Night trams in Prague

I hate them! I had to use a night tram yesterday night after long time again. I should probably explain why I hate them... All it started when the night tram driver closed the doors and left. We were running like crazy for at least 400m and he closed the doors when we almost touched the tram. It seems to me like a stupid game from his side... We should wait for the next night tram at least next 20 minutes. It was better to walk 'cause I have to change the lines anyway.

The public transportation quality differs regarding on the traffic during the day but the night trams are really horrible. The public transportation net is quite good here in Prague. You can get whenever you want. The fastest is obviously metro (subway). Unfortunatelly the metro ends at midnight and then the time for night trams comes.

Have you ever tried them here in Prague? Everybody should try it. It is unforgettable expirience. All the night trams meet at one station and you can change the line here. All the trams are crawded with drunk people. There are usually at least two homelesses in every tram. The tram stinks. All the people are falling asleep because it is too hot inside. When you sit down to a seat you can easily miss your stop...

I've heard from firends that used to live in Prauge that there are quite a few pick-pockets operating on the trams. Is this still a problem, or perhaps they primarily target tourists?


Posted by Markus Svensson on April 14, 2006 at 10:01 AM CEST #

My most memorable night tram ride was at a stop where two men crawled onto the tram - really crawled, on their bellies up the steps and along the floor - absurdly drunk. One had a very long stick, really most of a tree, several meters long, and began prodding horrified passengers in the back with the end of the stick, cackling all the while. Don't complain - in Boston the metro stops shortly after midnight and that's that. There are just overpriced taxis. For a while they were running a night bus service after the metro closed but they stopped for some reason. Basically, if you plan to go out to pubs, you have to risk driving or at least have a bicycle.

Posted by Jesse Glick on April 14, 2006 at 11:03 AM CEST #

The pickpockets targets tourist (mostly). You have to watch your bag carefully. The public transportations is crawded in rush hours (8-10, 15-18). The pickpockets in metro used this simple trick: they work in groups. When you are standing they are all around you and then you have almost no chance. It can seem that the metro is crawded but only around you...

I've never seem a pickpocket in night tram. It happend to my cousin that he lost mobile phone in night tram. He fell asleep so nobody knows if he lost it or if it was a pocket-picking.

2 Jesse: Yes. It can happend in night tram.

I remember that the famous rag was to travel on tram hanging down from handrail

Posted by Lukas on April 18, 2006 at 03:44 AM CEST #

I love the Prague night trams. Maybe not to the extent of delaying the ride home for a chance to take them, but I do love they are there and I don't mind taking them. Yes, they can be quite scenic, but the people on the inside reflect the people on the outside at that time of night. Most returning from pubs, some late workers, some very early workers, a few homeless people, most tired, some not quite sure where they're going, a few not where they've been. I don't like the belligerents, but they are very rare if the ones you remember.

I have been running after trams my whole life, and yes it is annoying to get the door smacked in your face, but it is bound to happen from time to time.

But you don't know how good you've got it. You should have tried the night tram system in Oslo (which turned into a night bus system, and I'm not sure they've got that anymore either). Prague has possibly the best night transport system in the world, it is very extensive (all metro stations have night service, practically all tram stops, most bus stops), it is reliable, it is cheap, runs all hours, has a high frequency.

What it isn't is fast. The long stop at Lazarsk√°, the wait if you have to change lines that don't correspond, or if you got the door smacked in your face. Having something useful to do (I web browse, but reading, knitting, writing, annoying the other passengers...) helps. Failing that we can both walk, which is usually not an option for those taking the night bus.

Posted by Jonny Axelsson on May 02, 2006 at 02:14 AM CEST #

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