Friday Jul 10, 2009

JavaOne Hands-on Labs 2009 are online

All the JavaOne Hands-on Labs from this year are published at the Sun Developer Network. These "tutorials" will allow to get your hands dirty with the latest greatest technologies. However you'll miss the best part and that's the explanation of the speakers and help of proctors at J1. I almost missed the opportunity to advertise the NetBeans RPC HOL ;)

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

[JavaOne 2009] Cloud/JUG leaders/JavaFx/Solaris party

Monday. San Francisco. United States

After the busy long CommunityOne day there was an official "OpenSolaris and Sun Cloud" party in the Moscone. I didn't attend as there was a sitdown dinner "Pre-JavaOne JUG Social Event" with JUG leaders at Henry's Hunan Restaurant. Wow, we had so delicious food that Doris ordered for us. Full table of different dishes. And the restaurant was full of JUG leaders, NetBeans Dream team members etc.

We stopped in the Thirsty Bear to say hello to our friends from Java FX. It seems that there is a party in this small brewery every night. Even if there isn't party they have their own set of beers. As this party ended at 10 PM and somebody told us that there is another one in ROE bar next door we wanted to move there. There was OpenSolaris party in ROE but they didn't let us in because we were not on the list. RSVP next time :).

All the JUG leaders, NetBeans dream team continued to the well-know Irish pub Chieftain on 5th and Howard. Aaron Houston was buying pitchers for the folks. The NetBeans' DreamTeam guys agreed to come to the NetBeans Platform HOL and proctor it. Thanks guys.

That was a long nite. I've met some of the guys from NB DreamTeam that I knew from emails. But now I know even the faces! Wade Chandler, Sven Reimers, Toni Epple. And bunch of other folks that were hidden somewhere for a while - as Tim Boudreau ;) And Brazilians and Dutchs are here ;)

Monday Jun 01, 2009

[Javaone 2009] Glassfish party after Unconference

Sunday. San Francisco. United States

I decided that I won't blog about the sessions that I attended as everybody does. I'll blog about the parties. Let me explain why. The sessions, BOFs, HOLs are full of the technical information and news about bleeding edge technologies however you as the attendee are usually in passive role. You just listen to somebody talking. (And sometimes it's really boring). But at parties you are meeting the people. The people that are behind and around the technologies, people that develop it and use it. And you met them at a party when they are more relaxed. You can discuss whatever you want with them - either work topic or a generic one as weather. That's why I like these parties. And, of course, free beer, free food :)

After the GlassFish 2009 unconference there was a party in Thirst Bear. At the beginning it looked as gathering of old friends. So many well-known faces. And it happens often at JavaOne parties that you are meeting the people that you knew from previous J1s. Me and Tomas finally met Craig McClanahan who is one of the author of the REST API for Sun Cloud.
I really enjoyed the party with Glassfish folks. I wanted to ask Koshuke about his talk about Hudson and Cloud. However he was faster and asked me about the our session "Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson". He was really interested in it. And then he convinced us that it would be worth to opensource it even if it's useful for testing of NetBeans IDE for now.

Are there any pictures from this party? I don't have a camera :(
Do you know where to go for "after party"? - Chieftain Irish Pub at Howard and 5th.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

My Presentations at CommunityOne/JavaOne 2009

This is a follow up of my last post - Trip to JavaOne canceled. Fortunately, a miracle happened and my trip was renewed. The main reason is that my session "Test your product on multiple machines in parallel with Hudson" has been accepted for the CommunityOne event. Hurray!

See you in San Francisco.

Wednesday May 06, 2009

Trip to JavaOne canceled

Yesterday, they canceled my trip to JavaOne. I'm really angry. That should be the best JavaOne ever. 3 proposals accepted. I spent some nights preparing the Hands-on lab materials. I feel that the Cloud will kill me. Or at least it is making everything cloudy.

If you are going to J1 then say hello to Golden Gate for me. And enjoy the conference, of course. There is plenty of nice sessions, don't forget to visit some of the parties (Jboss, Glassfish, etc.), and there will be CommunityOne day on Monday again.

Looot of good stuff that I'll miss.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

JavaOne 2009 - two hands on lab accepted

That's great news (at least for me). They accepted two of two proposals for hands-on lab that I submitted. That's the best result that I've ever achieved ;) If you are curious what happened to your proposals for sessions or BOFs then please note that this are hands-on labs(HOL). The HOLs proposals can be submitted only by SUNs employees and the acceptance process is little bit different than in case of sessions and BOFs. I'm looking forward if any of the sessions that we submitted will be accepted too.

