Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Go, Go dances with NetBeans 6.9 Beta

There are some things that I really like on open sourced NetBeans. The project is quite open - in meaning it shares informations with public. We are approaching Beta release. All the Go / NoGo decisions from Quality Assurance department are public an online. As we are testig the final bits of NetBeans 6.9 BETA we provide our results into table at From the history you could find that there were a few re-spins of the Beta. Testing, fixes, re-built, and again...

Right now there is one NoGo for the Beta however the problem seems to be on kenai side therefore we aren't able to do anything with this bug. We should expect the Beta soon when all the infrastructure, upload etc. problems will be solved.

I almost forget to remind you that there will be JavaFX plugins available in this Beta and the latest JavaFX Composer will be part of the build as well. Look for the JavaFX or All distributions.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

New blog for JavaFX Composer

As there are more people that could blog about the JavaFX Composer for Netbeans IDE, we decided to create a new team blog. In the blog you should find information, notes and ideas about and around JavaFX Composer.

As I don't want to loose my visitors and subscribers that hold me in 100 most "Popular Blog" at, I'll continue to post some news about JavaFX Composer even in this blog too.

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 Milestone 1

NetBeans 6.9 Milestone 1 is out. Do you want to know why there is NO JavaFX support? Read the New and Noteworthy.

Ok, I'll tell you. You'll find the same in the New and Noteworthy anyway. The JavaFX plugins in NetBeans 6.9 will support the next JavaFX SDK that haven't been published yet. And as there is no runtime(SDK) available yet it has no sense to publish the tools. Stay tuned for a "public" release.

Monday Feb 15, 2010

Java FX Composer Preview2

Another milestone of the JavaFX Composer was released just a few hours ago. Get it from the NetBeans Update Center. It works with NetBeans 6.8 Patch1 (do not try it with development build or milestone1 of NB 6.9, please). I'll summarize new features briefly because the wiki pages about the new features is very descriptive and updated.

New and noteworthy:
  • Shapes - you can now add the shapes into your design. Most of the JavaFX 1.2.3 are available (what's missing?). Anyway, don't miss the CTRL+move feature.
  • Animation on States - specify default "interpolar" and "duration" for all animations in a state. It's very easy - look at the tutorial ;)
  • Data Support improved - read AND write. XML, JSON, JDBC, GET or POST. You should try it. Look at demos...
  • JavaFX Effects - with all effects available in JavaFX 1.2.3 SDK, no comment.
  • Colors - now in palette. And in customizer.
  • Templates - the "Exclusively Visible" template has new options. Find out which
  • Charts - experimental for now. However they work. It's a bit complicated for first time however you'll get used to it - look at the tutorial. IMO, we have to create a demo for next Milestone.
  • Samples - a few new ones and improved old ones. Check them online Google Image Search, Twitter Client, Magic Label II

Monday Feb 08, 2010

NetBeans 6.8 Patch 1 - looot of fixes for JavaFX

Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.8 has been released on Friday 2/5/2010. Update your IDE to get the latest JavaFX SDK 1.2.3 and 36 fixes in JavaFX area.

disclaimer: all opinions/comments/ideas in this blog represent my view of the world. They may differ from a view or an opinion of my current/recent/future employer. All feature/product reviews/screencasts or presentations were taken from a parallel universe and are not connected with anything you know if not stated differently.

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

[plan] NetBeans 6.9 roadmap

The next release of NetBeans will be called 6.9. There were some objections against this number (the same were a time ago against 6.6).

The main drivers for this release will be JavaFX and NetBeans Platform. There are some additional themes as JDK7, JavaEE 6, editor improvements etc... The plan of the release is quite simple
Milestone Start End Weeks
M1 Dev 1/042/01 4
M1 Stabilization 2/012/15 2
M1 Release 2/17
M2 Dev 2/153/15 4
Feature Freeze 3/15
M2 Stabilization 3/154/05 2
M2 Release 4/07
Beta Stabilization 4/054/26 3
Beta Release 4/28
FCS Stabilization 4/265/24 4
Code Freeze 5/24
RC Cycle 5/246/21 4
FCS 6/23

If you are interested in more details look at You will find bug criteria, dashboards, supported platforms and more at the page.

It will be really tough to get the release out after the reduction of the NetBeans' team. And nobody knows what will happen when the Oracle will enter the door. Will it influence the schedule and themes?

Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

[Screencast] NetBeans 6.8 JavaFX features - basic

Screencast of some of the features of JavaFX plugins in NetBeans 6.8.

Aren't you surprised by these features? It wasn't easy to achieve it with current JavaFX SDK. Enjoy it!

Monday Dec 14, 2009

Java FX Composer (Preview) is AVAILABLE

The JavaFX Composer is a plug-in for NetBeans IDE 6.8. It provides:
  • Visual editor for a form-like UI using components in JavaFX 1.2.1 SDK
  • Dynamic design editing based on states
  • Data access to Web Services, databases and local storages
  • Support for JavaFX binding
  • Simple animation editor
  • Multi-screen-size editing

Please note that this is "only" preview release. Try it, play with it and let us know at users-AT-javafx.netbeans-DOT-org:
  • what you liked
  • what you would improve
  • what you didn't like
  • what bugs you found
  • any other comments and improvements

[FXComposer] Creating simple app in JavaFX Composer - screencast

In this screencast I'll create a simple application that will rotate and zoom in the NetBeans logo. You'll see following things:
  • You can use the FXZ resources in the design
  • Aligning components on design screen is easier with guide lines
  • Adding animations to change a component property is easy with customizer
  • What are the "states" good for
  • etc.

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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