always Christmas party in Sun in Prague. This year it happend in rock club named "Blues Rock Club".
I didn't believe that all the people could fit inside the club after the experience with the last party in the same location. Fortunately, I was wrong.

There was food, beer, a talk of site director, concert of band Abraxas and more.

All hands - a little bit crowded

Abraxas on the stage

All the food is gone
I came late

ZZ TOP in action

Part of the Mobility team


Do you think that the beards of the ZZ TOP were real? YES, they were. We tried it. The Czech ZZ TOP doubles have real beards...

Saturday Nov 04, 2006

Five and half Bernards for Mobility Pack at NetBeans Release Party

There was release party to celebrate the NetBeans 5.5 (and Mobility Pack as well) on Thursday. All the developers, quality engineers, doc writers, evangelists, design gurus, etc. gathered in cellarages of club called Blues Rock Club. They partied all the night. Listen to band Votchi, danced and discussed about everything.
Bernard beer was free. Food too. Why I stuffed myself with the first course when the ribs and chicken wings flew in later?

I regret that I had to leave early. I had really serious reason ;) I didn't finish my five and half Bernard beers to celebrate the Mobility Pack release. The codename for the 5.5 was Bernard. It can seems like coincidence but IMHO it was planned. A party without beer is like NetBeans without Mobility Pack.

We received new 5.5 t-shirt. It has long sleeves. .JARa knows why...
Would you want one? Watch the - you'll have an opportunity to win some.

Front of 5.5 t-shirt

Back of 5.5 t-shirt

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