Monday Oct 26, 2009

[Mac] NetBeans 6.8 Beta and Java ME SDK 3.0 EA

Iwan wanted to know if the Java ME SDK works with the NetBeans 6.8 Beta. And if it could e available at Update Center to let you download the SDK directly from NetBeans.

NetBeans and Java ME SDK - picture is worth a thousand words...

Open "Tools > Java Platforms"

Press the "Add Platform" button

Select the "Java ME MIDP Platform Emulator"

Browse to your Java ME SDK location - usually /Applications/Java_ME_SDK_3.0

Platform has been found

Java ME SDK 3.0 Ea as module at NB Udate Center - this is most probably worthless as there is no added value then that the users find it quickly. The maintenance of the modules at UC takes a lot of time. You have to upload it, test it, then you have to be careful when the final version appears and remove it from UC or replace with the new version. I can't see any volunteer ;)
OTOH, the module with the SDK would just download it and install it. If you brave enough to use Early Access yhis steps - download, install - will warn you that you are doing something "special".

Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Java ME SDK 3.0 on Mac? EA is here

Lot of the users were asking when the Java ME SDK will be available at the Mac. The time has come. Now. If you want to try the new release of the Java ME SDK for Mac then the Early Access is available for download.

As it is early access provide your feedback to the guys who developed it at their blog

AFAIK, only the CLDC/MIDP devices are available for the Mac. And two devices with JavaFX support.
Note: the Java ME SDK for Mac won't be in NetBeans 6.8 as its final version won't be ready when the NB will ship.

Monday Sep 07, 2009

[Review] LWUIT 1.1 for Java ME Developers

I was asked by the Packt Publishing to review new book about Lightweight Toolkit for MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. During those long nights when I reviewed the book I learned a lot about the LWUIT and had a lot of fun. For those who don't have any experience with LWUIT or would like to start an UI in Java ME it's recommended reading. The LWUIT gives you APIs that allows you to create nice UI. And with the Themes it is easy to change the look and feel of your application.

Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to LWUIT
  • Chapter 2: Components
  • Chapter 3: The Container Family
  • Chapter 4: The Label Family
  • Chapter 5: List and ComboBox
  • Chapter 6: TextArea and TextField
  • Chapter 7: Arranging Widgets with Layout Managers
  • Chapter 8: Creating a Custom Component
  • Chapter 9: Resources Class, Resource File and LWUIT Designer
  • Chapter 10: Using Themes
  • Chapter 11: Adding Animations and Transitions
  • Chapter 12: Painters
  • Chapter 13: Effects and Logging—Useful Utilities


Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

[javazone] [Day 1] Presentation is over

Today it was really hard day for me. Day full of activities and informations. I knew that it will be hard when Karol's phone woke me up in the morning after the speakers party. I would rather sleep then run to the start of the presentations ;)

However I spent almost whole day in speakers lounge because we were finalizing the presentation for our talk in evening. So, the only presentation that I've seen was "Project Hydrazine". The talk was fine but I missed a demo. And I have to say that I really liked following thing here at JavaZone. There are the lab rooms where you can watch the presentations. But if the room is crowded that they won't let you in. Then you can pick up headset, sit in the expo area and watch huge screens under the roof. Pretty useful.

We worked on the presentation at afternoon because we wanted to show as much as we could about NetBeans Mobility and Java ME. We had Java ME Platform SDK. Pre-EA version. EA will be available soon. But it didn't worked on my XP. Fortunately it worked on Karol's computer therefore we moved all the projects and presentations to one computer.

The presentation's start time was at 19:45. All the parties started at 19:00 therefore we really scared if anybody will show up. Even 5 minut before the start there was only one guy in audience. Before he left with the NetBeans t-shirt the rest of the people appeared. At the end it was nice BOF with lot of question and answers (I hope). All the questions that were not covered during the presentation time were answered in the pub later.

Look what we met on the way back to hotel. A tower in tie.

Note to myself: multiple source roots in mobility project, device DB, lwuit, mbrick

Thursday Aug 21, 2008

M3DD calls for papers

M3DD means Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days 2008. And there is Call for Papers again on Roger's blog. The last (and first as well) conference was in January this year. Therefore it cannot be annual anymore ;)

I missed the first M3DD and I regret it. They even accepted my paper but there weren't a money for my trip to US. I do expect the same this time and I do not work on NetBeans Mobility anymore. Therefore it seems to me that I'll leave more space for the submissions of others. Less work for the committee.
For those who are interested in Java ME development and bleeding edge technologies this is the right place to talk at or to attend.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

JavaZone 2008 in Oslo

There is a java conference in Oslo on September 17-18. It's name is JavaZone. Me and Karol Harezlak will give a presentation that we named "Future and Present of Java ME development – Netbeans Mobility IDE". That's cool name that will allow us to talk about everything that we like or nit in Java ME, NetBeans IDE etc. Actually, it is a BOF therefore it should be more fun that a serious session.

