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I haven't blog for almost a month. Why? I'm quite busy these days. We are working on 3 releases in the same time - Mobility Pack 5.5.1, Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5.1 and Mobility Pack 6.0. I'm also preparing the hand-on lab document for JavaOne. It seems that there is almost no time for blogging :(

You are maybe wondering that there will be the 5.5.1 releases of both Mobility Pack when we haven't announce it anywhere. We didn't produce Beta neither. The Mobility Pack wants to produce release for every major release of NetBeans. That's the reason why we are producing the 5.5.1 version. Don't expect lot of new features in the Mobility Pack 5.5.1 (for CLDC). It's mainly bug fixing release. There wasn't identified many bugs worth to be fix. These issues are mainly in the visual designer area and the custom components library.
We wanted to replace the WTK2.2 with its new version called Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5 for CLDC. Unfortunately, they will not produce version for Linux on time. Therefore we cannot replace it. What a pity.
The Proguard 3.5 will be replaced with the 3.7 version.

There will be Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5.1 too. The main feature of this release will be support for CrEme VM from nsicom.com. i've seen it working on Petr's laptop but I haven't started it on mine yet :( It seems that you need a real Pocket PC device. I'm looking for/fighting with an emulator for it now. Both 5.5.1 Mobility Packs should be available together with NetBeans 5.5.1 in April.

Next week is Milestone 8 stabilization phase for the 6.0 builds. It's the last milestone before JavaOne. The next Milestone 9 build will be used by lot of the presenters at the J1. There want be two Mobility Packs anymore. They were merged. The support for CDC will be more stabilized in the M8 build. There will be some new features as well. And some features that we know from Mobility Pack 5.5 will be back. You can look forward for Screen Designer and JMUnit support. Maybe the end2end support. New features will be:
  • Game designer - incredible support for creating of Game Canvas, work with Tiles, Sprites, etc. It really deserves a separate post.
  • New Custom components - file browser, login screen, sms composer, ...

We (me and Fabiola) will be presenting at JavaOne. They accepted our hands-on lab "LAB-6340: Advanced Java ME Programming - Streaming Video From Server to Your Device". The exercises are prepared. We are fixing the latest problems and finishing the lab document. For those who doesn't know what is hand-on lab I'll cite the official javaone conference guide -
Get down and dirty with the Hands-on Labs (HOL) program, which is loaded with technical content that gets you exploring and into the Java technologies that are happening now. There is no better way to learn. Each of the instructor-led labs has been expanded to 120 minutes, so you can get into the code. You don’t just hear about “how-to” but also experience it. The lab content will also be available on CD.
I'll try to post the most important part of the tutorial in this blog later. I'm looking forward to meet you in San Francisco at the JavaOne this year.

Hi Lukas Will the M8 build contain cdc linux support? Thanks Nick

Posted by nick b on March 16, 2007 at 06:28 AM CET #

@nick b: What do you mean by linux support?
The mobility pack provides installer for windows and linux, there is even a zip build that can be used on any platform. However, officially tested and supported are only windows+linux. The other thing is the emulator platform/WTK/runtime.

Posted by Lukas on March 16, 2007 at 06:40 AM CET #

I forgot to provide the link - http://blogs.sun.com/lukas/entry/zip_distribution_of_mobility_pack

Posted by Lukas on March 16, 2007 at 06:41 AM CET #

Yes - I'm really talking about the emulator platform/WTK/runtime for linux. I did the above installation of the mobility pack some time back and was unable to create any projects as the wizard aways asked for a cdc platform .. and I couldn't proceed any further.

Posted by nick b on March 16, 2007 at 08:28 AM CET #

I just tried this again using the above link - in the daily/qbuild downloads for 6.0 there is only a Mobility CLDC Pack - I downloaded this and unzip to find mobility8 and no cdc2

Posted by nick b on March 16, 2007 at 08:39 AM CET #

There is Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC bundled with the Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5. Unfortunatelly this supports only windows.

There isn't bundled any CDC platform for 6.0 builds yet. Anyway, I pointed you to zips but the platform is only in installer.

You can try a different CDC platform that runs on linux. AFAIK, only Ricoh supports linux (but the platform isn't available for free and supports only Foundation Profile).

About the 6.0 builds. You are right, there is only the mobility8 directory but the CDC functionality is there...

Posted by Lukas on March 16, 2007 at 08:51 AM CET #

Hi Lukas, Great they accepted your hands-on lab "LAB-6340: Advanced Java ME Programming - Streaming Video From Server to Your Device"! It is now only 52 days to JavaOne, see you there! I will also go for the Netbeans days at JavaOne! Regards, Ove

Posted by Ove Nordstrom on March 16, 2007 at 03:45 PM CET #

Hi Lukas, Great to read the Game Designer is getting into NB. It's been almost a year since I got a preview of it on NB Day 2006. Lately I haven't been working on anything mobile, although I should be honest in stating that I've been working on a serverside for a mobile game. Can't wait to check out M8, will there be a tutorial for using the new Game Editor? Iwan

Posted by Iwan Eising on March 19, 2007 at 02:30 AM CET #

Hi Ove, I'm looking forward to meet you at SF. I should be at the NB Day too.

Iwan, there isn't any tutorial. IMO, we have lack of resources :( Anyway, there is some info in the Milestone 8 New and Noteworthy. I'll really appreciate any comments from you. If you'll blog about it then it could be worth a t-shirt ;) (this isn't promise 'cause I don't have an access to those free t-shirts :( )

Posted by Lukas on March 21, 2007 at 05:17 AM CET #

What about providing the EA version of the mobilty pack with 5.5.1. It's better than nothing. We're just delving into mobility apps, but we've been stymied by the fact that there is no CDC emulator for Linux.

Posted by Kevin Daly on April 16, 2007 at 10:58 AM CEST #

Hi Lucas - sorry, this blog is from some time back ... what ever happened to the Linux wireless toolkit for cdc. I seem to remember someone saying that there would be one released soon. Is there anything on the horizon? Cheers Nick

Posted by nick b on July 18, 2007 at 04:10 AM CEST #

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