Monday Apr 20, 2009

My new employer - Oracle

After all the rumor about IBM the truth was announced today. It seems that I'll close the IBM t-shirts back to wardrobe and I need to find some Oracle's ones :)

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

What's new in OpenSolaris, installfest, pizza & drinks

Roumen lives! I received nice email from him with subject "What's new in OpenSolaris, installfest, pizza & drinks". Isn't cool to be in SUN? I can get a drink, pizza and before I'll be able to eat it they will show me a demo of OpenSolaris 2008.11.
I chat with Roumen today and he promised that the presentations will be fun. Count with me. I'll come to see how the new OpenSolaris improved.
If you really want to try it on your notebook then there will be plenty of DVDs for installation available. There will be even a group of guys that will help you if you are in troubles. I don't want to have trial boot on my notebook therefore I'll probably try the OpenSolaris image for VirtualBox.

Still undecided to go? List of what you will get:
  1. Answer on the question "What is OpenSolaris and why should you care?"
  2. Live demos of new features in OpenSolaris 2008.11
  3. How to backup image of notebook in 20 minutes
  4. Tips for installing OpenSolaris
  5. 2 kegs of Czech beer
  6. 5x margherita pizza
  7. 5x hawai pizza
  8. 5x capriciosa pizza
  9. 5x frutti di mare pizza
  10. 5x quattro formagi pizza
  11. 5x azteca pizza
  12. some other goodies
There is only one thing that I miss on Roumen's list... Where are some nice hostesses that will serve the pizza and beer?

a photo from JavaOne...
Disclamer: only Sun's employees can join the meeting. The location is Prague Chodov.

Thursday Oct 02, 2008

Students are always welcome in Standford University Network

Have you know that SUN's name comes from Stanford University Network. That's not the only reason why SUN launched new start point for students all over the world. Mainly for students that are interested in java, opensource, technologies and Sun's product, of course.

As I would say if I would be a marketing guy ;) "Student Central: Sun now has a place for every student to begin when they come to! Looking for technology? No problem. Searching for a job? We gotcha covered. Trying to find some classes? We've got that, too. Not sure where you want to go or what Sun has to offer you as a student? Come find out!
This is the perfect starting point to find out just what Sun, as a company, has to offer students today. Covering everything from technology to Eco-responsibility, jobs to social media, this is the first student page that tells the Sun story from a student perspective. Come by and check it out, but be sure to come back as this page will evolve along with Sun's student offerings!"

And have you seen the It Guy? There are more funny videos linked from the students page. However this page is serious it should point you to all the things (including intern job offers) that might interest a student. And if it doesn't? Give them a feedback.

Tuesday Jun 06, 2006

Best Employers in Czech Republic

SUN became second best employer in Czech Republic in year 2006. It's pretty good improvement from last year when Sun was on 10th place.

I'm quite curious how it will end next year... Will SUN stay at the top or will it change when 5.000 employees left? What will happen to NetBeans?

Friday Apr 07, 2006

Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Mobility Pack, CDC/CLDC, NetBeans

Sunny Brazil. Beach. Samba tingles in my ears when I imagine it.
Three NetBeans evangelists are dancing on the stage - Tim, Roumen and Petr with cups of java in their hands. The carneval can start again in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. They will show you the Prague's samba dance school.

Do you know who takes care about drums? The special guest - Jonathan.

Petr will dance with CLDC and CDC. I expect that Roumen will step his bright new steps in J2EE rythm. I don't know what he prepared for you. I'd expect something about OPENAPI and plugin development.

Don't miss it... If you do then look at the presentations offline.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2006

Free t-shirt for everybody. Cool stuff for active/lucky ones

There is lot of places where you can get free things. there is lot of marketing stuff waiting for you. Well, I'm not offering it by myself. I just noticed it on site. A few people asked me to noticed them about the free stuff. Here we go. Do you know about others?

Tuesday Feb 28, 2006

Marian (the man) is blogging

Marian Mirilovic, one of the best Quality Engineers started his blog a few hours ago. It's pretty suprising for me. He laugh to me and Roumen when we started blogging last year. I'm looking forward for his posts. It can be interesting reading. He is the head of NetBeans core testing team...

Maybe, you wonder why there is (the man) in the title of this blog entry. Look at Marian's first post and you'll understand it ;)

Monday Feb 06, 2006

Java Masters Competition 2006

Starting from today you can register for Java Masters Competition 2006. This is organized by BenQ (previous Siemens Communications Mobile Devices) and Sun. Just create an application in Mobility Pack for Siemens SXG75, S75 and CX75. The end day for registering your application is May 21. There is lot of time to create something ;)

Wednesday Jan 25, 2006

Download Creator 2

I will download it too... probably later or from some internal site. It can be overloaded now...
I'm lazy to write about it when almost everybody does. Look at Tor, John, Roumen , Alexis, Akihito, Tony, Winston, David, Aquarium, Sandip and even Mary ;)

I will provide only download link

Friday Jan 20, 2006

Sun strategy. Grid computing and opensource

It is always good signal when people from outside of Sun are talking about Sun's vision. It means that they like it or understood it (maybe).

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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