Is anybody planning to visit the JavaZone this year? It would be great to meet at the conference or if you are from Oslo then we can meet in a nice place at the downtown ;)

Monday Aug 18, 2008

Java ate Mobility - NetBeans 6.5 distributions

NetBeans Mobility distribution has been swallowed by Java distribution. What a nice title for a newspaper. But the reality is simpler. NetBeans just changed the distributions that are provided for download for users.

There used to be Java SE, Java EE, Mobility (Java ME) distributions in old releases. In NetBeans 6.5, there is only small Java SE distro and big Java bundle that includes everything about Java development including Java ME, Java SE and Java EE + the server side.

Picture is worth a thousand words:

NetBeans 6.0 distributions

NetBeans 6.5 distributions

TIP: If the bandwidth is problem for you and you want to download as less as possible then you can download the Java SE distribution. Later when you need an additional functionality just open "Tools > Plugins". You can choose what plugin or whole category of plugins you've missed and install it.

Friday Nov 10, 2006

Java ME Day v Praze na Sun Tech Days 2006

this post in English
Pristi tyden budou v Praze Sun Tech Days. Velka konference, spousta prezentaci. Registrace pro Tech Days byla zdarma do konce rijna. Dnes uz stoji 500,- korun (studenti stale zdarma).
Pokud nechcete platit a touzite videt co noveho Vam SUN predvede v Java ME, tak se muzete zucastnit Java ME dne, ktery bude 14. listopadu.

Registrace je zdarma

Pokud mate strach, ze nebudete rozumnet prezentacim v anglictine, tak je tu dobra zprava. Prezentace o Mobility Packu bude v cestine! Uz ted se moc tesim ja tu krasnou technickou cestinu. Doufam, ze par prezentaci stihnu navstivit, kdyz uz jsem se zaregistroval...

Program pro Java ME Day
1:00 - 1:10pm Java ME Welcome
1:10 - 2:00pm Introduction to Java ME
Putting the Power of the Java Brand to Work
2:10 - 3:00pm Graphics and Media in Java ME
3:00 - 3:20pm Pauza
3:20 - 4:10pm Mobility on NetBeans
4:20 - 5:10pm Java ME Testing - Having the Right Tools for the Job
5:20 - 6:10pm Community Open Session

Co uvidite na prednasce Mobility on NetBeans? Adam Sotona vam predvede novou verzi Mobility Packu 5.5. Ukaze urcite SVG support, ladeni programu primo na telefonu. Mozna predvede i pristi verzi Mobility Packu pro CDC, ktera bude hotova v prosinci. Takze je na co se tesit.

Spolecne s Java ME Day pobezi i OpenSolaris Day a NetBeans Day, takze informace dostanete na vsech frontach (OS, Tools, Mobile).

Java ME Day in Prague Sun Tech Days 2006

this post in Czech
There are Sun Tech Days in Prague next week. Big conference, lot of presentations. The registration for the Tech Days was free till end of October. It will cost you 500,- crowns now (students have free entrance).
If would like to spend the money for something different but you'd like to hear/see what new Sun prepared in Java ME then attend Java ME Day. The Java Me Day is on 14th of November.

Registration is free

Some of the presentation will be in Czech what is good news for Czech attendees. It is bad news for the speakers - I don't know some words in Czech at all (or they sound strange to me)

Agenda of the Java ME Day
1:00 - 1:10pm Java ME Welcome
1:10 - 2:00pm Introduction to Java ME
Putting the Power of the Java Brand to Work
2:10 - 3:00pm Graphics and Media in Java ME
3:00 - 3:20pm Break
3:20 - 4:10pm Mobility on NetBeans
4:20 - 5:10pm Java ME Testing - Having the Right Tools for the Job
5:20 - 6:10pm Community Open Session

What you'll see at the Mobility on NetBeans presentation? Adam Sotona will show you Mobility Pack 5.5 release. You can expect the SVG support, on device debugging. If everything will go smoothly, you'll see new Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC.

There is Open Solaris Day and NetBeans Day at the same time as the Java ME Day.

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