The proposals:
  • Save Your Time : Build Quickly Apps With RCP - (Lukas Hasik, Jiri Rechtacek) - In this hands-on lab we will show you how you can easily port an existing Swing application into an application based on NetBeans RCP/Platform. Then we will enhance existing functionality of the application with set of features that would be hard to implement on your own but are provided by the platform. The result of the session will be cool professionally-looking and easily extensible application that demonstrates the main APIs of the NetBeans Platform.
  • Touch your application! - Building slick, touch-enabled UI for Java ME - (Lukas Hasik, Karol Harezlak) - During this hand-on lab participants will learn about challenges and problems in every day UI development for Java ME for touch screen based devices. This hand-on lab will also explain architecture the Rich SVG UI widgets. The Rich SVG UI touch enabled library helps to speed up process of designing slick and modern UI for touch screen devices. During this hand-on lab we are going to discuss most common scenarios for this type of UI development illustrated by source code examples as well as UI screen shots and schemas. At the end of the hands-on lab the attendees can take the application home in their phones. As the Rich SVG UI widgets supports also devices without touch screen the application will work on most of the devices with SVG API for J2ME(JSR226).

There is lot of work on these HOLs as they are bright new ones based on latest features in NetBeans IDE. Another thing is if there will be money for the trip to California.

Wednesday May 07, 2008

Failed demos at JavaOne

I decided to collect and list all the demos that failed during JavaOne in this post. Because I'm not able to visit all the general sessions I'd be very glad to get some tips from my readers.

It quite usual that the demo fails just and only during the presentation. I call it demo effect. You can test/dry-run how many times you want but it will happen anyway :) I'm QA guy therefore I know that there isn't anything like bugless software. However I don't get it why all the bugs appear at presentation time.

Failed demos list
  • Kindle doesn't download - however it works when you are not on the stage. For Ian it works even from a seat in first row.
  • Java FX Connected Life - failed 3 times. Poor Nandini, she did it again ;)

Monday May 05, 2008

[J1-2008] Day -2 : Glassfish and dim sum

Sunday. It started as day off. We decided to have a small dim sum brunch at Chinatown. Jarda came up with the idea. And I have to thank him. It was unsharable experience.
We walked through the Chinatown to look for a dim sum restarant. Most of them were closed. It was 10 AM. By accident we found a nice one. It was somewhere on Washington street. There were just us and the local Chinese people. Altrought the menu was in Chinese only the ordering of dim sum was easy. They show you a basket with dim sum you take it or not. When you are really afraid of what is inside you ask :)
Picture is worth thousand words in this case...

Dim sum

Inside of the Imperial Palace restaurant

Then the registration for JavaOne started afternoon. The goodies look a little bit worse this time. Maybe it's because everything is eco or green this time. Wooden pen and eco light. Cool.

I went to start up camp and glassfish unconference. It was informal meeting (actually lot of meetings at the same time) about interesting topics.

Then there was Glassfish party at Thirsty Bear. Party madness started :) They served a special drink - Glassfish raspberry lemonade. The drink shined.

Glassfish raspberry lemonade

Saturday May 03, 2008

[J1] San Francisco - the way, the stay

My trip to San Francisco started at the Prague airport. I took the flight to Munich with Lufthansa. I knew that I fly with DEHAVILLAND DASH 8 TURBOPROP aircraft however when I saw it I was surprised. And I remembered Roumen's blog entry about the same kind of aircraft (but I cannot find it now). The trip was amazing. The only thing that I missed was the parachute backpack on my back. I'd feel more comfortable. To be honest, we arrived on time. My baggage wasn't lost yet.

Thanks to my new VAIO with extra battery I was able to work on the presentation for JavaOne when I waited at the airports. I can watch movies too ;)

The other flight (Munich - San Francisco) was just boring Airbus A346 JET. I really liked the LCD panel. I could play movies when I wanted. That was improvement to my latest experience (but they didn't offer any games, why Lufthansa, why?).

I arrived to San Francisco downtown in night therefore I was scared if my reservation in Pickwick hotel wasn't canceled because I forgot to let them know about my late arrival. Fortunately, there were no problem therefore I could fall asleep finally in nice bed.

In the Saturday morning I woke up early, jet leg, of course. I took a short walk in around the block. And I took a few pictures of Moscone center and the JavaOne eye-catchers. I'm getting used to the time shift and the inches and foot.

I bought a SIM card to be available for the emergency calls about my lab. It allowed me to get into touch with Martin B. too. He gave me a drive to pizza party in John's house close to Half Moon bay. Last year there was burger party. This year John built up a pizza oven. He cooked delicious homemade pizza. Wow, pizza oven is what I need in my house! Great pizza whenever you want.

Preparing the pizza

Pizza oven can be useful in many ways when it is cold outside

Friday Apr 18, 2008

LAB-6400 Create Your Own Mobile Game

I impressed. My LAB-6400 Create Your Own Mobile Game is full already. No empty seats for late-coming attendees. Maybe you can sit on floor if you really want to join.

This will be BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session and if you don't need a table and chair then you are welcome. I'm curios how we will handle it. I'm prepared to lot of questions and problem about the configuration of your laptop. If you will show up at the hands-on lab and you'd like to help us then prepare your machine.

You will need following software installed: If you don't plan to connect the application to webservice then the NetBeans Mobility 6.0.1 distribution is enough. If you plan to connect the mobile application to server backend then you need the Mobility End to End module that is available either on Update Center or is part of the ALL distribution.

The result of the lab will be a game application with name "Lost Duke". There is a flow diagram of the application bellow.


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