Thursday Jun 26, 2008

Changing teams - bye, bye, Mobility

I used to be the quality assurance engineer and later team lead of the QA for last 5 years. I like the product - NetBeans Mobility. I liked the team that was working on it. Unfortunately, I had to leave the team two weeks ago. No, I haven't left SUN. I just moved to the Core&Platform QA. When I started to lead both QA teams half a year ago it seemed doable. But later on we discovered that there is not enough resources in the QA team in Prague to cover all the functionality we had been responsible for. We had to pass something to different teams in different SUN's offices. Bye, bye, Mobility, my very loved child. I hope that the new team in St. Petersburg will keep the quality on the same level. Actually, they have to :) I'm still watching the project. (I didn't mean it offensive...) Good luck to Ivan and Andrei.

What this change means for me? I'll have more time to focus on only one thing. For now it will be the NetBeans Platform and the Core NetBeans functionality.

What it means for you? I won't blog about Mobility much in future, probably. I'll blog about more about NetBeans Platform and IDE.

Monday Oct 22, 2007

Questions and Answers On NetBeans

Tomorrow (10/23/2007) at 10 AM Pacific Time (6 PM Greenwich time) there will be a talk about NetBeans IDE. Everybody is welcome to join it. Just click the link to register.
  • Trey Spiva, UML Architect
  • David Folk, Product Line Manager, Sun Grid
  • Martin Ryzl , Engineering Manager, Mobility Tools
  • Sergey Lunegov , Engineering Manager, SOA Tools
  • Pavel Buzek , NetBeans Architect
Martin asked me to invite as many people interested in Mobility Pack as possible. Ask him as tough questions as possible, please ;) The more the better. It might be interesting for me unfortunatelly I do have a agenda for this time.

Wednesday Mar 28, 2007

[TIP] Using ColorSchema for TableItem

There is custom component TableItem available in palette of NetBeans Mobility Pack. It was added in version 5.0 of the Mobility Pack. Later we discovered that the TableItem displays in black color only on some devices - e.g. BlackBerry. There are issues filled for those problems 79625, 80447.

The "all in black" problem is mostly caused by the wrong return values of getDisplay().getColor(Display.COLOR_\*);. It returns 0 for all the Display.COLOR_\* constants on BlackBerry.

This issue can be solved in Mobility Pack 5.5 (and later) with ColorSchema class. Look at the image on the right side. The table looks definitely better.
You can specify what ColorSchema should be used by your TableItem by calling method aTableItem.setColorSchema(ColorSchema schema);.

Example of ColorSchema Usage

I will define a ColorSchema first.
ColorSchema myOwnColorSchema = new ColorSchema() {
            public int WHITE = 0xffffff;
            public int BLACK = 0x000000;
            public Image getBackgroundImage() {
                return null; //there won't be any background image
            public int getBackgroundImageAnchorPoint() {
                return 0; //there won't be any background image
            public int getColor(int aColorSpecifier) {
                switch (aColorSpecifier) {
                    case Display.COLOR_BACKGROUND:
                    case Display.COLOR_HIGHLIGHTED_FOREGROUND:
                        return WHITE;
                    case Display.COLOR_HIGHLIGHTED_BACKGROUND:
                    case Display.COLOR_BORDER:
                    case Display.COLOR_HIGHLIGHTED_BORDER:
                    case Display.COLOR_FOREGROUND:
                        return BLACK;
                        return BLACK;
            public boolean isBackgroundImageTiled() {
                return false;//there won't be any background image
            public boolean isBackgroundTransparent() {
                return false;//there won't be any background image

The ColorSchema is abstract class therefore you have to implement its methods when you are creating it.

Then I'll use the color schema for my TableItem. It's highly recommended to access the components used in Visual Design by the getter methods(get_).

You can download sample project. It shows how to use the ColorSchema. It will display the settings of your device too.

Saturday Dec 02, 2006

Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC bundles CDC platform

We are going to produce RC1 of NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC next week (hopefully). There is lot of bugfixes in this RC.
There is one more big news. The Sun Java Toolkit for CDC is bundled in the Mobility Pack for CDC installer. It definitelly ioncreased the size of the installer but it will increase usability. Now the Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC works out-of-box. Just install it and you can start working. Cool.

On the right side is screen shot of the new skin of the CDC Toolkit emulator. Doesn't look cool? (the screenshot was taken on Windows Vista)
The only sad thing about the Sun Java Toolkit for CDC is that it supports only AGUI. It means that if you want develop an Personal Profile application you will have to download another emulator (SDK).

Do you want to try it?

Wednesday Nov 29, 2006

Milestone 5 skipped

Lot of changes in NetBeans source base. The new java infrastructure was integrated into NetBeans. The plus is that the editor is nicer, now we have 15 code completions etc. The minus is that Mobility Pack, all other modules that depended on the old MDR have to be rewritten to the new java infrastructure - Retouche. It will take some time... More then everybody expected. Hopefully at the end we will have Mobility Pack working again. The Mobility daily builds are without the main features now. Someday the builds didn't run at all.

That's are the reason why we don't publish Mobility Pack Milestone 5.

UPDATE: I forgot to notice - There is NetBeans Milestone 5 available. Do you wanna taste new editor features? Go and try it!

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

WTK on linux again...

That's the good news that you were waiting for. There will be WTK 2.5 for Linux.
To be strict: There will be Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC for Fedora Core.
How many of j2me developers is out there? Or did they convinced you to switch to windows?

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

For studens - Ricoh & the Sun Java™ Platform Programming Contest

Sun and RICOH announced 3rd year of "Ricoh & the Sun Java™ Platform Programming Contest".
Only students and universities can join it. The registration has already started. The contest ends on January 15th. The last year winners won ticket to JavaOne.

You can use the NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC to develop your application.

Saturday Nov 04, 2006

Five and half Bernards for Mobility Pack at NetBeans Release Party

There was release party to celebrate the NetBeans 5.5 (and Mobility Pack as well) on Thursday. All the developers, quality engineers, doc writers, evangelists, design gurus, etc. gathered in cellarages of club called Blues Rock Club. They partied all the night. Listen to band Votchi, danced and discussed about everything.
Bernard beer was free. Food too. Why I stuffed myself with the first course when the ribs and chicken wings flew in later?

I regret that I had to leave early. I had really serious reason ;) I didn't finish my five and half Bernard beers to celebrate the Mobility Pack release. The codename for the 5.5 was Bernard. It can seems like coincidence but IMHO it was planned. A party without beer is like NetBeans without Mobility Pack.

We received new 5.5 t-shirt. It has long sleeves. .JARa knows why...
Would you want one? Watch the - you'll have an opportunity to win some.

Front of 5.5 t-shirt

Back of 5.5 t-shirt

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