What will be in next version of Mobility Pack?

There isn't clear plan about new features in Mobility Pack 6.0 yet. It's still evolving. Something is known, something isn't. There was a little discussion in comments to my previous post. Let me make it little bit clearer.
There is lot of informations in following lines. Please feel free to comment. Your feedback is welcome. Follow these guidelines how to provide feedback or just let me comment.

NetBeans 5.5
There is going to be NetBeans 5.5 for JavaEE. Unfortunatelly it is too early to be able to provide some new features. Mobility Pack team will focus on the 6.0 release. We will provide a build for NB 5.5 but it will contain only some fixies for changes in webservice area. Maybe even some other fixies - but every fix can cause a new bug. Let us know about any important issue... The candidate fixies for 5.5 will be marked with 5.5_candidate in status whiteboard.

What you can expect in NetBeans 6.0

The list of features is still in progress...
  • + Support for J2ME JUnit - we are waiting for some changes in nbjunit module. This support will be very likely available through Update Center after 5.5 release.
  • + Better support for your custom components - yes, it is in plans for improvements of Visual designer. When this will done then there will be some tutorials how to create your own custom components too. There will be new easy to use API that will allow you to create your components like WaitScreen etc.
  • + More intuitive and simplier visual designer - is it possible to make it easier to use? Yes! The will be support for non visual components in Flow Design. They will be shown in the flow designer somehow. The transitions will be simplier. You should recognize from a transition if there is a pre/post-action code. There are some components that can be visualized only on transition (as Alert, WaitScreen). It will make the flow design more readable.
  • + Deployment for more devices - now there is easy way how to deploy an application to Sony Ericsson only. We would like to deploy to more devices. Unfortunatelly it requires cooperation from vendors' side.
  • +Support for Device database - there is planty of frameworks (j2mepolish db, wurfl). We'd like to offer possibility to create configuration abilities from known features of the device.
  • +Automatic SDK installation - it's working in 5.0 already. There will be more SDKs in the Catalog (I hope).
  • + Localization support - there is a support for localizing of your apps. It will be improved.
  • ? Better resource management - a support for better management of resouces (images, etc.) is planned. It will support even device fragmentation. Would you like logical view like in j2se project in mobile project? Something like:
    --Source Packages
  • ? J2ME Polish support - AFAIK, j2mepolish is working on some integration.
  • ? Game support - who knows. It's nice feature that would make life easier. It seems there isn't enought time for it. Maybe...
  • ?Persistance storage managment - there is a plan to provide generic access to data set. We will see.
  • - Mac OS build - we don't support this platform yet. This will remain the same for the next release. I commented on that mobility pack doesn’t consider Mac platform really interesting yet. It’s not worth the effort. All the major vendors ar building SDKs with emulators mostly for windows and sometimes for linux. There is only the mpowerplayer available on Mac, AFAIK. From my QE point of view it’d mean to test another platform for a few users. I’m really sorry to say that. There is different solution in my mind. When the mobility pack will be opensourced we will provide zip distribution. Mac still won’t be supported platform but there will be easy way how to use it on Mac.
    Anyway, you still can convince me (and whole team) that there is lot of users that would like to see the mobility pack on Mac - vote for issue 53076.
    There is a way how MPowerPlayer can be used as Custom Emulator Platform on Mac. I showed it here.

More informations

Do you have more ideas what you want to see in Mobility Pack? Let us know!

Lukas, I am using the NB mobility pack to develop a video playback app. I read that Linux is not supported as a platform, although there are releases for it. Some of the demos (specifically for video playback) do not run in the Emulator on Linux ( no error messages ) and I was wondering if you knew about whether the MMAPI video playback examples are even expected to work on Linux at all..

Posted by Alex Kotchnev on March 07, 2006 at 05:37 PM CET #

I just double checked this.. interestingly, in Windows, the simple video player example doesn't play under Netbeans (indicates that some library is not in the java.library.path). Under Linux, it is able to retrieve the mpeg from sun's site, realizes the player and says that the video is playing; however, no video shows up in the emulator screen...

Posted by Alex Kotchnev on March 07, 2006 at 07:16 PM CET #

hmmm, you are right... It runs from Ktoolbar but it doesn't work from Mobility Pack... There is a magic with the codecs. I don't know how to solve it :( (Yet)

Posted by Lukas on March 08, 2006 at 11:29 AM CET #

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