Saturday May 03, 2008

[J1] San Francisco - the way, the stay

My trip to San Francisco started at the Prague airport. I took the flight to Munich with Lufthansa. I knew that I fly with DEHAVILLAND DASH 8 TURBOPROP aircraft however when I saw it I was surprised. And I remembered Roumen's blog entry about the same kind of aircraft (but I cannot find it now). The trip was amazing. The only thing that I missed was the parachute backpack on my back. I'd feel more comfortable. To be honest, we arrived on time. My baggage wasn't lost yet.

Thanks to my new VAIO with extra battery I was able to work on the presentation for JavaOne when I waited at the airports. I can watch movies too ;)

The other flight (Munich - San Francisco) was just boring Airbus A346 JET. I really liked the LCD panel. I could play movies when I wanted. That was improvement to my latest experience (but they didn't offer any games, why Lufthansa, why?).

I arrived to San Francisco downtown in night therefore I was scared if my reservation in Pickwick hotel wasn't canceled because I forgot to let them know about my late arrival. Fortunately, there were no problem therefore I could fall asleep finally in nice bed.

In the Saturday morning I woke up early, jet leg, of course. I took a short walk in around the block. And I took a few pictures of Moscone center and the JavaOne eye-catchers. I'm getting used to the time shift and the inches and foot.

I bought a SIM card to be available for the emergency calls about my lab. It allowed me to get into touch with Martin B. too. He gave me a drive to pizza party in John's house close to Half Moon bay. Last year there was burger party. This year John built up a pizza oven. He cooked delicious homemade pizza. Wow, pizza oven is what I need in my house! Great pizza whenever you want.

Preparing the pizza

Pizza oven can be useful in many ways when it is cold outside

Tuesday Apr 01, 2008

Support for iPhone in NetBeans Mobility

It seems that the NetBeans Mobility team wanted to give me a birthday present. I run today's build and I found out that there is support for the iPhone. That's really cool. It works out of the box. Just install the latest NetBeans Mobility build. When you are creating new MIDP Application then choose "iPhone SDK April Edition" as emulator platform.

The game that is running in the emulator is the game that I'm preparing for our JavaOne's hands-on lab session. It's name is "Lost Duke".

Friday Feb 22, 2008

NetBeans Mobility 6.1 on Mac (Leopard)

NetBeans Mobility 6.1 provides better support for Mac. The Mac is still unsupported platform - means we are not testing it. However the work with the NetBeans Mobility and MPowerPlayer should be easier. When you have the NetBeans Mobility 6.1 (a build after 2/21) then you can add the mpowerplayer emulator as any other Java ME emulator. You don't have to bother with setting up the Custom Emulator Platform. I tried it yesterday with a simple project.

UPDATE: there is NO INSTALLER for Mac that includes the Mobility. You can install whatever version of NB without Mobility to your Mac then you can download the Mobility functionality from Update Center with Tools > Plugins manager (look for Mobility category in Available tab).

Adding the MPowerPlayer platform

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

MPowerPlayer emulator platform in Java Platform manager

Create new Mobility project with MPowerPlayer platform

Project properties with MpowerPlayer platform

Running sample project in MPowerPlayer emulator

Thursday Feb 07, 2008

What is NetBeans 6.0.1


Announcement: NetBeans 6.0.1 is available for download. NetBeans 6.0.1 build replaced the NetBeans 6.0 builds.
What is NetBeans 6.0.1: It is NetBeans 6.0 + Patch1 + Patch2 + fix of NPE on Windows Vista + Registration modules
Is it worth to install?:
  1. If you have installed NetBeans 6.0 already then NO. Just upgrade your IDE through the Plugin manager. The updates will be available there.
  2. If you are still using NB 5.5.(1) then YES. The download is available at The bits just replaced the "old" NB 6.0.

Personal opinion: I spent lot of time with repetitive testing this release. Mainly the registration modules. It took lot of my energy at the start of new year. My personal opinion is that whatever ends with ...0.1 is not worth the energy that I had put into it.
I'll accept only positive/nice comments to this release. Please fill the negative comments to issuezilla as bugs. Thank you for understanding. I'm really HAPPY that we released the 6.0.1 finally.

