Tuesday Jan 10, 2006

Developer.com winners for 2006

Sun is listed 5 times (I'm counting even OpenOffice) in list of winners published on Developers.com. I glad to see Sun listed there and winning prices.

but... Personally I'm little bit disappointed that NetBeans or Mobility Pack are not listed there.
How could Wireless ToolKit (WTK) beat Mobility Pack?
I understand that they are longer time in the market and therefor well-known in wireless development area. I understand that users use it as emulator platform and run application on it. I understand that users like confusing, old fashion look of enviroment of KToolbar. Developers like to switch between lot of programs (KToolBar, Notepad, etc.) and like debug with System.out messages. No, I'm kidding I really don't understand it. Why should I vote for a tool that doesn't help me in development in category Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year? Are all the mobility developers eclipsoized? - that means that they like their Eclipse so much that they even didn't try NetBeans' Mobility Pack 5.0 (or 4.1, 4.0)? Maybe there is different reason that I'm scared the most - THEY DON'T KNOW US. If they'd know Mobility Pack with they couldn't vote for WTK. I like WTK but I use it only as emulator platform for developing in Mobility Pack. I wanted to use it once for a development but it doesn't provide any editor. WTK enables you only to compile and run. It could be really helpful 5 years ago but I'd expect more from development tool of year 2006. I'm sorry WTK team...

I'll quickly summarize what user can expect from NetBeans' Mobility Pack 5.0:
  • real Integrated Development Enviroment (NetBeans) - edit, compile, debug, run, deploy
  • integrated emulator platform - WTK 2.2 You can run your MIDlets in emulator immediatelly after installation of Mobility Pack
  • device fragmentation solution - code for different devices in the same file - preprocessor, configurations, abilities
  • RAD for midlets - drag and drop to create application - Visual Mobile Designer
  • support for access to server-side data from MIDlets via servlet - Mobile Client to Web Application (known as Wireless Connection Wizard in 4.1)
  • generator of mobile clients for webservices (JSR172) - J2ME Web Services Client
  • custom components - WaitSreen, SplashScreen, TableItem
  • I definitelly forgot about lot of features that you can find useful and new but they seem normal and old to me ;)

Isn't it much more than compile and run...

NOTE: this is Lukas' opinion. Not his employer

Monday Dec 19, 2005

Sun is giving servers for free

I read Jonathan Schwartz's blog and I find lot of new informations in his posts. His last post scared me a little bit ;) We are giving software for free - like NetBeans, OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, Creator, Sun Studio, Sun Java Studio Enterprise etc... and we will give servers for free now...
What will we make a profit on?

Seriously, I am not afraid because I read Jonathan's posts carefully and we won't give all servers and all software for free. It's more like try&buy model. Try it, test it and if you like it buy the enterprise version with full support. I think that this scenario is really conmfortable for everybody. If you don't want to spend a lot of money in a product when you're a startup company and you want to do everything by yourself the go this "Open" way and get everything for Free. And when you grow too much and you need support and updates then buy the enterprise version and pay for it...

Tuesday Nov 15, 2005

Sun Studio 11 - for free

First I noticed this announcement I was suprised. I remember that Sun Studio cost lot of money and they are giving it for free now. Are they crazy? but they aren't. We(SUN) have a V I S I O N. It started with NetBeans. Now we have so much tools for free and even operating system with OpenOffice. Wow. I won't rather not read my previous sentences 'cause it seems to me like a marketing guy letter but it isn't...

Back to Sun Studio 11. I was curious what NetBeans version is it build on. I remember that I participated on testing of previous versions of Sun Studio 9 and 10 - they were build on NetBeans 3.5 I expected that version 11 should be build on something newer... FYI it is still builded on NetBeans 3.5
Well, I know that they schedule is little bit different from NetBeans' schedule (which is a little bit tought) but why this C++/Fortran guys always get stucked. There has been three next releases 3.6, 4.0, 4.1 Isn't it time to switch? I expect that customers of Sun Studio are some hardcore programmers that like the emacs, vi and command line most but these will ignore the change anyway...

Jonathan on Java Posse

I'm really busy with coming Beta2 of Mobility Pack but I found this interesting post in my JavaPosse rss feed reader (thank you, thunderbird), I've heard only a half of it and it was interesting - I should listen this podcasts more often...

Friday Oct 21, 2005

OpenOffice 2.0 is out

I will download it to my girlfriend's computer immediatelly when I get home today.
That reminds me that it's time to switch off lights in the office and go home. It's 18:02 and I'm still in work :( Am I crazy?

Wednesday Oct 12, 2005

Why New York Times didn't run the Sun's open letter to Dell's customers

Today morning waked me up with Jonathan post. There's lot of interesting informations (as usually). Read it and don't forget to check the video.

What is wrong on this open letter ?

Tuesday Oct 04, 2005

Google and Sun - what should I take from it?

I'm not sure what is true on this...

UPDATE: I tried google search ;) and what I found out? Nothing :(

MORE UPDATES: Sun's official announcement and Google's official announcement.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2005

StarOffice 8

That should interested you... It costs only $69.95 and has powerful and integrated word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database capabilities. Nice, isn't it?

Check the other features of new StarOffice 8

  • StarOffice 8 Writer
  • StarOffice 8 Calc
  • StarOffice 8 Draw
  • StarOffice 8 Impress
  • StarOffice 8 Base
  • Enterprise Tools & Support

Friday Aug 05, 2005

Dangerous World of Jim Inscore and musicians in SUN

Yesterday I found a CD from Jim Inscore. I looked at the CD cover and saw the guy with a guitar and I thought - hey I know that guy..where I met him... hmmmm, yeah, I do remember it was on the Volleyball tournament and then on my way to home in tram in evening. He played for USA team I.

I listened the CD yesterday and even today - it's pretty cool. I like it, Jim.

Is it normal that the marketing guys produce their own CDs? Or play a guitar and sing at least?
I do remember that two guys that worked in NetBeans marketing a time ago were musicians too. Maybe you know them - it was George - singer of band Deklarace X and I was on performance of Tim onetime - I don't know if he produced a CD.

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