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When you need a platform for the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC you can use the Sony Ericsson CDC Platform. I had lot of troubles when I tried to install it first time but when they were solved it worked. I unistalled it from my computer. I will try to install it again and describe the bottle necks. Here we go.

What you have to download
You have to download a few installers for the CDC platform.
Install the UIQ
The first question dialog that you'll see when you start the UIQ3SDK.exe installer is a little bit strange. Aren't we installing UIQ SDK?

Click Yes, of course. The UIQ SDK needs a Perl. You have to install it. When the Perl is installed you have to run the UIQ3SDK.exe installer again. Finally, the UIQ SDK installation starts. The installation needs almost 700MB on your hard disk. There are only UIQ Pen Style and UIQ Softkey styles of emulators available when the installation finishes.

We have to add a support for CDC to the UIQ SDK now.

Install Sony Ericsson CDC Platform 1 Extension Package
Run the installer (semc_cdc_platform_1_beta_0_4.exe). Choose the location of the UIQ SDK. It's necessary to select the directory one level up epoc32 directory. The installation requires about 27MB on the disk.

Install the extensions
Then you'll have to install M600 Extension Package (semc_m600_sdk_extension_beta_0_2.exe) and P990 Extension Package (semc_p990_sdk_extension_beta_0_2.exe.

This provides P990 and M600 support including Sony Ericsson APIs and other attributes. We can now use the M600 and P990 emulators.

Install NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC
First install NetBeans 5.0. If you already have NB 5.0 installed you can install Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC to the installed NetBeans 5.0. The installer should suggest the right directory of the existing NB 5.0.

Select a style
This step is necessary before you can use the SE UIQ CDC platform in IDE. You have to run SDKConfig.exe and set the style (emulator) that you want to use. You can change this setting from the IDE later.

Follow the post installation steps from NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC Quick Start Guide. I'll copy the steps here: Let's assume, your installation is located in folder F:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3\\
  • Open command line window
  • Issue set EPOCROOT=\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3\\  Note the opening and closing backslash characters
  • Issue set SDKDRIVE=f  Note the : is not there
  • Invoke F:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3\\epoc32\\tools\\distrib\\SDKConfig.exe  go to Styles tab, select M600 CDC or P990 CDC skin and press Apply Style button. It takes several seconds to install all necessary file to correct location
  • You can verify installation by looking into folder F:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3\\epoc32\\tools\\ppro-custom-launcher\\ where you can see following files: compile-rss.bat, custom-app.bat, LauncherUtils.exe
It happend to me that I changed the style and nothing happend. The were no files in the dir F:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3\\epoc32\\tools\\ppro-custom-launcher\\ or the directory was totally empty. Try to switch the styles there and back. It will work on next try. It only strikes sometimes... (it is only beta) It helped me to switch to M600 and back to M600 CDC.

Add CDC platform to IDE
Run NetBeans IDE. You can add the CDC platform either when creating first CDC project

or from main menu Tools | Java Platform Manager | Add.... Select the option Java Micro Edition CDC Platform Emulator.

Select the UIQ SDK installation directory and IDE should recognize the platform. If there is message "Platform is not correctly set up. Use SDK Configuration Tool to set up correct emulator style." then exit the dialog. Try again the Select a style step and then you should be able to add the CDC platform to the IDE.

You should be able to install the Sony Ericsson CDC platform following the previous step. You should be able to add the platform into the IDE and create new project.
There can be problems with adding the CDC platform to the NB first time. The problems can be usually solved when switching the styles in SDK Configurator run from command line.

The first start of CDC emulator takes usually looooong time. Be patient.

Hi!, thank you for your advises here posted, I only have one problem, everything worked perfectly fine and the directory ppro-custom-launcher, (and others) are created successfully, but it doesn't take too much time, well I don't know if that's because the pc I'm working on, or there is a problem, Whe I run the "Java Platform Manager" and select C:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK_BETA3, Netbeans complains that "Cannot detect and install the selected platform" instead of the message "Platform is not correctly set up. Use SDK Configuration Tool to set up correct emulator style.". Thankyou for your help regards Alejandro Tellez

Posted by Alejandro on March 28, 2006 at 11:52 AM CEST #

Alejandro, I'm not sure from your comment if you have solved your problem. Did the switching of style helped? Were you able to use the CDC platform in IDE?

Posted by Lukas on March 29, 2006 at 12:33 AM CEST #

Hi I have installed Netbeans 5.0 and Netbeans-mobility-cdc-5.0-win. I need to create a project in cdc. but it is showing no cdc compatible platform is installed in ide. I need to create a project in Personal Basis Profile combined with the Connected Device Configuration (CDC). So what sort of sdk is to be installed. Pls give ur valuable comments Regards Siva

Posted by Siva on May 16, 2006 at 01:51 AM CEST #

Did you installed the UIQ? It is described above how to do it. You have to install it first.

Posted by Lukas on May 16, 2006 at 04:15 PM CEST #

Hi Lukas. Thanks for sharing all this info. After all instalations successfull complete, I have some erros. First I have the same error message as Alejandro. NetBeans show me the message "Cannot detect and install the selected platform". I checked my UIQ instalation folder at: C:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK\\epoc32\\tools\\ and I don't have the ppro-custom-launcher folder. I did all the steps explained above but, nothing... didn't get the folder. So I tried to copy it manually. No success at all. I still having the same message and in the SDK Configurator tool I have no Styles to choose from. It's empty!! Both M600 and P990 were successufuly installed. Help please!? Thanks in advance. ;]

Posted by junior on May 22, 2006 at 05:49 AM CEST #

Sometimes it is hard to get it to work. I tried to run the SDK Configurator even from commend line and set the right style again and again. It helped me. Try restart the NB IDE too. Sometimes there was a problem with missing path to the perl. Unfortunatelly, all these issues are pronblems of the SDK :( We already reported all the problems to UIQ. I hope that they will solve it in next version.

Posted by Lukas on May 24, 2006 at 09:50 AM CEST #

Hi, I install as given above. When I try to run the SDKConfig.exe, no phone is listed for me. Any ideas why? I checked the site listed in Netbeans and and did all that was listed (almost the same as yours). I am still unable to find the styles. Another doubt - when I install SonyEricsson-CDC-1-beta, I chose c:\\Symbian\\UIQ3SDK\\ as my directory. It extracted into the Extensions folder as Sony_Ericsson_CDC_Platform_1 in which I found a directory epoc32. Is that the correct way?

Posted by Gautham on October 03, 2006 at 08:47 PM CEST #

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