Friday Dec 21, 2007

Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days

There will be a conference in Santa Clara focused on Java ME developers. Its name is Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. It is organized by community. Lot of great presentations, lot of "big" names will be there.
They accepted our talk with name Building slick applications with SVG and advanced graphics. It still not sure that I'll appear at the conference. The main reason is always the same - money. However the presentation will be delivered anyway. It will be about development of applications using SVG graphics and JSR 226 with NetBeans Mobility. I hope that we will show some features and hints that you don't know yet.

Thursday Nov 15, 2007

[TIP] Sample MIDlet for Mobile Client to WS

NetBeans Mobility Pack provides you a wizard for creating of stubs to connect to a webservice from mobile client. The stubs are generated according the J2ME Web Services Specification - JSR 172. Therefore the client will run only on devices with support for JSR172.

In previous versions of the IDE - 5.0, 5.5, 5.5.1 - the wizard generated even a sample MIDlet that provided a basic usage of the stub. It just took the parameters and showed the return values from the web service. There was lot of restrictions and problems with the sample MIDlet. Therefore the development team decided to drop the feature in NetBeans Mobility 6.0.

The usage of the generated stubs is really easy. IMO, the sample MIDlet might be nice for demo purposes however for the real work it's easier to create the MIDlet from scratch. I'll try to briefly show how to use the generated stubs in visual MIDlet. The sample mobile application is attach. I attached also the web project with the web service.

When you want to use the Java ME Web Service Client wizard you need to have the NetBeans Mobility IDE installed. The wizard isn't part of the standard mobility distribution however you can get it from update center. Look at my post "Where is the End2End functionality of Mobility Pack".
The Java ME Web Service Client wizard generates the stubs for you. You just have to point it to the WSDL file of the web service. You can either provide URL or browse for a wsdl on your hard drive. The wizrd parses and validates the WSDL file. When the web service is WS-I compliant and follows up the JSR 172 restrictions you are able to generate the stubs into a mobile project in the IDE.

When you have the stubs then you just use then in your application. It's very easy. In my case there is only one method public String sayHello(final String name) provided by the web service class HelloWS. The generated stubs class HelloWSService_Stub provides method public String sayHello(String name). Therefore the usage in your mobile application could be
HelloWSService stub = new HelloWSService_Stub(); //create the stub
String result = stub.sayHello("Lukas"); //call the WS method
Look at the attached mobile project how to build up visual MIDlet with Mobile Visual Designer of Mobility Pack. It show the usage of the WaitScreen, Task, and other components provided by the NetBeans Mobility IDE 6.0.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

JavaOne 2008 - Call For Papers

Have submitted your proposals for JavaOne 2008? The deadline is THIS Friday. It reminds me to finalize mine...

Wednesday Oct 31, 2007

Geertjan throws down gauntlet to Java ME

It is long time ago when the most productive NetBeans blogger Geertjan promised to look at Mobility Pack. he finally found a time! Here is the result - Dilbert viewer tutorial for NetBeans 6.0. He was so surprised about the Mobility Pack functionality that he decided to throw down the gauntlet to other IDEs. I'm looking forward if anybody will pick it up...

Thursday Oct 25, 2007

Where is the End2End functionality of Mobility Pack?

The NetBeans distribution matrix has changed from three distributions - Basic, Standard, Full - to NetBeans for - Web & Java EE, Mobility, Java SE, Ruby, C/C++, All.

I do think that it is step in the right direction. You get right tool for right thing. The Mobility Pack lost the End2End functionality because of this change. To be honest the functionality isn't lost but you have to do some steps to get it back. It isn't part of the Mobility distro anymore as result of issue 113199. When you download the All distribution then you get all functionality (including End to End), of course.

Problem Description
There is End to End functionality in Mobility Pack. The End2End provides wizards for generation of Java ME Web Service (JSR 172) Client and a Mobile Client to Web Application wizard(see more details). Both of these wizards require the Web project or Web Services functionality BUT these are not part of the Java ME distro.

Problem Solution
  • Download the Java ME distribution - it contains the Mobility Pack + Wireless Toolkit emulator
  • Install it
  • Go to Tools > Plugins. Install Mobility End to End from Available Plugins
  • The End to End functionality is back in IDE

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