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Sun is listed 5 times (I'm counting even OpenOffice) in list of winners published on I glad to see Sun listed there and winning prices.

but... Personally I'm little bit disappointed that NetBeans or Mobility Pack are not listed there.
How could Wireless ToolKit (WTK) beat Mobility Pack?
I understand that they are longer time in the market and therefor well-known in wireless development area. I understand that users use it as emulator platform and run application on it. I understand that users like confusing, old fashion look of enviroment of KToolbar. Developers like to switch between lot of programs (KToolBar, Notepad, etc.) and like debug with System.out messages. No, I'm kidding I really don't understand it. Why should I vote for a tool that doesn't help me in development in category Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year? Are all the mobility developers eclipsoized? - that means that they like their Eclipse so much that they even didn't try NetBeans' Mobility Pack 5.0 (or 4.1, 4.0)? Maybe there is different reason that I'm scared the most - THEY DON'T KNOW US. If they'd know Mobility Pack with they couldn't vote for WTK. I like WTK but I use it only as emulator platform for developing in Mobility Pack. I wanted to use it once for a development but it doesn't provide any editor. WTK enables you only to compile and run. It could be really helpful 5 years ago but I'd expect more from development tool of year 2006. I'm sorry WTK team...

I'll quickly summarize what user can expect from NetBeans' Mobility Pack 5.0:
  • real Integrated Development Enviroment (NetBeans) - edit, compile, debug, run, deploy
  • integrated emulator platform - WTK 2.2 You can run your MIDlets in emulator immediatelly after installation of Mobility Pack
  • device fragmentation solution - code for different devices in the same file - preprocessor, configurations, abilities
  • RAD for midlets - drag and drop to create application - Visual Mobile Designer
  • support for access to server-side data from MIDlets via servlet - Mobile Client to Web Application (known as Wireless Connection Wizard in 4.1)
  • generator of mobile clients for webservices (JSR172) - J2ME Web Services Client
  • custom components - WaitSreen, SplashScreen, TableItem
  • I definitelly forgot about lot of features that you can find useful and new but they seem normal and old to me ;)

Isn't it much more than compile and run...

NOTE: this is Lukas' opinion. Not his employer

Well this is a kick in the head... I mean MobPack did not won? WOW I am really surprised, it is by far the best product, how can they put WTK in the same league?

We definetly need to spread the word even more, and find even more partners like j2me polish, and others. We will open their eye Lukas don't worry.

Posted by Daniel Mendes on January 10, 2006 at 01:06 PM CET #

Hi Lukas, <p/> I share your surprise, MobPack is the hottest feature of NetBeans, and the best thing in mobile-country since the invention of mobile phones. In fact, it is for some of my friends the only reason to use NetBeans. <p/> I think that MobPack should get J2ME Polish as a partner have it really nicely integrated. They have an excellent device database, using that, creating the various settings for J2ME Polish from within MobPack would be a major advantage. Integration of support for MPower Player would be really cool, and not surprising considering they're featured on Support for MPower Player would raise MobPack to the level of a J2ME environment for commercial use as well. In addition, integration of WURFL would be very helpful as well. One thing MobPack still can't do is supporting the web-page side of mobility. <p/> IMHO these kinds of integrations would be of great benefit to MobPack. <p/> Iwan

Posted by Iwan Eising on January 10, 2006 at 11:43 PM CET #

Thank you for your support, guys.
We should do something with that in next year.

We have to publish about 5.0 release more... I think that we need more documentation, tutorials, how-to's etc. And of course advertisement, commercials.

I like your ideas about J2Me Polish integration and there should be done something to next release. The problem with MPowerPlayer is more complicated. There isn't a build of Mobility Pack for Mac. There was no need for that. It can change in future but definitelly not now. The MpowerPlayer has to go long way to become more stable/useful and the best would be if it would be UEI compliant. What is WURFL? I'll try google it ;)

Posted by Lukas on January 11, 2006 at 07:10 AM CET #

Yes mobility pack is cool but you are aware that most of its basic features are based on a WTK install it has inside it? Technically the debugging API support is in the WTK not within the mobility pack. Before there was a mobility pack the WTK had a plugin for "Forte For Java" (Netbeans etc...) and this plugin has evolved to the functionality of the mobility pack. Anyway I agree with the principal that the mobility pack should win these sort of things, Sun should make it far more visible than it is now. Maybe after 5.0 become final Sun will FINALLY start promoting this thing with its REALLY COOL visual editor ;) There were quite a few huge threads about the new Java SE gui builder and I didn't see a single one about the mobility pack gui builder, someone at Sun needs to work on some viral marketing: and from my old blog:$ I can't do all of this viral marketing alone people...

Posted by Shai Almog on January 11, 2006 at 07:30 AM CET #

I think that there are some mistakes in your comment, Shai.
Mobility pack involved from modules that were in 3.6 and SJS. But it wasn't WTK plugin. Mobility pack uses WTK. It runs WTK as emulator platform. I don't know about any features of WTK that we use... We use NetBeans' debugger for debugging on WTK emulator. Of course that WTK KVM has to provide API for debugging but the same does jdk's VM.
This is only to be provide the right informations ;)

Thank you for the Viral Marketing! You can prepare for RC1 (realy soon) and final release of 5.0
I hope (we definitelly will push on them) that the marketing will promote Mobility Pack more. As you can notice Mobility Pack is listed as second reason why you should switch to NetBeans. First is Java 5.0 (what is it? :)))

Posted by Lukas on January 11, 2006 at 09:59 AM CET #

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