Swedish guys found the golden Mobility Pack

There is new case study on NetBeans.org Richard Bolton from Jam Interactive talks about Mobility Pack.
There are people out there that use the mobility pack for real development. I'm glad to hear it. All the days and night of testing... seems that we (whole mobility team) created product that people can use.
I know that these Swedish guys are not alone - look at all the testimonials. They are nice but I cannot imagine what people really do with the IDE when they say, "Wow, grewat, I like it." I need more information. Something like, "For the “vodka project,” Bolton found the NetBeans Mobility’s support for preprocessor directives to be extremely helpful in building the JAR files for the wide variety of phones supported." It can help both sides. I know they are using our device fragmentation solution and I can focus on it more. There are still questions that bothers me - Did they face a bug? Did they reported it?

Reading the post back I feel I should go home. I'm little big overworked tonight. WTF, it almost 8:40. Time to get out of here...

Jam in pictures

Hi, I first have to say we are very pleased with your work. It have helped us alot in our development. For you last questions, Im not sure what you mean but if you are unsure why we use device fragmention its because our customers need to have the software working on lots of diffrent phones(make, size and capabilitys) and insted of makeing a new project for every size and model we use device fragmention tool that works great.. Saves us tons of time. So thanks for your work from the whole JAM Interactive team. :) Kenth Fagerlund Developer JAM Interactive AB

Posted by Kenth Fagerlund on February 28, 2006 at 08:24 AM CET #

Kenth, I know why and where to use the MP device fragmentation solution ;) ( 1, 2).

I know why you use it but I want to know what limitations, restriction did you find. What you missed? What could make your work easier?
I use Mobility Pack every day but the testing of it is a little bit different from real development work. Unfortunatelly, I don't have time to develop a big project like the users. So I'm trying to get the informations from you - users that use it for real work ;)

Posted by Lukas on February 28, 2006 at 08:41 AM CET #

Hi Lukas, reading your post about some stories about the Mobility Pack usage, then I feel I need to write here. 3 weeks ago I needed to develop a POC to BlackBerry, in 4 days on my free time, it mean a total of 4 hours to develop a almost functional 4 screen MIDP application for blackberry. I followed Black Berry development with NetBeans it was very of very help. As I already develop with NetBeans, it was very easy to develop with Mobility Pack and the "blue area" generated code.

Posted by Claudio Miranda on February 28, 2006 at 08:54 AM CET #

Sorry, ofcourse you now where and why you should use Device Fragmentation. I just didnt know your question. :) Well, to answar you question the biggest problems we have right now is to do with the emulators that dont emulate correctly and J2ME implementations on the real phones that work to say the least poorly. But thats a bit out of your hands so I cant blame you for that ;) But since we exlusivly develop on canvas or game canvas our hope is to speed up that development more. Right now we have our own API:s that helps us a bit, but I think if there were some kind of in the box navigation tools and even some standard stuff like buttons and swing like components that would help the buiness oriented developers alot since that is coming strong. Not only games. And If I continue my dream I would like to do my components and then add them on in a Mattise like fasion and don't worry that much about navigation and placement. But I might just be dreaming here, but that is something we had to create to make us work faster (not the mattise stuff, thats just a dream :). But a standard lib for navigation is a good first step. Otherwise it's just device fragmentation that is annoying us the most right now as I said and you helpt us alot there. I would like to see that the mobility pack knew what phone supports what (maybe from the UAProfile) and could tell me what phones is supported with the code I just wrote. And even maybe give me suggestions on what to block out in the fragmention solution. But I see alot of problems in doing it (I've tried so I know) but maybe in the future when the phone makers start having some kind of standard in the phones insted of the wild west it is now. Thats all I can think of right now but I can keep giving you guys feedback if you think it's valid. I love the tool and want to help to make it better any way I can. Oh yea, I don't know if you have any contact with the developers of the Sun Toolkit but if you do, can you pass the message that if they add video capture functionality on to the emulator I will buy them a round of Guiness cause it's killing me having to upload the software to the phone everytime I need to test the video capture function (Live video, not snapshot). I hope this gives you some feedback. Some is just dreaming but It's late and the code might have messed with my mind.. But again, keep up the good work. And thank you for helping us do our work. Regards Kenth

Posted by Kenth Fagerlund on February 28, 2006 at 04:50 PM CET #

Thanks, I forwarded your positive feedback to mobility pack developers - they will like it.

Mobility Pack focus more on 'make your development easier' then on creating libraries. There is planned a support for game development but it will be more like visual designer then a pack of libraries of swing like components... There is the support for libraries already in IDE.

About the 'know the device' - there is something in progress but I don't know too much about it (yet).

I forwarded your offer for Guiness to some guys from WTK team. Maybe they will respond ;)

I will welcome any feedback from you. Look at my previous post how to provide feedback>/a> ;)

Posted by Lukas on March 01, 2006 at 02:47 AM CET #

fixing the typo in link

Grrr, I forgot about the bug in blogs.sun.com - the link is http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/lukas?entry=share_your_ideas_for_mobility

Posted by Lukas on March 01, 2006 at 02:52 AM CET #

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