Saturday Oct 17, 2009

Java FX plugins will be part of NetBeans 6.8 Beta

NetBeans teams are working on the next release. That's obviously no big surprise. However there was a small change in the release schedule that influenced a lot of the people, including the community. If you are following the release schedule carefully then you might notice the small shift of the release dates. The main reason was the JavaFX support. The support wasn't planned for the NB 6.8 Beta originally. The main reason was that the team working on the support needed more time to stabilize the features for JavaFX SDK 1.2.1 and the new NetBeans APIs. Therefore we wanted to release the FX plugins together with a release candidate.

However it wouldn't be a good message to community that we don't have Java FX support, right? That's why we decided to ship Beta later then expected. So you should have chance to try the Java FX in NB 6.8. It will be in Beta quality and I really don't recommend it for production work. Anyway, it is better then the 6.7! Some features will be disabled as the decision to release it in Beta came in last minute and there isn't enough time to stabilize them more (more in some next post).

What are the pros / cons of the postponed Beta release?
  • +More bugs will be fixed. It should mean more stable release.
  • +Java FX will be part of the Beta.
  • -Community received M2 instead of Beta.
  • +but the M2 i in Beta quality already ;)

Saturday Sep 12, 2009

Update your Java FX SDK to 1.2.1

New version of Jav FX SDK is available for download from the site. The users of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and 6.7 can update to the new SDK directly from NetBeans IDE. We produced new update that has been published at the Update Center of NetBeans 6.7/6.7.1. The update contains the latest Java FX SDK and a bug fix for Java FX debugger #170877.

If your IDE haven't shown you the available updates then you can invoke the action in Help > Check For Updates. You have to have installed the NetBeans IDE with Java FX plugins, of course.

JavaFX plugins for NB 6.7.1 updated to SDK 1.2.1

New version of Java FX SDK is available for download from the site. The users of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and 6.7 can update to the new SDK directly from NetBeans IDE. We produced new update that has been published at the Update Center of NetBeans 6.7/6.7.1. The update contains the latest Java FX SDK and a bug fix for Java FX debugger #170877.

If your IDE haven't shown you the available updates then you can invoke the action in Help > Check For Updates. You have to have installed the NetBeans IDE with Java FX plugins, of course.

After the update new Java FX SDK 1.2.1 will appear in Java Platforms automatically. And your debugger will work better.

Friday Sep 04, 2009

Back in NetBeans team

  • Short story: I'm back in NetBeans team focusing on JavaFX tools - JavaFX Production Suite and JavaFX plugins for NB.
  • Long story: This year seems to be overloaded with changes. At the beginning of year 2009 I moved to newly established group that started a work on Sun Cloud. It looked like real challenge after all the years in the NetBeans team. Therefore I happily took the chance to learn some new things. Here is the summary of the lessons that I took from it:
    • I'll never be real hardware fan nor sysadmin. Although I could pretend that I understand what they talk about I don't like it "so much" (and most of the time don't understand). The enthusiasm of people taking blades out of chassis and adding a FEM to the blade machine makes me wonder (all these actions happen in "cold lab" - noisy area with less than 20 degrees of Celsius).
    • Sometimes you need strict processes. I had to interact with the people from the cloud startup company acquired by SUN and I was surprised how the "common" things surprised them (I probably used to the processes for long time). Complete cultural difference. That's the place where you have to improve your communication skills and empathy.
    • What the hell is cloud? There is no simple answer. If you look for simple answers look at the sky. There might be a cloud.
    • Testing product without well defined build is as hard as reading book without numbers on pages. There is a hundred ways how you can combine modules together (and when you add an update as a way to get a new module version then it became real nightmare).
    • There is always a way how to get to your goal. Sometimes you have to take shortcut that might be longer however you'll get there.

    After 8 months they moved us back to the NetBeans team. Don't ask why, I don't know. I took over the Fabiola's responsibility for the Java FX Production Suite and Java FX plugins for NetBeans. I'm quite new in this area however testing methodology is always the same, isn't it?. It seems that I cannot escape the JavaFX anymore (and I tried for last year).

Friday Jun 19, 2009

NetBeans Platform Hands-on Lab at JavaOne 2009

Hands on labs are always great at JavaOne. You aren't just listening to a presentation but you can try a technology on real machine. And there is plenty of people ready to help you with an advice when you got lost. You can imagine the session as a tutorial that you are doing with help of friend. We set up everything for you - documentation, environment,room, speakers and the proctors that wil help. You just sit down to a computer and get your hands dirty with the code ;)

This year Jiri Rechtacek and me prepared HOL about NetBeans Platform. The HOL provides you a short overview of the most important NetBeans APIs. The scenario of the tutorial is pretty simple - transform an existing Swing application to application based on NetBeans Platform. At the end you'll find out that the application looks the same but it's much more easier to create it because you can just focus on the business logic. The other things that you usually have to bother with desktop application as windows management, modules management etc. have been solved by the NetBeans Platform.

