Sunday May 24, 2009

jOpenSpace 2009

OpenSpace is new format of conference or we should can it rather un-conference.

Last year I attended the first jOpenSpace conference organised by Srakyi and guys from Inmite. It was awesome experience. Last weekend I attended second year. The event happened in the same cottage "Jizerka" as the last year. It was weekend full of information about Java and technologies. There was also lot of fun etc.

Last year everybody took it too much seriously (it means we spent the whole weekend in room with beamer and talked about java) so I was little bit afraid that it could be the exact opposite way this year. I was really surprised. It seemed to me that organisers managed to find the right balance between the sessions and other relaxing activities. Breath taking was the set of lighting talks that followed the format "7 minutes is enough". Sometimes it was hard to explain the whole problem/solution/topic in 7 minutes. And because we had 2 rooms we split into two separated groups during the open space talks. Because we managed to keep all the talks in 7 minutes there was space for almost everybody to show something interesting about Java, programming or IT.

We relaxed in late evenings with beers however most of the discussions were about Java again. The most successful hands on lab from last year had to be repeated. IMO, everybody would agree that the "hands on wine" deserves to be repeated every year. And believe or not the location for next event should be a wine cellar (as the rumor sayz).
Jizerske mountains are nice place even if you got lost and have to cross Jizera river by foot. Fortunately, the river is born close to place were we took a "shortcut" and we were able to jump over it.

I definitely enjoyed the whole jOpenSpace again. I will not list the lighting talks and the openspace discussions here as you can find them on the conference pages - The records from sessions will be published soon including audio and even video records!

My favourite talks and discussions were "Hands on wine", "Cloud Computing - next SOA?", "OpenSolaris - ssytem for operators", "What problems you should solve as first", "Scrum accessories", "PIM & google map" and definitely some others that I don't remember now ;)

I'm looking forward for next year. I will pray to java gods to invite me again as the un-conference is per invitation only. OTOH, there was a short call for papers. Watch the around April next year. Maybe there will be again some call for papers and you will be able to attend third year of jOpenSpace. Or I have even better idea - organise another un-conference by yourself ;)


Tuesday Aug 05, 2008

JOpenSpace - weekend not only about Java[.cz]

JOpenSpace is not a class in a new java framework. It is a name of new open space conference that happened in Jizerske mountains last weekend (8/1 - 8/3).
There were 23 people from different companies from Czech Republic - from Znojmo to Ceske Budejovice. The gathering had very friendly informal spirit. The knowledge sharing and the value of the informations that I learned was definitely better than at any other conference that I have attended. Thanks for the organizing it goes to Srakyi. As he explained in the starting session they were inspired by JavaPosse Roundups. Therefore they prepared something similar for Czech Java community. This time it was closed session therefore you could get in on invitation only. It may change for next years but the number of attendees will be limited anyway to keep the "nice familiar atmosphere".

I won't write about the talks in details. The list will be published at Hopefully they will publish some records from the talks as well. They will be in Czech language( another reason to learn it ;)).

I really regret that I haven't been at any CZ JUG session yet. The people around it are very nice. They didn't punished me when I told them that I haven't attended any JUG session yet. And I'll fix it soon. I didn't prepared any lightning talk because we were busy with the NB 6.5 Beta testing however it seems that nobody would be interested in the Mobility Pack. Most of the people were oriented to the web technologies. Maybe they would like the wizards for creating mobile clients to server side? Who knows. Anyway we were not able to finish all the topics that were on the list. And I participated in some of the open space talks where anybody can say something to the topic. Some of the topic were exactly what I would come up if somebody else wouldn't put it on the list earlier.

The session that I liked the most were not connected to the programming or java at all - "Injuries caused by mouse and keyboard" and "Testing of wine from Moravia". They were very successful and everybody participated in.
I'd like to mention some other topics and technologies that we touched or talked about - documentation, Selenium IDE, Spring, Terracotta, AndroMDA, Groovy, JavaFX Mobile, Android, FindBugs+PathFinder, SCRUM, etc.

More info:

My tips for next years or open space conferences in general:
  • Keep the time for Lightning talks. They must be lightning otherwise it is just a presentation
  • There should be more "sessions" at the same time. It will allow the people to change "session" when they don't like it.
  • There should be more space for relax. The sessions were very interesting however a little bit of sport activities would reset the minds and enable us concentrate more again. We had to make a individual break for a "nohejball" match with Dagi, Filemon, Karol, Honza and Pavol. Guess who won ;)

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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