The HOL will be available on the official JavaOne online pages soon. For those who would like to try it immediately you can download the ZIP that we provided to NetBeans Dream Team. Enjoy it!

I'd like to thank to the NetBeans Dream Team members that joined the HOL. These guys really helped to increase the HOL quality with their experience with the NetBeans Platform. Who could be better proctor than somebody who use the product in daily work and makes money from it. Great thanks go to Toni Epple, Sven Reimers , Florian Vogler, Wade Chandler and Rich Unger. Thank you, guys!

Geertjan and Tone had a similar technical session TS-3886 Porting an Application to the NetBeans Platform where they explained more reasons the NetBeans Platform and how it helps developers.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

Saying bye to NetBeans...

After 8 years with NetBeans IDE it's time for a change. I accepted offer to join a new group that will work closely with the Q-layer company that SUN has bought recently. It's a new challenge, a new opportunity to learn new things and also chance to be part of team that builds up a new product. It was wonderful time with the guys/gals that are beyond the NetBeans IDE. I'll stay in touch as I really like the NetBeans - ok, ok, not the whole NetBeans IDE. My favorite parts are Mobility and Platform.

I won't have time to write blogs about the new in NetBeans platform as I did together with the NB Platform QE team at As I said I plan to stay in the huge crowd of NetBeans fans so I may blog about some news time to time. However it will be probably harder and harder because I've just moved to another office where I won't have daily chats with the guys working on NetBeans IDE. On the other hand I promised to Geertjan to work on the NBPodcast with him. Lot of changes happened here in last month(s).

-So long, and thanks for all the beans-

Before you'll ask what I'll do now... Right now I have head in Clouds. I'm looking at new SUN's cloud solution (whatever it means).

Friday Feb 27, 2009

JavaFX on real phones. WOW.

I've just noticed following announcements from SE and Sun. That's pretty cool news. I've been quite skeptic about JFX success however it seems that I was wrong. And I'm quite happy about it. Do you think that there will be a phone with JFX available at JavaOne? Do you remember SavaJe's Jasper S20?

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

JavaOne 2009 - two hands on lab accepted

That's great news (at least for me). They accepted two of two proposals for hands-on lab that I submitted. That's the best result that I've ever achieved ;) If you are curious what happened to your proposals for sessions or BOFs then please note that this are hands-on labs(HOL). The HOLs proposals can be submitted only by SUNs employees and the acceptance process is little bit different than in case of sessions and BOFs. I'm looking forward if any of the sessions that we submitted will be accepted too.

The proposals:
  • Save Your Time : Build Quickly Apps With RCP - (Lukas Hasik, Jiri Rechtacek) - In this hands-on lab we will show you how you can easily port an existing Swing application into an application based on NetBeans RCP/Platform. Then we will enhance existing functionality of the application with set of features that would be hard to implement on your own but are provided by the platform. The result of the session will be cool professionally-looking and easily extensible application that demonstrates the main APIs of the NetBeans Platform.
  • Touch your application! - Building slick, touch-enabled UI for Java ME - (Lukas Hasik, Karol Harezlak) - During this hand-on lab participants will learn about challenges and problems in every day UI development for Java ME for touch screen based devices. This hand-on lab will also explain architecture the Rich SVG UI widgets. The Rich SVG UI touch enabled library helps to speed up process of designing slick and modern UI for touch screen devices. During this hand-on lab we are going to discuss most common scenarios for this type of UI development illustrated by source code examples as well as UI screen shots and schemas. At the end of the hands-on lab the attendees can take the application home in their phones. As the Rich SVG UI widgets supports also devices without touch screen the application will work on most of the devices with SVG API for J2ME(JSR226).

There is lot of work on these HOLs as they are bright new ones based on latest features in NetBeans IDE. Another thing is if there will be money for the trip to California.

Friday Jan 23, 2009

Good luck to all the RIFed colleges

Yesterday lot of my colleagues from the Sun offices all around the world left the company because of the reduction in force (RIF). I wanted to say "Good bye and thank you for all the contributions to NetBeans IDE". I hope that you'll be fine soon. These are not the best days to get riffed when there is a financial crises out there.

It is not easy to find out who left and who is staying. When your email to somebody's address returns it could be the sign. The Prague NetBeans team wasn't affected too much however there are some losses...

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Another Product of the Year Award for NetBeans

"It is worth noting that in the past Sun has been able to dominate many categories, but it took multiple products to achieve that distinction. This year one product, NetBeans, dominated the categories by winning five out of twelve." -

Congratulations to NetBeans! They won following categories.
  • Development Tool - NetBeans Platform
  • Development Utilities - NetBeans Profiler
  • Wireless/Mobile - NetBeans Mobility Pack for Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 5.5
  • Java Tool - NetBeans IDE
  • Open Source - NetBeans
I'm quite confused about the victory of the Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5. Isn't it quite old release? I worked on it a few years ago. However the developers voted therefore it's their choice.

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